DoL? Eugene Scalia

We did the chart for Mr. Acosta, a rather lackluster one at that, but it is here. Then there was Andy Puzder, former CEO of CKE Restaurants, the first nominee, who had a strong chart of a self-made man, but that was a flash in the pan and he never got confirmed. Now President Trump is on his third nominee, Eugene Scalia; we figured we should we should continue the tradition.

Our original take on Scalia did not have his birth time adjusted for DST oddly enough. it was upon his Senatorial confirmation that we saw the mistake.

Meeting Eugene Scalia

Mr. Scalia is of course the son of the late Justice Antonin Scalia and his wife Maureen. He was born on August 14, 1963 in Columbus Ohio. We have rectified his time to about 9:45 pm with a 25 Pisces ascendant {HS} of a “Shambhala revealed,” with the keyword of “attunement.” This degree makes Mr. Scalia want to bring about a harmonious agreement between differing ideas. Shambhala or Shambala, is the Buddhist principle that heaven is laid laid out like an eight-petaled lotus blossom surrounded by a chain of snow mountains. In its center is the palace of the King of Shambala who governs from the city called Kalapua (the head). Shambhala is also called Shangri-la.

Mr. Scalia is married with 4 children, but with that plethora of Virgoan planets in their native 6th house, he is a workaholic always trying to balance home and family. His Mercury is also there, far from his Sun in the previous 5th house at 21 Leo 32, and with an average Moon speed, giving him a Mental Chemistry that is very deliberate — so much so that he misses opportunities as he weighs the two back and forth.

Sun and shadow

With his Dynamic Aptitude Saturn 19 Aquarius 37 opposite his Sun 21 Leo 32, Mr. Scalia has spent a large part of his life literally in his father’s shadow, something that his chart shows he accepts graciously — the trine of his ascendant to its Lord Neptune at 13 Scorpio and then again his ascendant semisextile to the historical ruler of Jupiter 19 Aries 26 Rx. This latter aspect shows the challenges he has received particularly as he has chosen the same career as his famous father opposite Mars in 7th house at 11 Libra 39. This T-Square ending at his Midheaven 27 Sagittarius 19, conjunct the Galactic Center, has sturdied his determination and made him a strong opponent.

Scalia’s Temperament Type

While his father was a Splash, Mr. Scalia is a locomotive. In his case, Scalia fils has a focal determinator of Neptune, which Marc Jones believes was the true ruler of the chart, showing his commitment or as Dr Jones termed it “obligation” to his inner sight of how individual concerns can best be protected from the giants that walk the corridors of power.

We do not know when his hearing will be, so we are arbitrarily picking the day President Trump announced Scalia as his choice, July 19th with Tertiary Progressions. The chart below, shows his nomination was a bucket with a Saturn at Pisces 14 — conjunct his natal ascendant. It would seem that Mr. Scalia’s ship has come in.

Does Kamala Harris have what it takes to win the Dem nomination?

Something about Kamala

Suprisingly, Senator Harris trails Veep Biden, perennial candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and is often tied with South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the polls. This is the largest Democratic presidential field in modern history, and as a rule it is the strongest fundraiser that wins — right now no one is getting the cash as everyone is on the sidelines waiting for the big fight aka debate before taking sides.

Kamala Harris parents, Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris, immigrants from India and Jamaica, in an undated portrait. (Courtesy of Kamala Harris)

In the meantime….Senator Harris was born on October 20 1964 in Oakland, California to two immigrant parents: her mother is from Tamil India (and a doctor of medicine) while her father is Kingston, Jamaica. She is a graduate of Howard University, Washington D.C. (formerly the all-Negro school the Howard Normal and Theological School for the Education of Teachers and Preachers, but now is a secular institution). Her law degree is from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

In the 1990s, she worked in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney of San Francisco’s office. In 2004, she was elected District Attorney of San Francisco and finally made the big jump in 2016 to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer as California’s junior senator.

Her politics are inline with President Barack Obama as she supports single-payer health-care, federal descheduling of marijuana , municipal protection for undocumented immigrants (sanctuary cities), the DREAM Act, opposition to gun laws and support of transgender rights and net neutrality. She also supports lowering the tax burden for the working and middle classes while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Previously, the former president endorsed her, but we haven’t heard much of that lately. Perhaps he too is waiting for fight day.

