#22 Queen Alexandra of England, Princess of Denmark

Alexandra was made of sterner stuff

Albert Edward, Prince of Wales and the son and heir of Queen Victoria was a notorious rake. His parents recognized this when he was very young and arranged a marriage hoping to keep him from getting into further trouble. The wife chosen for him was the eldest daughter of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and her mother was Princess Louise of Hesse-Kassel.  Other siblings were George (George I of Greece), Dagmar (later Empress of all the Russias via her marriage to Czar Alexander III, Thyra (Crown Princess of Hanover) and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Alexandra Caroline Mary Charlotte Louisa Julia of Denmark was born in Copenhagen on December 1, 1844 at 6:15 in the morning. Her rising symbol made her a good choice “fasting pilgrims outside the castle of the king” at 18 Scorpio 57 as she and Edward spent much of their lives apart — her in Sandringham and he in London.

On March 10, 1863 at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Edward and Alexandra were married, her wearing a magnificent gown by Worth of Paris. They had six children including Prince Albert Victor.

While Queen Victoria chose the day, a month after her own to Albert, calendar wise, the chart was perfect for the bride. Notice the red arrow where her new Ascendant of 28 Cancer 44 is conjunct her natal Part of Fortune in the 8th house:P as her maidenhood ends, a new life as queen begins. Her Nodes surprisingly stay the same at Gemini 11 [HS a baptism the process of beginning something momentous, a sacred induction]. Her NMC is now opposite her TSun supporting again the major rite of passage she was undertaking as her TPart of Fortune is conjunct her natal Uranus in the 4th — her wishes have become true but alas (though oob) with a wrinkle — her husband will never be true (Mars as the T-Cross leg on the 7th house cusp). But Alexandra knew that.

Edwards peccadilloes

From the top left are Daisy Greville, Lilly Langtry, and Jennie Jerome. The bottom two portraits are of Agnes Keyser, and Alice Keppel.

Throughout their marriage, Edward had several well known mistresses —  the actress Daisy Greville, herself the descendant of two of England’s King’s paramours and for whom it is thought Daisy of The Great Gatsby was named ; Lily Langtry the actress, Agnes Keyser, the only unmarried woman during their affair, American Jennie Jerome the future mother of Winston Churchill and whom Alexandra was the most fond; and most famous of all Alice Keppel, the great grandmother of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles. Despite her well known possessiveness, Queen Alexandra allowed Mrs. Keppel to visit King Edward VII on his deathbed.

The Queen was a bucket with a moon handle at 17 Leo 28, a castle-dweller, one who needs to be alone and undisturbed.

She had a scar (Saturn 03 Aquarius 17 in the 2nd, Taurus rules the neck) and wore high necked gowns or jeweled necklaces similar to her portrait above. On Edward’s coronation day she wore the gorgeous Dagmar necklace, especially made for the occasion (see the closeup below). She died at Sandringham House on November 20, 1925 from a heart attack and was buried in Windsor next to Edward, having outlived him by 15 years.

Thanks for the laughs: Penny Marshall

The time, date and place comes from Penny’s own autobiography. It’s incredible southern (outward) based bowl with only the Moon in the seventh house opposite her Martial ascendant at 19 Scorpio of a “newly formed continent.”

This symbol suggests the raw substance of existence and suggests that it shapes the ground around her into a self-awareness of the opportunities at large. The keyword is Originality.

Penny has three planets in the seventh house of relationships and opportunities, perhaps suggesting her father (Saturn) and father in law (Carl Reiner), her husband (Rob Reiner) and brother (Uranus) who all were important in nurturing her career and comedic timing. Uranus could also be, since it is a asexual planet, her pairing with Virgoan Cindy Williams in LaVerne and Shirley, or her genius in creating “Big,” that wonderful homily to childhood and circus wishes.

“I’m sure people thought I got parts because my brother was being nice, and at first I probably thought the same thing,” Penny Marshall told The Times in 1988.

“But my brother finally told me, ‘I’m not giving you a job ’cause I’m nice, because I’m not that nice.’“

L. A. Times, Penny Marshall interview.

Trine to that is her eleventh house of friends and fans, the people who support your progress where we friend Neptune right on the tenth-eleventh cusp conjunct Mercury or her ability to make and capitalize on her dreams. Her Sun, is just moving in the 12th house at 22 Libra, or a “child giving a bird a drink from the fountain” and just a semisextile away from her exuberant and creative ascendant making that water that splashes its own watery world.

Asteroid wise Pandora, the ancient Greek myth of the girl who opened a box and unleashed a world of surprises, is next to her Sun, and barely conjunct fun loving Bacchus. Hidalgo in the first house is indicative of her desire to leave her native Bronx and go to Southwest for college. Opposite Saturn it suggests she needed a break from family ties and spread her own wings. Sextile Amor in the fourth, reminds us how she found (and lost in the 3rd) love there as it was opposite Apollo (conjunct Jupiter in its natal Lord) giving her a bitter taste of what her unflappable talent, & comedic genius would bring to her personal life.

Ms. Marshall was not an academic standout at the school, which she left when she married Michael Henry, a player on the university’s football team. “I must say what I remember most was getting married after a Brigham Young football game,” she told the Toronto Globe and Mail, “and all that was on television the whole weekend was John Kennedy’s funeral.”

Washington Post, obit.

Venus right at the midheaven in Virgo reminds us that “‘No matter how many movies I direct, I’ll always be Laverne, ‘ she laughed ” But that’s ok, because with Asteroid Hebe conjunct Regulus (conjunct Jupiter and the Midheaven) we’ll be laughing in our cups too.

