#585 Jockeying for Tommy Loates

Mr Tommy Loates is listed in the Jones 1000 as being born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 6, 1867, time unknown. Well, in all fairness, the date is correct but the town is not: Loates was born in Derby (pronounced Darby) England. We have rectified his time to 10:32 AM giving him a 26 Scorpio Rising, (HS) “the fate of the old King”. McClung writes that this symbolized a bright in human affairs that accepts unconsciously the culture he finds himself part.

Tommy has a Grand Square or Cardinal Grand Cross (see the blue lines). He also has a third minor opposition that didn’t exert much emphasis on his life, as Pluto was not discovered in his lifetime but does help delineate his Splash Temperament Type.

For Loates, that culture was horse-racing, and he was jockey par excellence. By the time he reposed, he rode‭ ‬1,425‭ ‬winners from‭ ‬7,140‭ ‬mounts,‭ ‬spanning ‬16‭ ‬seasons– ‬the highest total (19.997 %) since Fred Archer (who rode 2,748 races from 8,004 mounts, and had a staggering 34.33% win ratio.) He is not listed in the National Horse Racing Hall of Fame, located in Saratoga Springs, New York, because he never competed here but can be found in the Jockeypedia and the British National Horse Racing Hall of Fame located in Suffolk, England.

Loates married after this jockey career, and had no children.

Tommy Loates progressed to demise on September 26, 1910 in Brighton, England. He has a preponderance in Taurus that is throughout his 10th house making a house stellium as well. This suggests that he never transitioned over from sport, to managing a personal life. This is not uncommon, but always unfortunate. Two of my personal favorites, Gary Stevens, winner of 3 Kentucky Derbys, and Julie Krone, only quit when the doctors warned them that further aggravation to their spine would lead to paraplegia. There charts are below.
Gary is a see-saw temperament type.
Julie is a Northwestern Locomotive.

Bernie Sanders has Chutzpah

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York  on September 8th 1941, three months before the advent of World War II to Eli a Jewish immigrant from Poland in the 1920s and Dorothy who was born in the lower East side of Manhattan.  He went to James Madison High School in the Midwood section of the borough as did New York Senator Charles Schumer and Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

sanders j.png

His mother died when he was attending Brooklyn College after which he transferred to the University of Chicago for a bachelors in political science.  He lived in a kibbutz in Israel and in 1964 married Deborah Schilling with whom he bought a summer home in Vermont.  They divorced and Bernie had a liasion with Susan Campbell Mott with whom he had a son, Levi in 1966.  Twenty two years later he married Jane O’Meara Driscoll in Burlington and adopted her three children.

                                       Bernie’s Chart

Bernie is a lipped bowl temperament type.  The purple line on his chart demarcates the bowl and the two planets on the other side of the hemisphere that make up the lip, that Marc Jones says is how he scoops up his past resources using them as proxies to create his experience.  As these planets are the Moon and Mars this gives him great energy, daring and a tendency towards bravura.  It can make the Senator moody and at times irascible, but overall, its influence is one that allows his emotions free rein and makes him say what he thinks.  The Moon tempers the harshness of Mars here so what would have been a militant revolutionary becomes more of a maverick with unusual ideas for the times.

Opposite that duo is Venus his Sun’s ruler and this hints that his earlier relationships were neither kind or easy on either party, leaving deep wounds that are easily stirred.  Conjunct his Mercury (not an unusual aspect as these planets can never be more than 76° apart) it does gives the septugenenerian some charm and affability and rhetorical skill.  But it is Neptune right next door to logical Mercury that truly invigorates and colours his mental view.

Neptune that florid and impressionible planet, fertilizes his imagination and stirs his soul, as the Senator  views all of life through the prism of social obligation reinterpreting it into his socialist philosophy.    Neptune is then sextile Pluto in the eighth house showing that he is very aware of his legacy and he important it is to him to be transformative figure.  It is then sextile against his Uranus, a pioneering imaginative planet, showing how easy it was from him to go from Burlington mayor to Senator with his wild eyed vision of what the future could be.

