The IT Girl and Rex Bell

Clara Bow and Rex Bell became an “item” in Hollywood and since she was a major star and he a little no body in Westerns, the pair eloped, tieing the knot on December 3, 1931 in Las Vegas. They settled down on a large ranch in Searchlight, Nevada shortly thereafter and while Clara starred in a few talkies, because of her strong Brooklyn accent, she was petrified of them and opted to retire from the screen leaving hubby Rex to travel between the California studios and their Nevada home. As time went on Rex got more involved in business and Nevada politics and they sold the ranch.

Born George Francis Beldam on  October 16, 1903 in Chicago, Rex Bell was a Hollywood “name,” but he liked it and kept it.  The Bedlam family migrated west after World War I looking for better opportunities first to Iowa and then California.  More information on this cowboy can be found at the vintage Western site, OK Corral, here.


rex bell sr..png

We rectified Mr. Bell to 21 Libra, see the chart above, giving him a sunrise birth chart.  His map highlights that he travelled for his film career, not only first from Iowa but also between his Nevada ranch and family, to Los Angeles for work.  His seventh house  cusp is 25 Aries and its lord is found right between his Part of Fortune and Uranus in the second house, perhaps hinting how his charm won Miss Bow and his fans.

Mercury is in the twelfth house, depicting how Westerns were low on conversation but with the his Sun there as well, high on strong action and willfulness.  The square between Venus and Mars indicates how Westerns and Nevadan politics later on,  worked well to his advantage — snap decisions, short term objectives and a high energy level all suit those professions well.  It is not too hard to see how “elopement” worked into that picture either.

Mr Bell and Miss Bow remained married for 31 years until his demise on July 4, 1962 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They had two children, Rex and George, both who followed their father in the Western Hollywood tradition.  Miss Bow passed in September 27, 1965 in Hollywood.

the synastry between Bell and Bow






Discovery of Sedna

senda discovery.png

discovery of sedna

We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Adventure based on its yod point in the Fifth house and its preponderance of Sagittarian planets found there.   Here is a site that has a good chart of the discovery noting all the fixed stars.

Saturn return: DeKlerk legalizes the ANC

I could find nothing to support this date under the original heading of “abolishing apartheid” but upon further research I was able to spot an article from the New York Times archives about DeKlerk legalizing the ANC, that must have been the incident to which it was referring.  Another pertinent fact, is that apartheid was a relatively recent prohibition into South African politics — it was instituted after World War II around 1948 when the current political party came to power.  One must wonder whether ex-Nazi’s fled to the riches of South Africa, like they did to South America, to try and regroup.

The ANC, the African National Congress, was founded in 1912 originally as the South African Native National Congress, with the main goal of voting rights for Coloureds (persons of mixed race and black Africans)  in the Cape Province. It was renamed the African National Congress in 1923 as more militant Communists, then called Leninists, took over the party as it wanted to embrace all black tribal Africans.

In 1940s its Youth League branch made great overtures to young oppressed blacks to rise up within the party and spearheaded the fight to eliminate apartheid, the official South African policy of racial separation and discrimination. The ANC was banned as an organization from 1960 to 1990 by the ruling government. During these three decades it operated underground and outside South African territory. The ban was lifted in 1990 by Willem DeKlerk, and Nelson Mandela, the president of the ANC, was freed from prison upon which he was elected to head the new South African tri-racial ( black, white and mixed) government.

DeKlerk shared a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts with Mr. Mandela.  See the  Encyclopedia Brittanica article for more.

The DeKlerk – ANC Map

It is an interesting map, as it shows that other countries were the main force for South Africa to stop its segregation practises. There are few planets below in the northern hemisphere, just Jupiter and the Moon and I am going to assume that Jupiter is America because it was definitely the noisiest. The Moon in the second house shows that South Africa worried about economic boycott and so relented.


It is hard to see this as anything but a deviated bowl — the map depicting a split personality of someone kicking and screaming into submission, somewhat akin to the Korean Boy-King and his lovey dovey overtones these days.    It cannot be a see-saw, the most popular of all temperament types because of the sextile width between the Moon and Jupiter and it falls rather neatly into a half hemisphere shape.  The midheaven, the destiny of the chart, makes a good rim against Jupiter and Pluto hovering over on the Ninth-Eighth house cusp suggests a lip that is forcing everything into place.