Penny reposes

Nothing lasts forever and late at night, Penny Marshall reposed in her home in the Hollywood Hills, her daughter Tracy & family, by her side. The repose chart is of course an estimate, but nonetheless we see that while her natal chart was productive and external, her later life was all family and introverted. Her brother Garry died two and half years ago (a Mars cycle away) and since Mars was so important in her life, had to take a lot joy out of her.

Looking above, the transiting Moon is opposite her Ascendant but her Part of Fortune is opposite her natal Regulus and while none of it suggests demise, it does tell us that Penny was slowly closing down shop, prepared for the inevitable and resigned to the inevitable. We, her fans, cannot same the same.

New to NBC: Megyn Marie Kelly

Download Megyn-Marie-kelly‘s chart here.



Megyn Kelly,  previously the Kelly File, on the cable network FoxNews, had a major run in with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  She was asked if this was “political” and she said No,  we wanted to check if she was right.  She says that her political slant is “independent.”

She has been married twice.  The first time to a Daniel Kendall, M.D.  The divorce was acrimonious and ended in 2006.  The second marriage to Cybersecurity analyst turned writer, Douglas Brunt has been far more successful.   The Brunts have three children, 2 boys, and a girl.  She is a graduate of the Albany Law School and is half Italian and Irish.

                           Where were you born?

Astro.com says that Megyn was born in Syracuse.  Wikipedia OTOH says Champaign Illinois.    We did the charts for both and found the Illinois birthplace implausible, so we are going with the Syracuse one.  It makes more sense all around as all her schooling is in New York State, and her father, Edward Kelly taught at SUNY.


Kelly.pngThe Chart

Ms. Kelly is a bucket temperament type with a Saturn handle in her fifth house of creativity & speculation. Saturn is the protector of the zodiac at nineteen Taurus, & as her handle creates the symbol of a “Newly formed continent, ”   suggesting the raw substance of existence and that her experience shapes and develops her character more than her education.   He allows her to see opportunities that others miss and gives her the revolutionary potential to recreate her image and her environs.

Mrs & Mrs Douglas Brunt

But this handle is under stress from the very benevolent Jupiter that also constituents the Line of Personality that makes her gravitate towards hubbub of turmoil and upset, and explains why she attacked candidate Donald Trump to such a great deal — she loves the attention.

Jupiter at 18.34 Scorpio is rather accurate for an interviewer, “A parrot listening and then talking.”  Dr. Jones writes this gives her the inherent sensitivity to reworking reality in the service of her own “personal aspirations,” and with not T-Cross to allow for a fuller expression it forces to recreate herself and her career almost chameleon-like.

Her Midheaven at  20.15 Libra is conjunct, within two degrees, to fiercely ambitious Mars at 18.31 Libra.  Here found in her ninth house of travels, writing and long distance communications, it suggests that she has had many disruptive moves as she directs her consciousness towards her new visions.  Mars has the symbol is a “gang of robbers in hiding” emphasizing her need to express her personal freedom, a vital ingredient in her various transformations and supports her first husband’s comments about her wanting a  role reversal marriage.  Luckily her second husband, Douglas Brunt, found a second career as a writer that would tolerate that.

                                    Network?  Networking?

SDC11588.pngWith a stellium of planets in her ninth house, Ms. Kelly has a Rolodex to die for.  She is networked, connected to everyone.  She swaps business cards immediately upon meeting someone, and then dutifully keeps in touch so that connection does not go stale.

Her Sun at twenty-six Scorpio is square her Part of Fortune, the symbol of Indians making Camp, encourages that, as she makes the least promising situations turn around to her benefit.  There is no doubt, Ms. Kelly is a hard worker.

That Part of Fortune is found in her intercepted eighth house, so she also spends a lot of time making it look good and effortless.  The changes in makeup, hair style, clothing, and networks, are all part of her desire to run up a significant image and bank account, eventually allowing her to write her own ticket.  Ms. Kelly’s Midheaven at twenty-one Libra is probably a run in the political arena as it has the symbol of a “Crowd gathering on a beach” to hear important revelations.  Watch her pick up the Hillary Clinton mantle sometime in the next ten years.

                                                             What’s your Line?

Ms. Kelly’s Line of Vitality 1 is squared.  This aspect is determined by the aspect between the Sun and Moon.  Dr. Jones says that this native uses her physical energy to focus her will and the houses where the planets reside are those where she put the most effort into.

For her, this is the eighth house of legacies and the eleventh house of networking and friends.megynkellyfocusdonaldtrumpvsmegynkellyhnkxznfdnxul  She feels strongly about impressing her personality upon sphere in which she operates & needs to be a high profile person on television, as well as traditional & social media.  As she is exerting her physical will here, she will work tirelessly for that to happen.

Her Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn has an opposition.  Her Saturn is also her High Focus planet,  and this point agrees with the Line of Vitality about her conscious decision for her personal place in the scheme of things.

Her Line of Culture, sextile Uranus, and Neptune is the third of the four lines that Dr. Jones created.  This aspect as these are outer planets happen generationally and tend to define age groups, so the houses that this is found in are more important than the character itself.  For Kelly, Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present, in supporting her.  This is demonstrated that her eldest son is named after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present in their support.  This is demonstrated by the naming of her eldest son after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Ms. Kelly has the final Line of Efficiency as well. This is not particularly common, and we have noted in our studies that those who do tend to be a bit more self-centered than the general populace.  For her, that Line, determined by  Mars and Venus, is sextiled.  The two planets are found in the ninth and eleventh houses suggesting that moving and being nimble-footed, is part of the desire for success.  She may be at NBC New York now, but like many other of her moves, she will be elsewhere in the future when opportunity strikes.


1.  Discussion of the personality pairs  can be found the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.  Philadelphia:  Quest Books c. 1972.  Search for a copy here &   Astrology How and Why it works available over here on Amazon owned Alibris.