She married fellow  California attorney Douglas Emhoff, also age 55 born a week before her on the opposite side of the country in Brooklyn, New York, after meeting him on a blind date. They were married by her sister Maya West, who is also her campaign chair. Last year the couple made 1.8 million dollars.

And here’s the Chart

We have rectified Senator Harris to 24 Gemini — (HS) an avatar taking human form. She is a see-saw temperament type. While her Moon is 14.18 faster than the average daily motion, her Mercury is slightly behind the Sun, giving her a balanced mental chemistry.

Senator Harris is a see-saw temperament chart lacking any grand trine to unify it, but marked by a fixed grand cross — see Saturn at 28.26 Aquarius opposite Mars in the 3rd house at Leo 21.16. This aspect, a problem with male authority, was highlighted when her father, Donald, came out lambasting her for fabricating their past in Jamaica as slaves when they were actually plantation managers over slaves.

The next wing of the grand cross is from Jupiter 24.00 Taurus in the 12th to Neptune 16.50 Scorpio in the 6th that makes her extremely sympathetic to the plight of racial and immigration prejudice (both her parents are immigrants). Overall the grand cross makes Sen. Harris worry about the circumstances that these planets are in: the rights of the oppressed not being able to speak up (3rd), get meaningful jobs (6th), incarceration either in their body or jail (12th and semisextile her ascendant) and how the law and society treat them (9th). These are also the major themes of her presidential bid.

Her North Node is partile her Gemini ascendant, exact in degree but not minute, suggesting

her previous incarnation was spent in various philosophical and mystical pursuits. She had a lot of freedom and independence then and is now her cause for social justice in this.

Dr. Mohan Koparkar

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy. This one was reviewed on July 28, 2019.

Notre Dame 3 Fire 1

Notre Dame construction

Notre Dame is over 850 years old. Originally there stood a Gallo-Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter and two early medieval churches previously rose on the site. Located on a small island called the Ile de la Cite (island in the City) it lies in the middle of the River Seine, a 483 mile (777 kilometres) waterway that runs through Paris into the English Channel at LeHavre.

Construction of the Cathedral began in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345. Hundreds of volunteer laborers and artisans toiled for nearly 200 years to complete the masterpiece of early Gothic architecture, a period in Art that flourished in western and central Europe during the Middle Ages evolving from Romanesque. The main form Gothic art took was ecclesiastical architecture with some of its best known examples in Northern France and England like Cathedral de Chartres, Westminster Cathedral in England and Notre Dame in Paris.

Original dedication, March 27 1345 at midnight.


We could find no dates for the foundation cornerstone nor for the completion. On March 20 1345, that there was a Saturn, Jupiter and Mars-conjunction that Dr. Luke Broughton, among others, believed was the “cause of plague epidemic” and on April 22 1145, Halley’s Comet passed by. The cathedral is unremarked.

The Aries ingress also hails the major Christian event of Christ’s resurrection and Easter which fell a week later on Sunday,March 27th in 1345 (statistically it falls most often between March 26th and April 16th – a three week period) so we are choosing this for her completion. In that spirit, we are picking midnight for the dedication at midnight mass, as that it is cardinal event in the Christian calendar. Ecclesiastically, March 25th is the date of Mary’s annunciation of her impending birth by the archangel Gabriel that falls nine month later on December 25 and as the Cathedral is named for her, works out well too.

This is called the Annunciation. It is celebrated yearly on March 25th in the Gregorian Calendar.

Previous Attacks

Notre Dame was pillaged and seriously damaged during the French Revolution the 18th-century (no dates recorded). It was then converted to a “Temple of Reason”. Napoleon crowned him Emperor in 1804 inside the Cathedral and helped rebuild it. Further 19th century restorations were led by the architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc who replicated much of the damaged stain glass, statuary, and the cathedral’s distinctive spire.

On 4 September 2016, a car containing seven canisters of gas and pages with Arabic writing was found parked near Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral in Paris.

“Information we were able to get from our intelligence services allowed us to act before it was too late,” said President François Gerard Hollande about the September 4th attack.

le Monde

Mademoiselle Inès Madani, accused of leading the bomb attempt, posed as a man under the name “Abu Omar” on social media to recruit jihadists to join her in attacking Notre Dame. He successfully recruited Ornella Gilligmann, 29 and also a French national, mother of three. Gilligmann said she stopped hearing from “Abu Omar” when their romance demanded a meeting, and was contacted by Mme. Madani. The third member of the cell, another woman, was 23-year-old house cleaner, Sarah Hervouet, who lived in southwest France.

