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Make it so, Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart was born on July 13, 1940 in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon or a rising 23 Libra 19 to Alfred and Gladys Stewart. This gives him the [HS] of “druid’s oak tree” or the ability to call forth distant spirits and make it part of his own reality, a rather good description of his work as Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek series.

Our header picture is Stewart from the BBC T.V. Series, I Claudius. His biography is here.

His strong preponderance in Leo spanning from the 9th to 10th houses shows how much acting is part of Stewart’s life. The conjunction of Uranus and Saturn highlights that his success will come late in something totally out of his ken — he was previously a Shakespearean actor. Jupiter in that little stellium tells us this will be the moneymaker.
For Stewart he admits he had no faith in the series at the start it has amazed him how much he has earned in comparison. That mistake plays right into his 9th house stellium where Stewart relies on his own thoughts about what is successful ,and since he has a preponderance of earth signs in his chart, he overthinks that and chooses wrong.
Luckily the Star Wars gig happened, perhaps a change of agent? A Hollywood producer who saw potential? He never says why he went there, just that he believed it was a blunder. The North Node conjunct his ascendant in the 12th suggests it was contract call, not one of volition.

Pedro Escobar & Rodrigo Lara of Narcos

I got interested in Lara watching Netflix’s Narcos, he was a welcome bolt of fresh air. The show is a real blast of the 1980’s past as the production team did a fine job and many of the actors were good as well. So here is a late obit to Mr. Rodrigo Lara for a job well done and life cut far too short. The header picture is of the team called The New Liberalism. Mr. Lara and his wife are third and fourth from the left.

The New Yorker

Senor Cano’s assassination reported

from the New Yorker magazine, March 8, 2019 …. Pedro Escobar wanted to be president of Colombia but he was soon denounced as a gangster by Colombia’s justice minister, Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Escobar fought back, falsely accusing Lara of being in the pocket of narcos. Then an influential newspaper editor named Guillermo Cano (August 12 1985-December 16, 1986) of El Espectador, dug up an old news story showing that Escobar had been arrested, 7 years prior, for the possession of thirty-nine pounds of cocaine. This resulted in Escobar being ejected from Congress, and an F.B.I. investigation; Pedro went underground.

Tranquilandia now called Puerto Rondon, Arauca, Colombia at , 6° 25′ 0″ North, 70° 54′ 0″ West

In March, 1984, Colombian and American agents raided the cartel’s headquarters, Tranquilandia, a huge complex that contained at least seven laboratories, various airstrips, and more than a billion dollars’ worth of cocaine. A month later, two of Escobar’s men, riding a motorbike, ambushed Lara Bonilla’s car in Bogotá, and killed him instantly.

The NY Times Obit

Senor Lara Bonilla had begun an energetic campaign against Colombia’s drug dealers, and recent press reports said he had received death threats from the drug gangs.

The Lara automobile

Lara was killed as two gunmen on a motorcycle ambushed the limousine of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla on May 1 1984 and killed him on a street in northern Bogota. Security officials said the minister’s bodyguards, who were following his car in a jeep, pursued the gunmen, killing one of the men on the motorcycle and capturing the other. (This was shown in the series for his own safety, was appointed as the Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, but was gunned down by Pablo’s men as he was heading towards the airport to leave the country. )

The Caracol radio station identified the captured suspect as Bayron Velasquez, 20 years old, and quoted police sources as saying he told detectives he had been paid $20,000 to kill Mr. Lara Bonilla. They said the limousine had slowed because of traffic when the gunmen approached and opened fire, hitting the minister three times in the head and four times in the chest and throat. The chauffeur drove the fatally wounded minister to the Shaio Clinic, where he died 10 minutes later, according to the officials.

The Lara Chart

Rodrigo Lara sr natal chart

Mr. Lara’s ascendant is 08 Aquarius with his Moon right nearby at 07 Aquarius. They are opposite Saturn at 01 Leo and a Mercury at 05 Leo giving him a fast Mental Chemistry according to Marc Jones. This and the Moon just opposite would give him quick responses to his insightful intuition that allowed him to sense what would happen and jump nimbly to logical conclusions.

Jupiter in his native house in the 9th at Libra 22 gave him a calculating and legal mindset but square his Sun at Leo 19, he was blinded to the powerful enemies he would make believing that his position was enough to protect him. He was right in his belief at the time, as the Cartel had never struck public figures, his was notable in being the first. But the inconjunct aspect, a bit wide it’s true, between the Moon in the 12th (natively Pisces) and Uranus at 21 Gemini in the 5th (and in its detriment), would have given some hint that things obscure in nature could lead to trouble or sorrow.

We assume a 9 am flight for the approximate time of death — but Kepler would not allow us to change Neiva for Bogota for a Tertiary Progression so those calculations are dodgy. Still Uranus is opposite the progressed Sun & Mercury conjunction showing that Lara was aware of the danger: particularly as the T-Square points to Neptune at the 9th conjunct the natal Neptune on the 8th cusp — fleeing the oncoming onslaught. But the problem was that with so much in the 11th house, his getaway was far too public and opposite it’s Lord in the 5th, fragile.

