Pres. Roosevelt ends Russo-Japanese War 9-5-1905

The Russian-Japanese war ended with a treaty brokered by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt on September 5, 1905. The war itself was rather short, lasting from 1904 to 1905. It started when Japan acquired the Laodong Peninsula from China in their fracas, but European powers forced Japan to return it. China then leased it to Russia who was interested because it is an ice-free port, which they could use for supplying good to Siberia and Vladivostok.

We have chosen 12 noon for the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth, as it is the historic time of such signing. This gives the chart a 01 Sagittarius ascendant (a rocky trail with brambles) and a PoF of 25 Aquarius (an antique spinning wheel). The yod from Mercury at Virgo 02 (children gathering fruit) to Neptune Cancer 11 (the Milky way) ends around Chiron in the 2nd showing the bounty Japan received but the apex of the yod is around Venus in the 8th, (Leo 6 Impetus gained from gravity) hinting that this is fool’s gold.

The history of Port Arthur.

In the second century BC Chinese colonists of the Han Dynasty settled in Northern Korea. During the 15th and 16th centuries the Ming Dynasty fortified Port Arthur for its Chinese settlements. Then in 1633, the Manchus chose it for the headquarters of coastal defense, & by 1858 it was the chief base for the Bejioang, China’s first modern naval force. Thus, it had a long history of Chinese connections.

Japan was upset that they had won the war and lost the peace and since Europe had gotten involved. They were rather angry and decided that they would take it out on Russia. The Japanese had a convincing victory over the much larger Russia, becoming the first Asian power in modern times to defeat the European entity. Part of this was because Russia was fighting an eternal war, a.k.a. the Russian Revolution of 1905. That was the first attempt to transform the Russian government from a monarchy to a constitutional monarchy much like Great Britain.

The war strain the resources of Russia and Japan, and Theodore Roosevelt seeing an opening, offered to mediate a peace settlement. Both parties agreed. So on September 5, 1905, they signed the Treaty of Portsmouth signed in Kittery, Maine, in which Russia recognized Japan as the dominant power in East Asia & President Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Russians recognized Japan is controlling Korea, and they had to turn over the leases of Port Arthur to Japan, both powers agreed to restore Manchuria to China and Russia abandoned all claims to Korea and the South Manchuria Railway, however, it could maintain its position in northern Manchuria and the control of the Chinese Eastern Railway.

The Sparahawk House in Kittery c. 1900 ,thought to be where the signing occurred.

Many believe that the Japanese government felt emboldened by the success of the grains, the great and mighty Russia and this was a major impetus for the later bombing Pearl Harbor, then a territory of the United States on December 7, 1941, as they felt they could take on a similar sized country & win.

Fast-forward to the Yalta conference in February 1945 when FDR broke at another piece, this time for World War II, there was talk of returning Port Arthur and that territory to the Soviet Union now part of Joe Stalin’s Marxist Empire, but the Chinese rejected that idea. The final resolution was the United States kept a naval base there for 30 years and the Soviet Union was responsible for its defense; China was shut out of the area, again.

Fashionable Grace Mugabe

incgrace mugabe chart

Mrs. Mugabe has a lot of fire and earth in chart, making her hot tempered and appearance conscious, but as they are all in her twelfth house, that may not be such a good thing when her 93 year old husband, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, reposes, particularly as Pluto is opposite Saturn in the sixth.  Reading a back issue of the New York Review of Book, April 8th issue, this is not a wild statement:

The former president and his wife [after the military coup that deposed him]  had just departed for Southeast Asia, and the heavy security surrounding the estate had been drawn down. Under the terms of his resignation, Mugabe had been guaranteed a life of comfort: a $10 million “golden handshake,” his Mercedes Pullman Guard limo, immunity from prosecution, and a  promise that no attempt would be made to seize his assets. But it would soon become clear that Mugabe was not willing to go quietly.

Few people I talked to believed that Mugabe himself was in danger, but none could offer the same assurances about Grace. Given the animosity that the family had stirred up during decades of theft, violence, and misrule, many Zimbabweans predicted that upon the death of her husband, she would waste no time to flee into a life in exile whether she was president or no. “She’s not safe here,” said Shaw. “She would be stoned if she set foot in town.”  NYBooks,  Joshua Hammer.


