Viktor Frankl the last great philosopher psychiatrist

Dr. Viktor E. Frankl of Vienna, Psychiatrist of the Search for Meaning, Dies at 92 By HOLCOMB B. NOBLE Published: September 4, 1997 Viktor E. Frankl, sed his experiences as a prisoner in German concentration camps in World War II to write ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” died at 92.  He was considered to be one of the last of the great Viennese psychiatrists. The standard … Continue reading Viktor Frankl the last great philosopher psychiatrist

Theodor Landscheidt, the Eclipse and Harvey

BACKGROUND While Veep Albert Gore is ballyhooing Global Warming, meteorologist cum astrologer Theodor Landscheidt, believed that after 2000 the world would be cooling based on his research.  Fellow astrologer Michael Erlewine was so convinced of Herr Lanscheidt’s argument that he dedicated his book on “Sun Storms, Solar Flares” to him.   One of the many physicists that agree with Landscheidt is the 1973 Nobel Prize co-winner … Continue reading Theodor Landscheidt, the Eclipse and Harvey

Child Murderess: Myra Hindley

Well, what do you know, Gaugquelin did have Brady’s accomplice.  From the website, which explains the costume she wore. Brady convinced Hindley that there was no God, and she stopped going to church. She absorbed his philosophies, adopted his interests, and altered her appearance to suit him, bleaching her hair and wearing Germanic clothes. She had no qualms about allowing him to take pornographic … Continue reading Child Murderess: Myra Hindley