Iowan Andy McKean bolts after 29 years to Dems

The McKean facts

Representative Andrew John McKean was born in NYC to New Yorker mother, Elly nee Mayer (1916-2016) , and an Iowan father, Lloyd George McKean (1919-2006) of Scot Presbyterian descent. His great-grandfather was the Honorable John McKean (b. 1835 in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania that lies between Youngstown and Pittsburgh) and was originally a Democrat prior to the War between the States but became a Republican following armistice. The Judge and his brother first settled in Jones County, Iowa (the county seat is Anamosa and it lies diagonally between Dubuque in the North and Cedar Rapids in the South) in October 1854.

Welcome plaque to Jones Co.

Andrew McKean went to SUNY at Oneonta, one of the New York State colleges located between Binghamton and Albany for his undergraduate work, and then University of Rhode Island where he received a Masters of Urban Affairs & Planning after which he went to the University of Iowa for his J.D.

He married Constance Hoefner in 1983 and has 4 children. He was a Republicans in the Iowa State Senate for 29 years when the Mueller report happened and he bolted sides feeling he could not support a President under investigation. There is not much more known from all the online sources i.e. his voting record & party affiliations which would be quite helpful in understanding his motives.

Charting McKean

Our rectification of Rep McKean

McKean’s chart shows a western biased Locomotive with his south eastern third of the train open (from Jupiter to the Moon). This suggests that the Representative is a private man, but wants public acclaim and recognition for being a forward-thinking leader. Both statements are supported by the lack of information on his private life and his bolting right after the November 2018 elections and the publication of the Mueller report.

National Motorcycle Museum in Jones Co. Indian bikes were manufactured in Springfield, MA.

His North Node in the third house according to Isabel Hickey makes him a genial man who is “adaptable to the times” but with the South Node in the Ninth house makes his vision “narrow with a tendency to see just what is at hand.”

  • Notable aspects
    • Locomotive Temperament Type — southeast open
    • Ascendant at 06 Capricorn – a dark archway with ten logs at its base suggesting the resources McKean has in preserving his own future.
    • His Ascendant is opposite Uranus in the sixth suggesting a reluctance to deal with the unknown. This T-Square ends at Neptune in the ninth where we see Neptune’s fears of unpopularity affects his vanity (Asc) and self-will (Sun).
    • Transpluto opposite Jupiter with the same point focus at the midheaven 01 Scorpio — a sightseeing bus — highlighting his gift for measuring the temperature and interests of his constituency by being agreeable and amicable to their interests
    • Midheaven sextile Saturn makes him a hard worker and thrifty.
    • Astrological writer, Georges Muchery writes, that the Ascending Node (Dragon’s Head) in the Third House is a sure sign of the native’s good education and of his being able to live on good terms with those around him; it means harmonious relations with brothers and sisters. It procures the means of success in an intellectual occupations, especially in the law, literature, history or geography. The native has an observant, studious and imaginative mind; ideas flow in abundance, and they are usually good and help him to progress rapidly, as much on account of his skilful management as on account of the help given by those around him. This purpose is also favorable for travelling for further pursuit of knowledge.

Frankland’s Musician

William Frankland in his book, Investigative Astrology c. 1900, has this chart with the question of what is his problem?  He gives us some clues:  there is a kite configuration made of the opposition between Mercury and Uranus.


He also lets us know that Jupiter is in its essential house of Pisces and Venus is there and exalted.  The trine, depicted in yellow, goes from that conjunction to the Ascendant at 20 Cancer and then to Uranus on the fourth-fifth house cusp.  Based on the orbs, this is one off-kilter Water Trine while the kite’s tail — an opposition made from within the trine — is a bit tighter.

The tail lets us know that the dynamic challenge in this man’s life is handling his career rationale vs. the demands of his family life.  While dynamic challenges change appearances, because of transits and progressions,  the underlying tension remains true, just morphing into chimerical visages that we may not catch because of their changed appearance.

frankland's musician

What we do know, based on the chart is that this man is a gifted musician.  We can say that based on all that Piscean energy, but it is in the ninth house, & travel is required, such is the lot of the entertainer — they must go to their venues; no one comes to them.  Libra on the fourth though, wants a stable home life:  family and friends and all the idyllic happiness that brings, but with Uranus hovering between that an the fifth, that desire is torn by the  disruption of his creative juices that keep the musical flow churning — he seems to hear music everywhere and has a protean creative force within, but  his Ascendant  cannot give up either dream, and so that challenge will haunt and besiege him until he finds someone or thing that can help balance it out for him.


Frankland notes that because it is Uranus, this opposition, will either have the most strife at the ages of “twenty-one, forty-two or sixty-three years of age,” and so this musician’s success will be long delayed.