Flash forward to 2019

Mr. Rodrigo Lara’s son, Rodrigo Lara Jr. wants to exhume the body because he believes that there is something fishy about the murder according to Colombia Reports because who hired the hitman is still unknown.

The official version claimed that the shots that killed Lara were fired from a Medellin Cartel hitman driving a motorcycle on the right side of the car. Recent forensics result show that at least one of the shots that hit Lara was shot from the left and at short range (not as shown in Narcos from the right and the motorcycle). Furthermore, it’s unclear why the driver and Lara’s bodyguard left the vehicle unharmed when there were bullet marks on their seats.”

Colombia Reports, May 2016

In the meantime, the late Pedro Escobar’s son and Lara jr. have found some personal peace and moved on according to the UK Daily Mail.

Hattie and Oob Conjunctions

Hattie is the youngest daughter of Roslyn that we previously highlighted.  She has an out of bounds or out of quadrature, conjunction in the twelfth house between Pluto at 30 Leo and Venus at 02 Venus. Marc Jones like all traditional astrologers does not acknowledge that in his readings though software will. He writes

When the aspect’s orb permits it to be made across the line of a sign, as illustrated in Elbert Hubbard’s case by the sun (near the end of a common sign) square Jupiter (near the beginning of a cardinal sign), the planets here are in sextile aspect and so quadrature support is not necessary, if anything they must be out of quadrature.

Looking at the square between the Sun and Neptune in the chart of Elbert Hubbard, we see immediately that it is out of quadrature and should be disregarded.  Only a square within the same quadrature should be examined.  That is true of trines, oppositions, and conjunctions as well. Knowledge of this will spare the student many embarrassing mistakes in the horoscopes where the cusps of the houses might make the planets seem to be in a relation quite different from their actual situation.

Hattie’s preponderance in the 12th makes sense, as it rules “hidden issues” and hospital scenes. Typically because Pisces is the essential ruler it covers feet and toes, but in Hattie’s case the chart is almost reversed and Venus is in the opposite opposite of Virgo and so rules “teeth.” Hattie is a dental surgeon and so it is true that her work is similar to “mining” and exploration. She also have a preponderance in Leo, showing that she works best where is she is in charge — she have 5 planets in Leo spanning from the eleventh to the twelfth houses.

Her temperament type is a Bundle as her planets all fall within one trine of the circle.

#161 Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman, born September 7, 1836, Glasgow, Scotland-died April 22, 1908, London, England. He was the British prime minister from December 5, 1905, to April 5, 1908. He granted self-government to the Transvaal (1906) and the Orange River Colony (1907), despite the Boers recent defeat by the British in the South African War (1899-1902).


‘C-B’ was educated in Glasgow and Cambridge. He became a partner in the family firm, and married Charlotte Bruce in 1860; the marriage proved to be a long and happy one. As MP for the Stirling Burghs from 1868 C-B showed himself a radical Gladstonian, supporting Scottish disestablishment and Irish Home Rule (Pluto in the eighth house).

Throughout his career he derived strength from his capacity to foster the confidence of radical Liberals for his advocacy of progressive causes including women’s suffrage, Labour representation, and Scottish devolution; on hearing of the dissolution of the Russian Duma by the Tsar he uttered one of his two memorable remarks: ‘La duma est morte; vive la duma.’ (The Duma is Dead; Long live the Duma, in Latin).

In 1884-5 C-B served briefly as chief secretary for Ireland and reached the cabinet as secretary of state for war prior to the Home Rule crisis in 1886. He retained this post in Gladstone’s last administration in 1892 and under Archibald Primrose, Earl of Rosebery in 1894-5.  While he thought he would be Speaker, he ended up filling the vacuum left by PM Herbert Gladstone’s retirement as both John Morley and Herbert H. Asquith, senior to him,  declined the poisoned chalice, thus C-B became the leader by default.

                                         C-B as PM

He was promptly faced with guiding the divided Liberal Party through a period dominated by the Boer war.  His leadership was challenged by Rosebery and undermined by the liberal Imperialists who supported the government’s South African policy. Lord Horatio Kitchener’s scorched earth policy against the Boers followed by a Dachau like concentration camp where women and children were starved, provoked C-B’s other memorable words: ‘When is a war not a war? When it is carried on by methods of barbarism in South Africa.’

His prospects transformed during 1902-4 as the Balfour government wrestled with the consequences of the war and split over tariff reform. In 1905-8 as PM he successfully bridged the gap between New Liberal policies and Gladstonian traditions by giving free rein to his able ministers. Important reforms concerning trade unions and school meals; old-age pensions were implemented Asquith and the British army reorganized by Haldane. By the time of his retirement through ill-health in 1908, C-B had pointed the Liberals towards their great goal-the reduction of the powers of the hereditary House of Lords.

In 1907 Campbell-Bannerman’s health failed, and, 17 days before his death, he resigned in favour of Lord Asquith.—from Britannica 11th Edition.

Marc Jones cites him as born September 7, 1836 in Glasgow. No time. We are putting him at 5:13 AM giving him an ascendant partile to his sun, by a few minutes. The chart is above.