#235 The Prism of Lord William James Cullen

The Hon William James Cullen QC (9 September 1859 – 19 June 1941) was a Scottish judge who rose to be a Senator of the College of Justice. He was the son of Thomas Cullen, an inspector of stamps and taxes in Edinburgh. He grew up 6 Waterloo Place at the east end of Princes … Continue reading #235 The Prism of Lord William James Cullen


#599 A bundle of James Russell Lowell

That James Russell Lowell is part of the Jones 1000 makes sense; Jones considered himself a minor poet and wrote esoteric verse whenever he could much like Aleister Crowley, his contemporary, did. JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL was a diplomatist, was born at Elmwood, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the 22nd of February 1819.  He was the son of … Continue reading #599 A bundle of James Russell Lowell

Michael Pompeo Sec of State

We did mention that there may be some rough going with  Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State because of independent nature in his writeup, but we did not realize how strong that could be or undermining to President's.  Nonetheless Tillerson has been fired, and replaced with Mike Pompeo, for the 70th United States Secretary of State. Mr. … Continue reading Michael Pompeo Sec of State

Alan Leo’s optometrist

Alan Leo writes up this optometrist in his magazine, noting that the preponderance of  Aries, Taurus and Gemini planets highlight the head and throat area of person with Neptune the closest to the Midheaven noting accuracy &   Mars nearby highlight surgery. His major opposition is  Mercury to the Moon and a translation of light to … Continue reading Alan Leo’s optometrist

#313 The birth & death of King Edward VII of England

edward 7th King Edward is a rimmed bowl with the Moon opposite Uranus in Pisces creating the rim.  Pluto was not discovered in his lifetime, but almost 20 years after this death, so we are ignoring it here.  If it was part of the configuration, he would then be a lipped bowl.  His natural disposition … Continue reading #313 The birth & death of King Edward VII of England

Summer Solstice, June 21, 2017

                               Cancer Ingress chart The Sun enters the sign of Cancer at 12:24 AM at Washington D.C.  Neptune is ascending, only three degrees before the Ascendant 11 Pisces 04, and Saturn is the most elevated planet in the Tenth house in … Continue reading Summer Solstice, June 21, 2017

Astronomically: The Week of April 2nd 2017

Our featured picture is of the Argentinian Southern Sky thanks to Leonardo Julio who caught this silhouette of Lynds' Dark Nebula (LDN) 1622.  This weeks highlights are: Sunday April 2, 2017 Mercury trine North Node 00:15AM EDT, Mercury opposes Apollon 4:53AM EDT, Pluto trine Ceres 2:29PM EDT, Venus enters Pisces 8:24PM EDT Monday April 3, … Continue reading Astronomically: The Week of April 2nd 2017