Both that T-Square and her Yod point to the Jupiter in the ninth house of travel, education and higher calling, making that point very important in her chart.

Diamond Jim Brady known for his gourmand eating style as well as his nappy dressing.

For her Yod, 21 Gemini is a sign of indulgence in foods, drink and sex.  Diamond JimBrady also had this degree though for his sun and like Mrs. Mugabe the railroad tycoon was not well loved.    For Mrs. Mugabe it suggests that her love of travel is her method of receiving a higher education (she went to China for a degree in Leadership and was cited last year as smuggling ivory there for repayment) and how she overcomes the provincialism of her homeland.

She is not much of a team player and needs to develop a more inclusive personality that allows her expansive mind to stretch out and grow even further.  This would also be a good vehicle for her to teach others about her political philosophy beyond shopping.  It would also help her gain respect for people as individuals, that right now she is struggles with accepting.  But rehabilitating herself would be one thing, the greater question is whether Grace could rehabilitate her and her family’s image.

                                         Fixed Star Bellatrix & Grace

Gemini 21 is also the point of Bellatrix, an unfortunate fixed star. President Theodore Roosevelt also had his Jupiter aspect the star  albeit in a different house, look at this point for more,  but Bellatrix has a greater effect on women than it does men being a female star.  Astrologer Thomas Hood (c. 1590) claimed that “women born under this star shall have mighty tongues”, and that seems to fit Mrs. Mugabe well as she goes around Zimbabwe campaigning for the presidency in the next election against the incumbent president Emmerson Mnangagwa — her husband is of course not running.  Bellatrix is also close to the m.c. (midheaven)  fueling her aspirations for the top post, but not in aspect and despite her husband’s 2014 appointment to the  head of the ZANU–PF ( Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front ) women’s wing we do not see her going any higher.

Zimbabwean parliament celebrating President Mugabe’s resignation, Harare, November 21, 2017

Instead Bellatrix is  opposite the Asteroid Lie, that could be hinting more at how Grace got herself into this mess, and her crocidile tears after Mugabe’s forced resignation, than the reports on the election.¹

Lie has another unfortunate aspect, this time a square to the Asteroid Niobe (or Rachel for those of a Biblical inclination¹)  while her Ascendant at 23.53 Virgo is conjunct the Asteroid Africa and square the Asteroid Germania, perhaps for all the South Africans of German descent that reside in her native country that she most likely resented.

asteroid grace.png

Her Locomotive Temperament Type, does not like to lose, so despite her latest foray with the police about beating up twenty-year-old Gabriella Engels while  visiting the Mugabes’ sons Robert and Chatunga at a hotel in S. Africa, we doubt this will sideline her for long.

South African model, Gabriella Engels, after the electrical cord whipping.

                  What’s Grace’s line?

Her Line of Vitality (moon aspecting sun) is quintile.  For her creative expression is outwardly driven, shown by array of beautiful dresses.  She derives great strength from her apparel and they truly mimic her inward demeanor.  This is supported by the Fixed Star Regulus conjunct her Venus on the twelfth house cusp.

Her Line of Social Significance (jupiter aspecting saturn)  is missing telling us that she is not very emotional disciplined and has great problems with public restraint.  The current episode with Miss Engels demonstrates this as do other attacks against the papparazzi she has made previously.

Her Line of Efficiency, (Mars to Venus) is semisquare, telling us that she tends to bully people into getting what she wants.

And finally her Line of Self-Determination is missing, telling us that she has to rely on others to get where she wants to go and what she wants to attain.  Considering her Line of Efficiency, that could be problematic.

The Zimbabwe General Election must be held in the winter sign of Leo, from 23rd of July to 21st of August.  Results are reported from the capital of Harare.  How that will turn out for her seems based on the latter date does not seem to be providential — nothing seems in the chart below to be in her favour —  but we will check back and see for certain.election harare.png




  1. “A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.” the Gospel of Matthew, iixx.


