#28 Prince Alfred, son of Victoria and Albert of England

Prince Alfred was born in Windsor Castle on August 6, 1844 at 7:50 am. His biographical data is here; a pleasant but unimpressive man. His son is #29, Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert) and his daughter Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, born on 29 October 1875, is #646 as Queen of Roumania.

His chart shows a preponderance of sextiles and an absence of planets in common signs, exemplifying a savoir faire that others found pleasing, but it was his determination by retrogradation in the southern hemisphere that helped attract socially better mates for his children.

1st Natl Woman Suffrage Convention

Seneca Falls was established as the first convention in the 1890s by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, neither of whom had attended, but the true  first event used to anchor the movement was on October 23, 1850 in Worcester, Massachusetts.¹  The Seneca Falls dates of July 18-19th 1848,   was adopted to  acknowledge Nantucket born Lucretia Mott work, because she was the defacto leader of the new women’s right movement,  being such a prominent figure in the earlier abolition movement and a also woman.


Te Worcester, Massachusetts convention,, was the actual  first national woman suffrage convention, because that was when activists from different states united into a larger whole on the agenda.  It gathered men and women from all over the Northeastern United States, including Maine, New York, Ohio and Indiana.  The one major state that did not fully participate was Pennsylvania because Philadelphians felt that it took momentum away from the Abolition movement.

..the first national women’s rights convention was in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1850, because that is when local events became coordinated into a larger, national whole….&  delegates from women’s right groups around the Northeast and Midwest were fomenting.¹

The Worcester location probably worked because it was at a  confluence of many railroads as shown on the map below.  As horse and buggy would be both expensive and lengthy for such a trip, railroads were the nations life blood, criss crossing around the fruited plane.  Of course the attendees had to make connections and wait at stations, it was the fastest and cheapest method of travel.  The Worcester spot also benefitted from the proximity to the fire-brand abolition spot of Boston that was 50 miles  and as easy train ride away, (see the yellow circle for Boston and the Aqua for Worcester on the train map below) as well as being the homes  of  (#599) James Russell Lowell, William Lloyd Garrison, Bronson Alcott (father of #17 Louisa May) , Henry David Thoreau and #348 Stephen Foster (whose wife Jane was an organizer).

worcester 1870 railroad map.png

Lucretia’s passion though  was for  fighting slavery. Feeling that “the Slave” had the “first claim” on her time and energy, she urged Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other young reformers to take the platform at the annual, and sometimes semi-annual, wom- en’s right meetings.5 At these conventions, Mott and other activists analyzed the obstacles to women’s equal citizenship. With her long history of confronting reli- gious authorities, Mott contributed an incisive critique of the way church and state cooperated to limit women’s sphere… Yet as firmly as she believed in women’s rights, but the women’s movement did not inspire her with the same sense of urgency, righteousness, or moral intensity as abolition. Committed to a universal conception of liberty, Mott questioned the tactical conservatism and narrow vision of some early women’s rights activists also.²

We do not know at what time the Worcester Convention started, nor exactly where it was held,  just the span of days, but chose 8 am as most people in that point in US history were still early risers because of agriculture.  This start gives us Scorpio 18 and the Hyperion symbol of “bees at a sunflower.”  McClung writes that this symbol is evocative of the promised rewards outweigh the current tribulations.  McClung’s mentor and teacher, Marc Jones, actually picks up on the autumnal features of New England itself with the symbol of  “a woods rich in autumn colouring,”  suggesting nature’s high ministry of service, and the varying manifestations of reality support the fruitage by innumerable resources on hand.

                                                                                                                   The women

Top left is Lucretia Mott, below her is Elizabeth Cady Stanton.  The Round picture in the middle is Lucy Stoner.  The last picture is of Susan B. Anthony.


                                              The Event

worcester 1850.png

The layout is a see-saw or hourglass temperament type showing the split between the priority of slaves in bondage, a strong preponderance in the twelfth to eleventh house versus the creative desire of women for the vote.  This see-saw is united by the opposition in Uranus at 28 Aries to the Sun in  Libra 29 demonstrating their refusal to stand-down and be ignored.  It also shows the high nervous tension this aroused amongst women and men because of its perceived rivalry with abolition.  This aspect reared its head again in the 2008 Democratic primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with Chelsea Clinton’s anger over a “woman being ignored in favour of a man” because the two had similar politics.

A still from the lost 1910 tricentennial movie memorialising Princess Pocahontas of Virginia.

Transpluto, that oddity, is also in the fifth house highlighting the suffragette’s untiring energy for work and creative powers to introduce new ideas and raise consciousness.  The hypothetical planet (but not a TransNeptunian) is conjunct Saturn showing strong persistence and great managerial skill in bringing delegates from all over the northeast to converge in Worcester, It is also conjunct Uranus (materialization of new vibrant ideas) that happens to be partile Pluto (a burgeoning desire for acknowledgement), while Neptune, newly discovered, hovers right on the angular fourth house cusp, showing the growing importance of women’s duties and responsibilities in the home and family.