The ascendant is 18 Pisces “men in cars racing to a stoplight” a degree that Kent McClung writes suggests the “rejection of all limitation while producing an excess of enthusiasm in action.”  He says that this degree is one of “human liberation” that brings forth a joie de vivre and gets the keyword of Bravado.  Seems rather pertinent under the circumstances.



download the map of deklerk and apartheid.pdf

The week in Pierre South Dakota 12-11-17

While its’ 25 degrees here in the Northeast and we are waiting for an Alberta Clipper to come through, in Pierre South Dakota it is a wonderful 37 degrees warming up this week up to 55.  Obviously our header picture is not contemporary.

pierre sd.png

Sunday December 10, 2017

  1. Mercury enters sidereal Scorpio 00:44AM EST,
  2. Mars square Vulcanus 1:28AM EST,
  3. Venus parallel Pluto 1:54AM EST,
  4. Mercury parallel Saturn 2:17AM EST,
  5. Ceres conjunct North Node 3:19AM EST,
  6. Mercury trine Uranus 4:28AM EST,
  7. Venus square Neptune 8:47AM EST,
  8. Jupiter conjunct Poseidon 12:34PM EST,
  9. Mercury square Chiron 1:32PM EST,
  10. Mercury contra-parallel Hades 4:12PM EST,
  11. Sun contra-parallel Kronos 10:53PM EST

Monday December 11, 2017

  1. Sun sextile Zeus 8:06AM EST,
  2. Mercury trine Eris 4:47PM EST

Tuesday December 12, 2017

  1. Mercury parallel Pluto 2:19AM EST,
  2. Jupiter conjunct Vesta 3:58AM EST,
  3. Mars sextile Transpluto 4:02PM EST,
  4. Sun conjunct Mercury 8:48PM EST,
  5. Mars conjunct Apollon 9:13PM EST,
  6. Venus contra-parallel Hades 9:25PM EST

Wednesday December 13, 2017

  1. Mercury sextile Zeus 11:26PM EST

Thursday December 14, 2017

  1. Venus parallel Saturn 5:12AM EST,
  2. Sun trine Eris 10:22AM EST

Friday December 15, 2017

  1. Mercury trine Ceres 3:03AM EST,
  2. Venus sextile South Node 7:14AM EST,
  3. Mercury conjunct Venus 9:08AM EST,
  4. Venus parallel Cupido 9:43AM EST,
  5. Mercury sextile South Node 11:13AM EST,
  6. Venus trine Ceres 3:18PM EST,
  7. Mars sextile Black Moon 4:29PM EST,
  8. Sun square Chiron 10:46PM EST

Saturday December 16, 2017

  1. Sun trine Uranus 6:27AM EST,
  2. Sun enters sidereal Sagittarius 1:20PM EST,
  3. Sun trine Pallas 3:56PM EST,
  4. Mercury contra-parallel Admetos 4:04PM EST,
  5. Ceres stations retrograde 5:29PM EST,
  6. Venus sextile Zeus 8:41PM EST,
  7. Mercury contra-parallel Vulcanus 11:28PM EST

Sunday December 17, 2017

  1. Mars parallel Apollon 8:23AM EST,
  2. Venus contra-parallel Kronos 12:48PM EST,
  3. Pallas Stations direct 6:37PM EST,
  4. Mercury parallel Black Moon 10:06PM EST

    The Ceres conjunction to the North Node on the 10th occurs at 18Leo where the August 10 1608 and August 10 1627 were:  think  Jamestown and La Rochelle

    The Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 12th occurs at 21 Sagittarius where the December 13 1974 eclipse occurs. Keywords: 55MPH, F16, Patti Hearst, Iran/Iraq, Ted Bundy, Mariner 10, & Watergate,

    The Mercury/Venus conjunction on the 15th occurs at 17 Sagittarius where the June 8 1732 and December 9 1768 eclipses occurred.

SOUTH DAKOTA, is one of the North Central states of the American Union, lying between 42 28′ and 45 57′ N. Lat, and 96 26′ and 104 3′ W. long. It is bounded N. by North Dakota; E. by Minnesota and Iowa; S. by Nebraska; and W. by Wyoming and Montana.