    1. The mythology of Niobe, the daughter of the Tantalus,  is from Homer’s Iliad. She had six sons and six daughters and boasted of her progenitive superiority to the Titan Leto, who had only two children.  Alas Leto’s children were the twin deities Apollo and Artemis and as  punishment for her pride against their defamed mother, Apollo killed all Niobe’s sons, and Artemis killed all her daughters. Niobe returned to her Phrygian home, where she was turned into a rock on Mount Sipylus ( now called Yamanlar Dağı in northeast of Izmir, Turkey formerly Anatolia, Greece that was the motherland of Phyrgians), that “weeps” when the snow melts.  The picture of the rock above is quite evocative.

      Better days
    2. Grace Mugabe was married to Stanley Goreraza when she had her daughter, Bona. It was publicly acknowledged that this was Mugabe’s daughter despite that he also was married to a woman that Zimbabweans adored and called the “the First Mother.”   Her next child, was named Robert Mugabe jr and she was still married to Goreraza.  Then Mrs. Mugabe died of kidney failure and the Goreraza’s divorced.  Grace and Robert sr. had a lavish wedding three months after the first Mother’s repose and then shortly afterward their third child,Chatunga Bellamine was born.  Mugabe’s only child previous to the Grace liaison died as a child.


Marc Jones – Point 15, The Probity of Pluto

No. 15 – Probity (Integrity)

tdr pluto
Pluto shows what is one’s integrity or probity.   Here the planet is in the sign of physical energy (Taurus), in the house of the home and end of life (fourth), on a degree (Taurus 7) of “awakening.”

“I wonder if you will ever know how I love Sagamore Hill,” remarked Theodore Roosevelt to his wife on January 5th, 1919. And love it he did. Sagamore Hill was Roosevelt’s home from 1886 until he died. It was his prime vacation spot as president and was often called the “Summer White House.” It was also a main focus of the nation’s attention during the time he served as president. Today, the Sagamore Hill house is still furnished just as it was when he was still living.

This symbol is the “woman of Samaria” drawing water from Jacob’s well and so the present looks back into its own past and from that gains strength.  For T.R. this was the lesson of having to rule himself and make himself be the bedrock of his “house.”  To do this, he had to “overcome” his own over-enthusiasm, and temptation to scatter his energies all over the place but instead concentrate them in one place and then draw from them. Pluto rests securely in the monumental fourth house, in the sensitive, fixed and earthy sign Taurus, so Teddy had to develop this stability in spite of himself.

Marc E. Jones c. 1920

Pluto is exceptionally significant as this planet was discovered just ten years after this death at his home Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York on January 6th, 1919. While it cannot fairly be said to have had much influence in his own life and career and at the end, he remained scattered, disappointed and disillusioned like his principal opponent, Woodrow Wilson, who was elected after him.  Yet in a turn of world affairs,  the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt became an eternal integration of hope and pluck in America’s greatest trial.


This is the final installment of the 15 points of Marc Jones’ How to read a Horoscope.

The Gospel of John 4:vii – KJV

by Angelika Kaufmann 1709

7There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water: Jesus saith unto her, Give me to drink. 8(For his disciples were gone away unto the city to buy meat.) Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew, askest drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.

Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.

The woman saith unto him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?   Art thou greater than our father Jacob, which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his children, and his cattle?

Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him,  shall never thirst; for the water that I shall give him,  shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

Adriano Caracci’s version of the same scene.

The New York Times obit is here

Marc Jones – Point 14, Uranian Independence & Recreation

No. 14 — Uranus

Now we come to Uranus, the fourteenth point.  It is is the planet of recreation and of independence. In Teddy Roosevelt’s chart it  is in the house of self-expression (fifth), the sign of vivification (Gemini), and in import. The symbolical degree (Gemini 3) reads: “An etching of rare beauty displays a charming vista of court life at the garden of the Tuileries, under Louis XIV.”  It the formalization of collective ideals through the application of reason and order to discovered aspects of nature. 

The gardens of the Tuileries and Versailles are typical representations of the classical spirit and its need for order and symmetry. The reign of the French king, Louis XIV, followed the Renaissance, which was filled with the excitement of a new spirit of discovery during a period of internal troubles.