The latest attack

The latest attack, and most successful, occurred on April 15 2017, the first day of Holy Week in the Western Christian calendar.

The 4th Harmonic Chart. This is a lipped bowl, taking from inside the event and pouring out into the external Southern hemisphere i.e. world. The part of fortune in the regenerative 8th house is (HS) 03.10 Leo a ground breaking ceremony it is trine Kassandra at 04 Sagittarius probably because there were plenty of warning signals that were unheeded, and opposite Circe at 10 Aquarius (a bit wide) calling for attention to her (The Church) plight.

The next chart in typical Morinus format with some asteroid noted, shows the Asteroid Africa conjunct the Sun but in reality means nothing as the percentage of immigrant blacks into Paris is not measured by the city or country. What they do measure is whether you were born in France or born abroad. There is no also no breakout via religion.

Asteroid Apollo is near the Moon trying to shed light on this murky picture, but all he has is a Mars square in the ninth house of religion, perhaps shedding more light on the picture than most want to admit. Mars in turm is square Neptune in the sixth, the house of workers and laborers, but here perhaps with a mission, as it is sextile Saturn in the fourth and desire to overthrow the old and transform it into something new (Pluto conjunct).

Asteroid Sisyphys is a sad lad here. As in his myth he cries out that his job is never finished and must also start again. Here right next to the nadir at 10 Capricorn, it seems to also be the plight of Notre Dame herself, always under attack.

the little red arrow is Niobe or the Old Testament Rachel who at 29.2 Gemini who is crying for her lost children.

Circe at 10, not shown, but right next to the Part of Fortune at 15 Aquarius ends our saga, as she cries out that while everyone is noticing her plight, they are ignoring the 875 other French Roman Catholic daughter Churches that have been burned or desecrated in the past year.

Our gal Rachael from Guam


Rachael, a friend of ours, recently asked us for some career advice.  We always rectify our clients; chart and for her came up with 29 Pisces, a prism that takes facets of reality and fashions it into a way to measure her potential.

a most famous prism album cover.jpg
A famous prism

The prism, is a dual edged sword for Rachael as it inverts images so that they are not viewed correctly but instead with Jupiter right near her ascendant —  and her focal determinator as the handle of her bucket —   she has the most optimistic view of her problems possible.  Her yod is a handy tool for  offsetting the problem using Liz Greene’s suggestion of the natural sextile of Neptune and Pluto as the base.  This makes the head, as astrologer Joan Kellogg calls it —  at 16 Libra — symbolically a  a boat landing washed ashore — in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities.

Libra 16 a boat washed ashore

In practical terms, this symbol suggests that Rachael needs to take a “respite” from always thinking from her own perspective, instead reaching out of herself and listening to others and valuing their opinions.  Intuitively, Neptune in the Scorpio the house of creative regeneration, coming for astrological advice was a good first step and allows herself to get off the hook and listen to another point of view.

Cat Stevens’s Longer Boats from 1970 album Tea for Tillerman

Answering the Question

In our first edition of this essay, we did not write up our response to Rachael -- a major on our part.  Reviewing it, we saw the error and are now correcting it.  

With a new ascendant and thus a new point of view, we looked at Rachael’s career and saw the problem — currently she is in the sales service world, we recommend that she go into the traditional sales world of commodities: housewares, furniture, clothing, lumber and cars. Since she has a preponderance of planets hovering around the sixth house in Virgo we think that hard goods would be a much better fit with her overall active personality.

We constantly review and vet our essays for completeness and accuracy. This one was reviewed on Wednesday, April 3 2019.

An Aussie Great: Sir Don Bradman


Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC, the youngest of 5 children, was born at a midwife’s home on 27 August 1908 at what we figure to be around 8pm in the evening in Cootamundra, New South Wales; his family home is now a state museum. . Throughout his career he was “The Don”, and widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. His career Test batting average of 99.94 is often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport.

He was married Jessie Martha Menzies at St Paul’s Anglican Church at Burwood, Sydney on 30 April 1932; they had 3 children.

Sir Donald had a meteoric rise from bush cricket to the Australian Test team in just a bit over two years. Before his 22nd birthday, he set several records for top scoring, some of which still stand, and became Australia’s sporting idol at the height of the Great Depression.  His stats actually could have been greater, but Australia interrupted the cricket for World War II.