Lake Traverse and the Big Stone Lake separate the state in part from Minnesota; the Big Sioux River forms most of the boundary between South Dakota and Iowa; and the Missouri river separates the state in part from Nebraska. South Dakota has an extreme length, east and west, of 380 m., an extreme width, north and south, of 245 m., and a total area of 77,615 sq. m., of which 747 sq. m. are water-surface.


With the exception of the Black Hills district in the south-west, the state is a wide rolling plain, with its eastern portion a part of the Prairie Plains region, and its western portion a part of the Great Plains.

The surface of this plain, however, ranges from level river valleys in the east to irregular plateaus broken by buttes and scored by canons in the west. The lowest part of the state is the surface of Big Stone Lake, about 970ft. above the sea; the highest point is Harney Peakin the Black Hills, which rises to a height of 7,216 ft.   As a whole the state has a mean elevation of 2200ft.

                                          Fauna and Flora.

Large game within the state is practically extinct. The herds of bison, antelope and elk that once roamed the prairies have vanished, but a few mountain sheep still graze on the grass-covered mesas in inaccessible portions of the Bad Lands. There, too, the grey (or timber) wolf and the coyote are found.

The species of small animals do not differ from those found other parts of the Middle West. The total woodland area has been estimated at 2500 sq. m., about 3-25% of the land area, and of this amount 2000 sq. m. are the Black Hills district. All the higher lands of this area are covered by forests; but the Red Valley, lying between the outer ridges and the main uplift, is treeless.

Most of the forest consists yellow pine, but the spruce, aspen, white birch, bur oak, box elder, red cedar, white elm and cottonwood are among the other varieties found. With the exception of narrow strips of woodland along the courses of the larger streams, the rest of the state consists treeless prairie-lands, which are usually covered with valuable grasses.

excerpted and adapted from 1991 Encyclopedia Brittanica.


Reeling in the Years, Walter Becker

His death was announced on his official website,  with a memorial by his daughter. He lived in Maui, Hawaii.  With such few personal details, we rectified his chart to Sagittarius 18 rising as he traveled far from home both in his career and his final move to the islands of Hawaii.  Becker’s temperament type is a Splash with the main grouping being in the Second House of personal resources highlighting his musical gifts.

While Mr. Becker left little literary memorabilia behind, he left his music to posterity, which was far ahead of its time melding pop and jazz into a fusion style that 40 years later bore fruit in the music industry.  Steely Dan wrote catchy tunes to harmonious melodies out of place of the hard rock of the 1970’s but they caught on and became hits.  Rolling Stone Magazine did a nice write up of their ten best songs, click here — chances are you know many of them.


lobby of fairmont maui.jpg
Lobby of th Fairmount Hotel, Maui


                                      The Making of Steely Dan

Walter Becker was born in Forest Hills, Queens, on Feb. 20, 1950, to an American father and a British mother.  She left when he was about three and returned home and so he was raised by his father and grandfather.  His mother re-emerged after he became famous and sued for 17 million dollars and he countersued for abandonment; both suits were dropped.

He studied saxophone and guitar in his teens. He met Mr. Fagen in 1967 when they were students at Bard College, a place they would recalled in the group’s  “My Old School.”

As Steely Dan, Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen changed the vocabulary of pop in the 1970s with songs like “Do It Again,” “Reelin’ in the Years,” “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number” and “Peg.” Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen were close collaborators on every element of a song: words, music, arrangement. “We think very much the same. I can start songs and Walter can finish them,” Mr. Fagen said in a 1977 interview.


                                          What is a Steely Dan?

Steely Dan — named after a dildo in the William Burroughs novel “Naked Lunch” — dissolved after its 1980 album, “Gaucho,” though Mr. Becker and Mr. Fagen stayed in contact..

The island of Haleakala


Becker moved to the Hawaiian island of Maui next Haleakala, the world’s largest dormant volcano.    He originally went to Maui to detox and become an avocado farmer. He met his wife Elinor, who is a yoga teacher, there and they had two children.  He had a recording studio over to one side of the island, on some land owned by his wife in the middle of a cattle ranch, looking out across the ocean working long hours but  he found himself walking back over to the house ‘to make sure my family hadn’t moved out’, obviously his mother’s abandonment (4th House 21 Aries a symbol of instability) always in the back of his mind.


Rolling Stone reports that Fagen is suing his bandmates estate for fullcontrol of the Steely Dan repetoire based on a 1972 agreement.