This is a symbol is of the genuine aristocracy of human kind, the effort to exercise gracefully and exquisitely the full capabilities of individual being. We all have the unquenchable urge to “absolute self- perfection,” and left unchecked it becomes formalistic and rigid.  Here this degree is freed from those constraints and instead because  great self-renewing dynamic through physical exercise.

Our header image of the garden of the Tuileries in Paris France as viewed from the Eiffel tower.


Marc Jones – Point 13, Venus

point 13 Venus.pngPoint 13.  Venus — the finishing.

Venus is money, or how you finish things. It is also how you know when you are finished or when it is over or complete. Money is one symbol of that end or finishing; aesthetic things like art, and personal values are other aspects of the finished side of life.

In TR’s chart, we find Venus is in the sign of administration (Sagittarius), the house of large insitutions (the twelfth) and the degree of discretion. The symbol (Sagittarius 18) reads: “Little children are playing upon the sultry beach, but each is protected from the glare by a tiny sunbonnet.”  (Our header image is of Sunbonnet Sue, the famous American quilt pattern.  Read more about it’s history here.)

Here is a dramatization of the free latitude given every soul to manage its own manifestation; or the equipment of all life with its own power of protection. Teddy’s end idea was always to create better administration for the protection of America’s assets whether it was its people, heritage or land and this as at the root of his conscious social doctrine exemplified here.


Marc Jones – Point 12, The Obligation of Neptune

teddy roosevelt porphyry.png

                                   N o . 1 2  — Neptune

Neptune is the planet of the general obligation to life. In Teddy’s chart it is in the house of resources (second) and the sign of poetical appreciation (Pisces), in the degree of phenomena (Pisces 23), symbolized by a spiritist medium. This is also remarkable as Neptune is the modern co-ruler of Pisces giving it especial emphasis and dignity. (see tge green triangle above).

To me, Neptune is the the most important of the modern planets as it is the symbol of the human organism;s prophetic and gives tangible evidence of the superior-to-physical nature of man. Theodore Roosevelt was keenly aware of this inner import by being able to pick up the subtle energies of whatever went on in his environment that usually are ignored by lesse developed men. This enlightenment made him obligated to use it for the “greater societal advantage.”

allan kardec.png
Allan Kardec

Spiritism is from Allan Kardec, the pseudonym of Hippolyte Leon Denizard de Rival, a Lyon born French educator who codified the philosophy after studying a series of seemingly unexplained phenomena i.e. the “turning-tables” phenomena of 1850’s Paris. Kardec concluded they came from a previous intelligences who wished to communicate; he called these voices “spirits.”

Kardec and others communicated with the Spirits for years and they ” pierced the veil” between the world of the living and that of the spirits, gaining knowledge about God, the hereafter and divine justice, free-will, reincarnation publishing “The Spirits’ Book” in 1857. This book and the other four he penned, were widely read at the time and inspired Eliphas Levi and the Golden Dawn of London and then Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy philosophy.


  1. The five books of Allan Kardec and more information about can be found here.


Marc Jones – Point 11, Health, Physicality and the Hyleg

In our continuing tour of Marc Jones’s 16 points, next is  the health and the person. Saturn is the planet of health because it is the point of sensitivity while the sixth house is important because it is traditional the house of health and the welfare of the native. Together, these two points show if the physical weakness is psychosomatic in origin   — Saturn is sensitive to criticism and easily embarrassed — or whether there is a true hazard to them.

saturn and tr
Here we see that Saturn in the 7th house is sextile Mercury in the 9th.

President Theodore’s health matrix

For Teddy, Saturn is in the sign of the Sun, a term I have assigned assurance (Leo), in the house of opportunity (seventh)  in the degree of {keyword] “reflection.”   It has no aspect to the  sixth house where the Moon resides, and I do not use minor aspects as my points.  I think that they are optional creatures, that add nuance and flavour, but do not determine the overall character of the person under review. 

The essential ruler of the sixth house is Mercury (keyword mentality) and Saturn (keyword sensitivity) is in a favourable aspect to it, suggesting that his childhood ills would be minimized by travel away from the congestion and pollution of New York City. Indeed Teddy went west in 1883, drawn to the Dakota Territory about the systematic hunting of the buffalo herd in the northern plains.