Again we see Chiron our “culture creatior breaker-maker” right on the first house cusp at 28 Cancer  “a modern Pocahontas,”  highlilghting the idea that various phases of human endeavour  provide new potentials of a genuine pioneer spirit.

draco 1850.png
The Draconic Chart for the event acknowledging Cassanda Butler’s lecture from SOTA and its importance in highlighting the spiritual dimension of an event.

Women’s rights activists inaugurated their national movement at a convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, on October 23 and 24, 1850. Previous conventions had been explicitly regional, garnering local participants and attention. In Worcester, 500–1,000 reformers attended from across the northeast, attracting the notice of newspapers in Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Lucretia signed the call for the convention, which invited men and women to “harmonize in opinion and cooperate in effort, for the reason that they must unite in the ultimate achievement of the desired reformation.” This statement recalled her resolution on participation of male allies at the Seneca Falls Convention years before.

The goal that activists “harmonize in opinion” proved more elusive. Female and male delegates at the Worcester convention discussed the strategy to be adopted by the young movement, revealing early divisions over respectability and race that hardened after the Civil War.²

Women finally got the vote seventy years later on August 18 1920 when President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law.  Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony,  Lucy Stoner were all by then long dead.

download the chart for the Worcester Women’s Rights Conference 1850


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    1. Published via a grant from the Greensboro Women’s Fund of the Universtiy of the North Carolina Press.
  2.   Lucretia Mott’s Heresey, Abolition and Women’s Rights in the Nineteenth Century America by Carol Fulkner, University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 c. 2011

#476 Miriam Hopkins, actress

Wikipedia who speaks with authority, says she was born in Savannah and raised in Bainbridge. Jones has her born in Bainbridge. I doubt the distance matters. She has no real preponderance in her chart and it is rather scattered about, perfect for a Splash. Mercury and the Sun in the twelfth in Libra give her refined tastes and a tendency to work in large organizations, behind the scenes.

st john episcopal.jpg
St John’s Episcopal in Bainbridge

Ellen Miriam Hopkins was born October 18, 1902 and died October 9, 1972. Where ever she born, her parents were Homer and Ellen Hopkins nee Cutler. She was raised in Bainbridge, near the Alabama border. She had an older sister, Ruby (1900-1990). Her maternal great-grandfather was the fourth mayor of Bainbridge, and helped establish St. John’s Episcopal Church there.

When her parents separated, Hopkins moved  with her mother to Syracuse, New York, to be near her uncle, Thomas Cramer Hopkins, head of the Geology Department at Syracuse University.  She originally attended Goddard Seminary in Barre, Vermont (later Goddard College,Plainfield,Vermont) and then transferred to Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.


Sometime after that, she signed with Paramount Pictures in 1930, working with director Ernst Lubitsch and fellow actor Joel McCrea.   Not much more is know about her, but this biographer found enough to fill a book.  It is listed that  was married four times all lasting under 2 years and adopted her son, Michael,  in 1932 as a single mother.  He learned that  when he decided to join the Air Force.

“He needed a birth certificate,” said Ellenberger. “Then she was forced to tell him. He said he was shocked about it, but wasn’t really angry. Michael said, ‘What could I do? I was treated well. I had everything I ever wanted.’

After Hopkins died , it came out that because of her strong Southern politics, the FBI investigated her for collusion with the Communist party. Her son Michael helped provide information for that book. 


The time used is what Marc Jones stated in his book  and was adopted by Lois Rodden.  It gives her an 18 Scorpio rising her the Hyperion symbol of “Bees at a sunflower” with the idea of rewards of life are a more than ample counter-weight to the vicissitudes of its being.  It it opposite her Moon and get a point focus of Mars at the midheaven highlighting her all too fierce temper that undermined her career, so we agree, it seems to work.

Gian Carlo aka Mike Stanton

Gian Carlo Cruz Michael Stanton was born in Los Angeles on November 9. 1989, the eldest of three children. He attended Verdugo Hills High School in Tujunga, California, for two years and then transferred to Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California, where he was a three-sport athlete playing baseball, wide receiver and cornerback for the gridiron football team, and basketball. With Saturn in Capricorn, he made the shrewd decision to go into baseball: it pays the best.

The Player formerly known as Mike Stanton, where he played for the Miami Marlins, wned by Bruce Sherman and former New York Yankee, Derek Jeter, but has been traded to the New York Yankees; he was not particularly happy about that.