If we create a yod, not then in favour so Frankland would have not used it, we see that the Ascendant’s lord, the Moon is in the eighth house, sextile the Sun in the tenth with the apex again at Uranus and the head midpoint at the mid-heaven at 19 Pisces that gives us the Hyperion symbol of ”  wind driven dust devils under the red sun.”    Kent McClung writes that this is the force of  reckless inspiration — the wind — in one’s life that is hard to control.


The Daily for 9-8-17 Stony Creek CT

                      Scorpio 1 – The Magic Bus of Fellowship


Hello world!

Today Ruffian and I rolled Scorpio 1, Sepharial’s “Heart” and Marc Jones & Elsie Wheeler’s “Sight Seeing Bus,” that has the keyword of “Friendliness,” and exhorts us to remember fellowship in a bustling and jostling world.

Scorpio 1, not shown btw, is in the Twelfth House on this chart, done via Koch System at high noon. and puts conjunct to Chiron in Pisces and the Arian Moon.  It is a tough place for the Scorpion Heart to be with the Moon playing fireworks with Uranus and lively Jupiter across the map in Libra wondering how it will shake it out  & for whom to root.

Uranus  though tends to be a disruptive figure:  individualistic and solitary, but as the Modern ruler of Aquarius found in the Third House wants, at least in the case, to get along.  Chiron quietly reminds Uranus that getting along means respecting others and the Scorpion heart readily agrees but Moon is reluctantly going along still getting angry at the slightest provocation and demanding to be heard.

stony creek.png

This all comes together because of the Moon in the closest square on the chart to Pluto hanging out on the Third House Cusp of Capricorn (Aquarius is the Intercepted Sign in this chart).

Marc Jones wrote that the closest square or opposition becomes a modern type of Lord, that he termed a focal determinator.  In this case, the FD emphasizes  our values while ignoring our need for putting our talents to work at maximum involvement.

With all the current devastation from the ongoing hurricane season, some like fellow Dromenoner Bella, have jumped on the humanitarian bus (Scorpio)  &  manned the Zello lines (Uranus) to reach out and help (the Die) someone despite being half a continent a way, showing the rest of us fighting petty fires (Moon)  how we are wasting our creative energies not to mention, time.

Individuals having this square are the Reverend Martin Luther, Havelock Ellis and the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover.

Cheerio ~

Inspirational Writer & Speaker, Louise Hay has reposed

Louise  Lynn Hay, one of the pioneers of the modern self-care revolution, has passed away today at the age of 90. According to her Facebook page, which broke the news just over an hour ago, she died of natural causes surrounded by her loved ones.  Her most popular book was You can Heal yourself.


louise hay
Ms. Hay’s natal chart


She had 07 Leo Rising, the symbol of “The constellations in the sky” and a 01 Scorpio Moon  ” A sight seeing bus. ”  Her 15 Libra sun gets the perfect symbol of “Circular paths of self-respect”.  She is a Splash Temperament Type, that expresses itself by emphasizing one’s humanity and work with helping and understanding others. Her strongest house is the Third House of Communications, three planets congregate there and her only conjunction — out of sign interestingly enough —  between Expressive Mercury (28 Libra) and the Free Will Moon (01 Scorpio) showing naturally enough, how she would make her own way against establishment doxology.

At her time of death, her Ascendant had progressed to an exact conjunction to her natal Mercury, demonstrating how she had closed all the loops in her life path and conjunct the natal Moon, was ready for her next journey.


louise died.png
Ms. Hay’s natal chart progressed to approximate time of death.  The Nodes are not activated btw.


One of my favorite exercises from “You can Heal” is the exercise on Forgiveness.

Now we are ready to forgive. Do this exercise with a partner if you can, or do it out loud if you are alone. Again, sit quietly with your eyes closed and say, “The person I need to forgive is —————————–  and I forgive you for ————————————– .”

Do this over and over with every person you know or have met. You will have many things to forgive some for and only one or two to forgive others for.

If you have a partner, let him say to you, “Thank you, I set you free now.”

If you do not, then imagine the person you are forgiving saying it to you. Do this for at least five or ten minutes. Search your heart for the injustices you still carry. Then let them go. When you have cleared as much as you

When you have cleared as much as you can for now, turn your attention to yourself. Say out loud to yourself, “I forgive myself for ————————————-.”

Do this for another five minutes or so. These are powerful exercises and good to do at least once a week to clear out any remainng rubbish. Some experiences are easy to let go and  some we have to chip away at, until suddenly one day they let go and dissolve.

But honestly, Louise, thanks for them all.

#615 The First Lady of Radio: Mary Margaret McBride

Mary Margaret McBride was born to a Missouri farming family in 1899. Her earliest education was “disorganized” because the family often relocated, but she entered a preparatory academy at the age of six and at 16 entered the University of Missouri; she earned her journalism degree by the age of 19.