The symbol  of Leo 12 where Saturn occurs,   reads: “A garden party, with lanterns, music from a string ensemble and an animated interweaving of colorful figures,” showing the easy intercourse of human souls when they are content to relax between moments of greater effort. The sun is hyleg in this chart, and despite a bad start, the older he became, the more virile he became as riding horseback (ruled by the Ninth House Sagittarius) strengthened him, and helped him obtain the physical health he desired.

Janus 5.0 on Saturn’s aspects

SATURN 11 Leo 39

Saturn in Leo
You have a strong desire for recognition and prominence in life, coupled with the urge to gain positions of power and leadership. You need to feel respected by other people. There can be a lack of self-confidence, inhibited self-expression and difficulties asserting your authority.

Saturn in 7th House
You view relationships seriously and realistically. Marriage or significant partnerships tend to be stable and enduring; however there can be emotional coolness between partners leading to feelings of loneliness and separation. You may be attracted to others of a wide age difference to you. Possibly, a partner may be obstructive, critical and uncooperative. Opponents or enemies can be persistent and relentless; and legal difficulties may be experienced.

Saturn Square Sun 7 40′ A
You have a serious and realistic outlook on life based on hard experience and obstacles on your path. While you encounter many difficulties in life, and your share of challenges and defeats. In spite of these troubles, your great powers of perseverance, enduring energy give you the ability to achieve positions of authority. You know how to shoulder responsibility and take charge of situations. Physically, you experience periodic weariness, coupled with occasional bouts of low vitality or delicate health and should rest then. You may have a testing relationship with your father or dominant males.

Saturn Trine Venus 6 22′ S
Stability and reliability in love are important to you. You are practical and realistic about love for once another has gained your trust you remain loyal and faithful in your affections. You are attracted to people older than yourself and respect their life experience and maturity.

Saturn Square Pluto 5 01′ S
Everything you achieve in life is the result of sheer determination and effort — nothing of lasting value comes to you without hard work and sacrifice. You have great powers of endurance and perseverance, coupled with a tenacious attitude and the self-discipline to see things through to their successful conclusion. You have the power to perform at the highest level, but only after you have served an appropriate apprenticeship. In summary, work hard and prosper, accept disappointments with dignity, not bitterness, and remember that difficult times don’t last forever. Separations, and great losses can be experienced at certain junctures in life.

We continually review our essays striving for accuracy and clarity. This one was revised on 3 September 2019.

Marc Jones – Point 10, Dragon’s Tail

No. 10 – Forward Opportunity

The Dragon’s Tail is the direct opposite of the Dragon’s Head and commonly called the South Node of the moon, but I call it the Forward Opportunity.  My reasoning is that usually  successful people are the ones who have had the most setbacks; that is, he is the  man is just successful enough to keep ahead of this creditors, to pay his taxes and to muddle along somehow, or the woman owning a drug store, and then losing it, starts over again because she thinks this time she has a better idea.   Sometimes their  friends help them; sometimes not.  Either way they go about it more intelligently; profitting from previous experience and seeing what they did wrong before, whether it was a bad location, the wrong store, a fault somewhere in their reasoning.

Each time they improve on their method until they succeed. People who make a large success in life are usually those who have climbed up after one or perhaps many failures and it is the  South Node that says:  “Do you really want this?  What will you sacrifice for your dream? “

troosevelt south nodeSouth Node of TR

In T.R.’s chart the South Node is in the sign of Virgo, the sign of assimilation; in the house of regeneration; and in the degree of 07 Virgo that is Verification. The symbol (Virgo 6) says”Children’s voices and the smiles of elders; it is a merry-go-round, with blatant music and unrestrained joyousness.”

Here we see  the intensification of all elements of life  — the elevation of pleasure to a transmutive force or the assimilation in a carnival spirit.  To Theodore Roosevelt failure was conquered by assimilating everything from the episode because he was “Jack-of-all-trades” who plunged into problem whole-heartedly because he is willing to learn from his mistakes and learn from others successes.

His chart is the splash temperament type:  he planets are scattered  all over the map, but while he was not concentrated in anysphere, he used everything for his ultimate success of his life through boundless energy and great determination.