#545 The tale of Henri Landru, a modern day Bluebeard


The Fairy Tale:

“Bluebeard” (French: Barbe Bleue) is a French folktale, it’s origin is unknown. The most famous version of Bluebeard was written by Charles Perrault and first published by Barbin Press of n 1697 in “Histoires ou contes du temps passé.” You can read the 1895 version  here on Gutenberg. The French fairy tales preced the German Grimm Brothers stories by several centuries.

The story tells of a wealthy and ugly man who sets up bizarre conditions for his wives around one particular room in his chateau (castle). He tells her that she can open any door in the house with them, which each contain his riches, except for an underground chamber that he strictly forbids her to enter lest she suffers his wrath.

               He then goes away and leaves the house and the keys in her hands. She invites her sister, Anne, and her friends and cousins over for a party. However, she is eventually overcome with the desire to see what the forbidden room holds; and she sneaks away from the party and ventures into the room.

            She immediately discovers the room is filled with blood and the murdered corpses of Bluebeard’s former wives hung on hooks from the walls. Horrified, she drops the key into a pool of blood, picks it up squeamishly and flees. Back in her rooms, she tries to wash the blood from the key, but the key is magical and the blood cannot be removed. Her husband will know that she knows his secret and end up like the rest but forewarned is forearmed and she plans her defense…

                                     Bluebeard and the Black Widow

Whenever there is a man who has a long list of wives that all died suddenly and he inherits it all, he is called a Bluebeard. If it is a woman, she is called The Black Widow, because female spiders kill and then eats her mate during sex the majority of the time.

Landru’s two chateaux are about 5 1/2 hours away by horse and carriage.  Paris is at the lower right in Royal Purple.

                            ENTRE LANDRU


Henri Landru got this epithet of Bluebeard because he had ten fiancees that all mysteriously disappeared. Three were later found After sifting all of the cinders and the rubbish at his villas at Gamboise and Vernouillet, that are near each other (see the map above).  Examining the bones  doctors were able to piece together fragments and teeth which show that at least three human bodies burned wherein,  were these women.

Unlike the original Bluebeard, Landru chose his victims by several criteria. First, they would not be easily missed. And two, and this was the key point, they had very large insurance policies, that in his charm and savoir-faire he got to sign over to him or one of his accomplices; they then split the money. Once that feat was accomplished, Monsieur Landru invited them one day to luncheon at one of his villas and gave them a dish of morels from his garden, followed by a lovely cocktail carefully mixed with a culture of typhoid germs. In four cases, he succeeded in drawing for himself or his accomplice’s exceedingly large sums of francs. The insurance company got suspicious.

In 1912, Monsieur Landru’ s friend, Duroux insured himself for 20,000 francs in Landru’ s favor.  This was far too tantalizing for Landru and shortly thereafter Landru invited his best friend Duroux to a mushroom dinner and knockout cocktail. Amazingly Duroux was impervious to the drink and lived!  Unrebuffed, Landru invited him back for another repast – this one did the trick, but the attending physician was now suspicious. He could not figure out the culprit, though he knew he was poisoned and was forced to let the issue go. Years later, the doctor testified against Landru.


Vincent de Moro Giafferi
Obit of Landru’s attorney from Nov 1956,  mentioning the famous case.


Nine years later they apprehended Landru they found his journal full of Invited X for morels, and a whole library filled with the studies of mushrooms, the published manuscripts of Louis Pasteur & medical books. Oh, and yes, tubes of typhoid bacilli.

Bluebeard Landru’s Maplandru map

Monsieur Landru is a bucket with a Saturn handle that just coincidentally falls in the eighth house of death and legacies, at 16+ in Sagittarius with the symbol of “seagulls watching a ship,” implying his ability to exploit another’s largesse. See the chart above that shows this layout.

Saturn’s own house happens to be the tenth where his midheaven falls at 15.50 Capricorn suggesting “boys and girls in gym suits” depicting Landru’s ability to unite many disparate people into his cause. That midheaven is sextile to a massive fire stellium in the twelfth house which is intercepted.

landrus midpoints
Both yod’s have midpoints at Asteroid points.  The red is at Zeus suggesting Landru’s ability to research thoroughly for his work; and the one in blue at Apollon, this time telling us that his need to perfect and test his craft was insatiable:  hence his murder of his friend Doroux.