                                       The rectification of Gian Carlo


stanton chart
stanton chart

We rectified Mr. Stanton’s  Ascendant to 09 Gemini getting the Hyperion symbol of “a gray storm over a fen” also putting Mars opposite his Moon that tends to shower its victims with a proverbial bad temper — something to which we attribute his reversion back to his baptismal name: he is dissing his Marlin past and rewriting his future with Yankee pinstripes.  Mars and Pluto are also lords of Scorpio and are found conjunct there, though just barely within the 12.30 orb,giving him dynamic power.

This Hyperion symbol is representative of a “phenomenon”, and “all that can be” conjured by the universe into possibility, happens, demonstrated by their keen “eye” ,  and physical prowess and not acumen.  With 59 Homers under his belt last season, we would have to agree with that epiphet for baseball hitting great, Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox, said that it was “seeing the spin of the ball” that made hitting it so easy — of course and a lot of practice.   There can be no doubt  though, that Stanton plans to make another run for magic 60 in the following season.

nyy stanton.jpg
Gian Carlo Stanton at his first Yankee conference.

Stanton’s chart is  bucket temperament type with a Jupiterian Handle.  This is shows up in singer-actor Glen Campbell’s chart as well, click here.  It is often seen in people who are larger than life, have a great ability to just strike it rich, are generous to their siblings and are often a victim of their own success.

Another striking thing in Stanton’s chart is the Yod between Venus to Mars to his Ascendant in the First House (remember we use Morinus so our Ascendant is not tied to any particular house) giving him not only great charisma (Venus in Capricorn to Mars in its own Lord Scorpio) but also a strong need for others to acknowledge his individuality.

This Yod could be problematic in relationships, as Stanton saw between him and the Marlins, and while we tend to think that media-centric New York, will love him, we do feel that Stanton needs to develop his own value and self-worth outside of the sporting arena for his peace of mind.

As they say on Broadway, Gian Carlo,  break a leg



Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Margaret is a friend of ours who offered up her horoscope for discussion.  Bravo Margaret, we need more volunteers to fill up our database! Margaret’s chart is here,  without our notations.

margaret north node

Her Ascendant at 24.02 Scorpio is “An X-Ray” suggesting her integrity and her ability to share herself selflessly with others but it warns of her being oversensitive to her environment particularly as this is semi-sextile her Chiron, the unicorn healer / patient of the zodiac.

She is Bowl temperament Type with a Jupiter handle in the Fourth house.   Margaret tends to let things go; she is forever expending energy on things particularly that relate to her house and environment.  Jupiter right on the Fifth house cusp makes her a Drama Queen and rather melodramatic.


Ceres at 21.13 Sagittarius is a “Chinese Laundry” receives an opposition from the wild card of the zodiac, Uranus, Cancer 09.29, suggesting that these various stresses result in “Seclusion” impairing her mobility, and as it effects the Ninth house, a lot of this is by choice. That is supported by her Saturn in Virgo on the 12th House cusp where fearing failure because of her own harsh self-criticism, she has put too much stress on her “gut” forcing her to withdraw from participation in life because of “health problems.” She needs to let those debilitating Virgoan thoughts go, as they are not only working against herself but creating a wedge between her others as she is too judgmental and critical. Instead, she should harness Pisces where her North Node resides and learn to be more loving, sharing and spontaneous.

Margaret’s Part of Fortune at 22.10 less than a degree away from Ceres, “Immigrants Entering”  emphasizing her need to surrender extraneous matters and concentrate on what matters most. That unfortunately puts us back to her Jupiter handle of her Bucket and her desire to be part of everything, thus the samsara tug of needing to let go and her not wanting to relinquish dominates her life.


                 Do two T-squares make a Grand Cross?

Margaret has two T-Squares in her chart, but no they do not make a Grand Cross.  The first is with Jupiter is opposite Pluto in the ninth house of faith and religion with its outlet at the Moon in the twelfth house, suggesting that experiences with large institutional religion may unleash some bad experiences.  Scorpio 17.28 is the “woods rich in autumn coloring,” with the keyword of Fulfillment but reminds tells her that she needs to heed the desire of following perverse things for the sake of being perverse, as that may ricochet back in her face.

Her next T-Square is between the asteroid Chiron and Uranus pointing to unusual health issues.  The outlet here is at Venus suggesting that they will be debilitating and slowly progressive,  but as Venus is in a stellium of the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury that instead of seeing what she lost, she needs to focus on mastering new talents and modes of communication.

Mercury is the key here, as it is in the tightest orb to the opposition at Libra 06.06.  Its symbol is a “woman feeding chooks and protecting them from the hawks.”  it is on the cusp of the 1-11th house, suggesting that her trials and tribulations should be used as vehicles for greater social awareness, instead of morbid self-pity.

She is a garrulous talker and communicator thanks to her Line of Efficiency and lives for an audience.  YouTube and oral blogging are just two ways for her to communicate with an audience and share her insights, as well as local library chats.  With all four planetary pairs aspected in her chart, Margaret would enjoy the hubbub of social activity & camraderie.