The Honduras Caravan

On October 13, a group of hundreds of people gathered  to flee their native  Honduras in a caravan headed toward the United States. That caravan quickly swelled to approximately 7,000 Central American immigrants as it passed north through Guatemala. President Donald Trump has called the approaching group a “national emergency,” vowed to cut tens of millions of dollars in aid to three Central American countries, … Continue reading The Honduras Caravan

Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

The history of the event We have highlighted another cave-in around the Northeastern Pennsylvania area that was a large mining district because of its hard firing, cleaning-burning coal:  the best coal ever discovered throughout the world.  This one, in 1922 in nearby Larksville, destroyed a high school on August 24, 1922.  There are no casualties mentioned and while school does start earlier in Pennsylvania than … Continue reading Cave-in, Larksville PA 1922

Joseph P. Kennedy III

Congressman J.P.Kennedy was the one that the Democratic Party picked to give the official response to President Trumps State of the Union. We rectified him to 08 Aquarius giving him Neptune in the Tenth house just like his granduncle, President John F. Kennedy, but this time in Sagittarius suggesting that he too shares that Utopian vision and is pinning his career and hopes on making … Continue reading Joseph P. Kennedy III

Running with a Bowl of Sweet Caroline

Caroline Kennedy, the only surviving child of President Jack Kennedy and his wife Jackie, (both now deceased) is thinking of throwing her hat into the Presidential Ring according to the New York Post. That made us think about looking at her chart. Something about Caroline Caroline Kennedy was 3 years old when she and her brother John-John  moved into the White House with their parents.  … Continue reading Running with a Bowl of Sweet Caroline

The week in Pierre South Dakota 12-11-17

While its’ 25 degrees here in the Northeast and we are waiting for an Alberta Clipper to come through, in Pierre South Dakota it is a wonderful 37 degrees warming up this week up to 55.  Obviously our header picture is not contemporary. Sunday December 10, 2017 Mercury enters sidereal Scorpio 00:44AM EST, Mars square Vulcanus 1:28AM EST, Venus parallel Pluto 1:54AM EST, Mercury parallel … Continue reading The week in Pierre South Dakota 12-11-17