Intercepted signs are found between the cups of two house but most importantly, not on either of them. On Landru’s chart, Pisces is the sign of the twelfth house and Taurus is the sign of the first, but Aries is not shown on the cusps at all. On the chart shown, instead Aries is shown on the lines going from Pisces to Taurus, implying that it is intercepted.

Planets in intercepted signs have more importance than usual upon the affairs of the house in which they are found, so this stellium trine his Saturn handle, conjunct his ascendant, square his Uranus in Cancer and inconjunct his Mars in Leo, literally influences every aspect of Landru’s map. But interceptions make the sign hidden, so their influence while pervasive, is subtle, and it’s that elusive quality that causes so much trouble because it wants to get out of the shadows and shine.

1Bluebeard-.pngFor Landru, this is particularly rough, as within the insidious Arian group lies a Sun and Moon conjunction that is imprisoned, so his Line of Vitality is strangled. The group though searches for a way to manifest itself and show its creativity (trine Mars 16.02 Leo fifth house) and it is only through the Line of Personality in a trine aspect between the enthusiastic idealism of Jupiter & the cruel tenaciousness of Saturn in the eighth that it strikes out.

His Line of Efficiency is another venue to the outer chart. This time with hidden Venus to the manifestation of a creative and forced force inconjunct the Midheaven. Mars thus, has really nothing in the chart to inhibit or mollify it, and so its square to the Saturn handle has incredible power, and here in Leo, unleashes it animalistic impulses freely.

                                              In the end

Monsieur Landru was tried and found guilty of his crimes. He did have one lady friend who stood in his defense and said he was the nicest and kindest of men, but alas she was poor, and so ignored. He was guillotined on 25 February 1922.C’est la Vie

You can read the full obituary for Monsieur Landru here.98990039

The Equal vs Whole House System

havelock equal.pngThe Equal House house and whole House systems are the oldest astrological house systems in astrology.  The Equal House is based on the Ecliptic, and some astrologers actually call it the Ecliptic system  It has several features:

  1. All the houses are equally spaced, meaning that each house is exactly thirty degrees wide, so it very easy to manually construct.
  2. All of the houses start on the degree of the Ascendant
  3. There are no intercepted houses, as each sign gets its own house, i .e. the chart is divided into twelve equal parts.
  4. The tenth house cusp (cusp is the beginning point of a house) does not necessarily coincide with the Midheaven as in the case  of  Havelock Ellis, born in Croydon, Surrey, UK, at right.
    1. Dr. Ellis’s midheaven is the aqua lettering up top of the chart, right in the middle of the tenth house.

Download Havelock-Ellis here.

Dr. Ellis was an English essayist and physician who studied human sexual behavior.  He challenged 19th-century Victorian taboos against public discussion of the subject very similar to the much later  American Masters & Johnson studies.  Many of his books, including his best, The Task of Social Hygiene, can be found here on

We do not use the Equal House system because we disagree with its construction — everything thirty degrees and no consideration for the horizon. Nonetheless, the famous astrologer, the late Lois Rodden, loved it.  In Hellenistic Astrology, the Whole House system is de rigeur and the major difference is that all houses start on ZERO and the Ascendant is shows up at the degree within it.  We actually prefer this over the Equal House system, because we think that the Ascendant should not be tied to the first house — which is how you are seen by others.  Confusing the Ascendant and the house house we have found in our studies, is not an accurate representation, hence we typically use non-Ascendant based house system like the Zariel and Morinus and Whole House for Hellenistic charts.

As shown, under the Whole House System, Dr. Ellis’s midheaven is in the eleventh house of the public, which makes sense as his medical life was devoted to public health and hygiene; Venus the planet of sexuality is also there linking the two.

In the Equal House the  Midheaven is in the tenth house of career but Venus is separate in the eleventh house and does not clearly link the two.  The modern Koch system, available for download, approximates the Equal House setup btw and while we did use that for many charts on the site, we tossed that too because of its adherence to the Ascendant.

Other issues are in the Equal House Saturn is in the sixth house of work and labour; in the Whole House partners and opportunity.  While cases can be made for either, it is really the nuance we prefer, and astrology is nothing but nuance.  For further discussion of houses and interceptions, another thing we dropped as being meaning, look here and here.

  1. Havelock Ellis WHOLE house system
  2. Havelock Ellis EQUAL house system
  3. Havelock Ellis KOCH house system