Neither Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley nor Marc Edmund Jones covered his horoscope, unfortunately. We would like to correct that mistake now.

Bradman’s interception is in the 3rd and 9th

We have rectified Sir Donald to 01 Aries “a man rises out of the water, and a seal embraces him,” suggesting the soul’s interdependence between emotion and will as they create its new potential. His ascendant is closely tied to his Part of Fortune because success was so entwined into the fiber of his being, they could not separate. Bradman is a bucket with a Uranian handle at 13 Capricorn in the 10th house though Uranus is square the Lord, highlighting how he resented rules that he felt tied him down & yet lived a very domestic and quiet life.

He has a preponderance of planets in Virgo spreading from the 5th and the importance in his life on technique and perfect aim to the 6th where his scrupulous abstemious lifestyle led to a long life. He often claimed that his success was contingent on his wife, and she appears in the home’s 4th house where she managed everything and let him practise and perfect his skills. His North Node there shows how failure was an anathema to Bradman, and he hated to admit any personal shortcomings or familial problems like the illnesses of his children. This created some friction between himself and his father, who ultimately changed his surname to avoid the interrogating press.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard called him the “greatest living Australian” in 2001, shortly before he reposed. We can only agree, and say he was indeed a True Blue Aussie.

We constantly update and vet our posts for accuracy. This one was reviewed on Saturday, July 20 2019

Crowley’s Congenital Idiot

congenital idiot.png

Astrologer Evangeline Adams has this as her  first chart in her 1927 book, “A Place in the Stars.”  Aleister Crowley who helped edit the book  also has it in his Compleat Works.    It is for an unknown woman whom they give the epithet, “Congenital Idiot” i.e. someone who was born with developmental but not necessarily a hereditary disease.

We rectifed this chart from an Ascendant of  #5 Libra to Libra #1 or the Sabian Symbol a person frozen in time like a butterfly with a single dart – the image seems fitting. Our house system is different from them as well; we use Morinus while they the ever popular Placidus.  No matter, either way she s a Bowl Temperament Type with all her planets in the Southern or upper hemisphere of her chart giving her a public persona despite her very private personal life.

Download Miss CI’s chart.

                      What we know about her

Miss CI was born September 1st, 1880 in London, England.  Neither Adams nor Crowley make any comments about her family background, but her Arabian Parts suggest that she came from a wealthy family and possible Royal Connections (Juno is conjunct the part of Royalty).  That the family had money makes sense as it is doubtful that a poor miscreant would have gotten good care and thus brought to their notice.

Astrologically, she has a multitude of earth planets:  six located in Virgo alone (see the Twelfth House), and two more are found trine in the eighth house in Taurus.  That is a Sabian preponderance of earth signs: one of the six is Venus in the house of her fall, Virgo, thus casting a cold pall upon our gal and making her emotions stifled.

If that was not enough, the twelfth house is jammed packed, highlighting how Miss CI’s  life is tied to large institutions. Together with how her self-expression is muted (the Line of Culture). her emotions are stifled we know that either she is a lowly paid servant in one of them or a resident.

           Tell me her Lines

Her  conjunct Line of Vitality and the other planetary pairs that Dr. Jones created as a shorthand to understand how a person inter-reacts with themselves, their environment & their outer world show that she puts a lot of value on how she acts and reacts to the world; she is aware of it whether or not she can capably interact with it.

 Like the Alice in Wonderland writer, Lewis Carroll whom Marc Jones wrote profusely about,  her Line of Efficiency depicts the fundamental adjustments she had to make within to adjust to the world around her.  Conjunct, it is conjunct suggests that she does not but prefers to remain alone and insular; complete and unto herself.

The aforementioned Line of Culture, oddly named in this case, but actually referring to how a person reacts to their times and the milieu in which they live is trine.  Interestingly, Helen Keller, born deaf and blind, also has this aspect, suggesting a total communicative independence from her environment.  How she converses and interacts with it, is her own devising, that makes sense as both our gal and Miss Keller, did not bond with the outside world but instead developed their own language that her parents did not understand.  For Miss Keller, it was not until Miss Sullivan came along and helped her, was she able to communicate with anyone outside of herself.

Finally, our girl also has Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Aries in her seventh house, which Marc Edmund Jones calls the Line of Personality. 1  He writes that this gives a person an “outsized” consequence to their life.

And so it has been.


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