Marc Jones – Point 9, Creative Fulfillment

Point 9 was originally termed Karma and Marc Edmund Jones defined it as “Karma is what you carry around with you as an excuse for being. Good karma places nothing in your way, and bad karma makes you work, therefore, bad karma is good, if it makes you put forth effort.”  He added  that Jupiter is the planet of karma, the planet of your soul or your conscious conception of your inner self. ”

tdr jupiter

Twenty years later when he wrote his final work, Counseling Manual of Astrology, he had rethought that and felt that Point 9 was now Spontaneity and a person’s enjoyment of life and how that fulfills them, so we are re-terming that now to avoid confusion.  We are also now, changing over from Marc’s Placidus format to our Morinus/Meridian one to show how it applies.

In TR’s chart we find Jupiter (keyword expansion) in the succedent fifth house of offspring and personal environs in the sign of of Gemini that is vivification or giving life to something in a degree of assembly. The symbol (Gemini 22) reads: “An old-fashioned ‘harvest home’ festival is at its height, with flashing dancing couples crowding the dance floor.”

This is symbolic of the richness of life, found by creating good times with human association.  Conviviality is what refreshes us and gives us the good memories to empower us to go forward and the Lord Jesus himself, never refused an invitation to a party. Teddy too liked parties and the “bringing in the sheaves,¹” is giving life to ideas, and carrying them out to benefit others.


  1.  Sheaves are the plural of sheaf, a stalk of a cereal plant, but no one can do much with one stalk, so harvest time is about collecting and binding the sheaves of  wheat, rye, etc., after they are cut down typically with Cyrus McCormack’s mechanical reaper.

Marc Jones – Point 7 & 8, The Moon & Marriage

No. 7  – Relationships with Others, the Moon

From the mental chemistry of a person, my next point is the  the emotional life and marriage, or the moon, and the planet or planets that indicate marriage, respectively. The moon is while important is almost midway in the list because it is reflective and so we need the other planets to fully understand its colour.

teddy roosevelt's moon.png

Our emotions are intimate and specific.  It is our capacity for intimate experiences and sharing experiences.  For T.R. his Moon is in the sixth house which I have assigned the keyword of “Duty” in the thirteenth degree of Cancer, its essential lord.  Teddy was often  often accused of  excessive self-love (egotism)  but that be constructive when properly applied as it was here, for the individual has a real  sense of social responsibility.   Of course this makes his Moon rather impersonal but as it was the sign of growth (Cancer) and in the house of duty with a degree of determination it worked well.

The symbol (Cancer 13) reads: “A hand held out is remarkable for the suggestion in its prominent thumb.” This dramatizes an essentially practical approach to life, a freedom from all impeding illusions and notions. The thumb is what gets in the way of things, or in Teddy’s case, his strong self, but also makes think of the “hitch-hikers.” For Roosevelt this meant that he never lost an opportunity to put his thumb up, riding every possible vehicle of life in fulfilling his duty.


                                                             Point 8 – The Man’s Marriage


teddy roosevelt's moon.png

In a man’s chart the moon is the marriage significator, and marriage is indicated by the planets that the moon applies before it leaves the sign in which it is found at birth.

In T.R.’s chart the moon is in opposition to to Mars in Capricorn 17 in the Twelfth House showing the marriage to the first Mrs. Roosevelt, the mother of Alice. Alice seems to have fulfilled many of her father’s great desires (twelfth house)  for outstanding initiative.


Anne hathaway Lee Roosevelt.jpg
Alice Hathaway Lee Roosevelt, Teddy’s first wife.

Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt.jpg
Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, the First Lady











The next application is to Neptune a trine away from the Moon in the same triplicity but in the second house.  This planet is an impersonal one, and usually represents a career marriage or business deal rather than a love for the woman herself suggesting  that the second marriage to Edith Carow, a friend of his sister’s,  was entirely subordinated to duty.

The next application of the Moon via a trine is to Neptune, an impersonal sign.  This planet usually represents a career rather than a woman.  Neptune is also in the second house, suggesting that this marriage was entirely subordinated to the career and born from duty to his daughter and family name (the first Mrs. Roosevelt having died early in their marrage when Alice was four.)