Having reasonable success as a “girl journalist” with the Cleveland Press, she moved on to the larger New York Evening Mail (1867 – 1924) &  did quite well contributing freelance pieces to periodicals. With the Depression hundreds of writers found themselves unemployed, and McBride was among them. She was now in her mid-thirties her writing career essentially over, but getting a hunch. Her Mars on the 7th house cusp in Aries is the 90-degree turn she took in life when she went from newsprint to WOR-radio in New York City. She went for a radio audition and stayed on the air for the next forty years.


Her ascendant is opposite the electric Mars in her sixth house shows her knack for metal, electronics and radio waves, as well as indomitable work spirit. She tackled everything and by the 1950’s put out a series of Mary McBride Cookbooks as she was renown chef.

Her Ascendant at 19 Libra — “a gang of robbers in hiding the symbol of a woman’s freedom of spirit and soul as she deviates from the normal impulses of others” — opposes that lone Mars creating a T-Square to the Midheaven in Cancer 22. This not only suggests her warm effusive interviewing style but symbolically is all about her being able to swallow her pride and change careers.  We have a link to her interviewing actress Carol Landis here,  #543 in the Jones 1000.  Her musical director was Paul Whiteman aka “The King of Jazz” and Jones # 965.

Her see-saw is definitely an odd shape, but oppositions, while nice, are not required. The one to her ascendant does not count according to Dr. Jones.

mcbride death.png

Her Line of Vitality (Sun aspecting the Moon) is absent (Jones in Essentials misstates that as being in opposition)¹.  Remembering that this line does not portend a long life, because it is not an update to the hyleg, instead it is about how she embraces life. Her it shows that she tended to be freewheeling regarding her abilities (second house) and  where her opportunities may occur (ninth house).  Her biography supports that for she moved like her parents did where-ever the corn was growing highest — and did not let weeds dictate her circumstance.

McBride died at 76 years of age in West Shokan, Ulster County, New York about 22 miles west of Kingston on the NYS Thruway in the Catskills.  A fuller discussion of her career can be found here on Patrick Murfin’s site.


  1. Jones, Marc E., Ph.D, Essentials of Astrological Analysis, pg. 117 gives her along with General Francisco Franco as an example of the sun and moon in an opposition aspect.
  2. FWIW, we prefer the time and Ascendant below for McBride.  It does not change her Line of Vitality nor really her placement of Mars except to move the latter closer to the eighth house and making that essential ruler give her the strength to make the proverbial lemonade out of lemons.
Jones’s Ascendant is 19 Libra vs ours at 24 Scorpio.  Via the Hyperion symbols, the first has the image of a “Medic splints a broken leg” with the idea of someone always willing to help.  While the second gets the same idea but here it is “Nurses at a nurses’ station.”  the latter has the image of willingness to serve can be a saving grace for both others and themselves.

Is Boris Johnson the next UK PM?

We think that Boris Johnson has a good running for the next PM of the UK. His natal Part of the Fortune at 13.08 Aquarius tells us that he is subject to the ups and downs of the fickle finger of Fate. His ascendant at 11.00 Libra makes its natives have a predilection for socially progressive ideas – what is more progressive than breaking up the German dominated EU? England btw never adopted the EU but has kept the pound. His natal Ninth House has an air stellium of planets suggesting long journeys that also is endemic to the mutable Fourth Estate and journalism.

England btw never adopted the EU but has kept the pound. His natal Ninth House has an air stellium of planets suggesting long journeys that also is endemic to the mutable Fourth Estate and journalism.

But that is so yesterday…….what does his progression say about right here, right now?

Boris Johnson Natal chart

                             Progressing BoJo

Neptune is right at his Mid-heaven. Duty calls Mr. Johnson, are you up to the task? His second house of Ready Resources has Saturn conjunct that Part of Fortune which suggests at 03.14 Pisces which is exact to the star Fomalhaut – we don’t need no stinking orb here.

Fomalhaut is important because while Regulus was long considered King of the Four Guardians of the Apocalypse, Fomalhaut is assigned to Gabriel who announced the messianic conception of Virgin Mary.  Later in the book of Revelations, the Archangel Gabriel  is said to bring forth a “new stage in human spiritual evolution, ” for which Gabriel must come blow his horn!

Traditionally, Gabriel is associated with the Moon that is found in the Rising House at Scorpio 01 that E. C. Matthews writes ” a strategic person who is powerful and good natured, sometimes outrightly humorous.  Original and often a winner because he is prepared for the unexpected.”

His Sun at 29 Gemini is sextile the other Royal Star, Regulus, 29.

marina wheeler.jpg
Solicitor Marina Wheeler aka Mrs. Boris

We have attached for the Natal and the Progressed charts for you to view. Let us know what you think.

The Boris Natal chart

progressive BoJo.pdf