This also  creates a natural yod in his chart with an apex in the second house of Sagitarrius and its head right at his part of Fortune at 30 Gemini highlighting his romantic traditionalism, viewing a golden agarian age much like Vice President Henry Agard Wallace did 70 years ago when he first ran for President with his Green Party.  For Bernie this hearkens to the farming communal life that he experienced in the kibbutz, as good antidote to the frenzied world of Facebook, Apple & Google where one is always on and in touch.  His strong succedent or fixed emphasis in his chart shows that he is always futured oriented and looking ahead. but also says he has a tendency of hoarding up what he comes upon.

His protege, is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez.  Recently, the Green Mountain Senator,  accounced his candidacy for President in 2020.  We covered that here.

Atari’s Pong + Ted Dabney

Ted Dabney (far left) stands in front of a Pong arcade machine in 1973 with (left to right) co-founder Nolan Bushnell, head of finance Fred Marincic, and the man credited with the idea for Pong, Allan Alcorn…from NPR News.

Mr Dabney has a good chart for an engineer- lots of earth signs and little air to get in the way (air being inharmonious to earth would make him dawdle).  He was born on May 12, 1937 in San Francisco, California, his parents divorced when he was young and he did the same when his daughters were young too.

                                        No ping, just Pong

The name of the game, Pong, came from his sailboat, hence salty Neptune at Virgo 17 in the fifth house to Juno at 26 where partnerships blossom and while not opposite Saturn in the eleventh, the latter planet still led to disappointment in friendships when Bushnell pushed him out and kept the millions of Atari for himself.  The Mars in Sagittarius in the seventh house, trine, did not help in this case but probably added fuel to the fire, as did the third trine in Cancer set the scenario for an explosive partnership.

Water trines never stay still, but move on, and so did Dabney and Bushnell’s partnership, this time working out better for the fun fare of Chuck E. Cheese, the family video game pizza parlour (Juno had the last laugh there as second time was a charm, for she is trine his exalted Moon and  Taurean Mercury).

ted death.png

Mr. Dabney died in Los Angeles at 81 on May 26th.  Nolan Bushnell sent his regrets.  He was a Locomotive Temperament Type, and after noting a few on this pages, we know that they have to do it their way (see Rex Tillerson) or not at all.  With Venus starting this train, chances are most of his ideas just came to him out of the blue (often called inspiration) based on something he really enjoyed (sailing and pizza).  The end of track is Uranus just coming up to his Ascendant, telling us that out of all that sweat and hard work came the ability to transmute  it to genius.

Loved the game.

Director Stanley Kubrick

When Astrotheme has questions about a person’s birthtime  they give everyone the standard 12 o’clock high. For Kubrick that works out well, as he was born at 11:55 according to our rectification. Again, like Errol Flynn,  it was a movie that prompted this —   this time Room 237 the movie about a movie film, one of those cerebral talkies that are a akin to a literary discussion. For those who are not aficiandoes of the Shining, Room 237 is the mysterious room in the movie that the child Danny is told to avoid — at all costs.  For movie addicts, Room 237 is almost the Holy Grail — lots of inside baseball discussions about scenes, props etc.

Sand painting

I read the book last year and was amazed at how much was not there. I then checked some old book reviews and they panned it too — the book is just awful. What Kubrick does in that movie was what the book should have been. Nevertheless, Room 237 does give some good hidden meanings to the film like equating the American Indian slaughter to the Holocaust by pointing out all the Holocaust and Native American motifs throughout the film. It’s definitely a film goers film.  (Here’s one hint — all the luggage piled up helter skelter in the lobby like the baggage that was thrown off the trains by the Jews arriving at the death camps.  Another is the Navajo sand paintings that decorate the lobby.)


Other popular movies by him are Spartacus with Kirk Douglas,  Dr. Strangelove,  2001:  A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Full Metal Jacke, Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise.

                                                                              The Kubrick Chart

As or Kubrick’s chart, Uranus in the Sixth is rather apropos for him as he was unique and idiocyncratic.  Saturn in the second house makes sense as he wasthe scion of a wealthy family in the Bronx – unlike Ralph Lauren’s family also in the borough, but  who had less money. Next in the Tenth House is Venus + the Sun a propitious aspect for a director; actors and actresses tend to have just Venus. the Sun there gives Kubrick a stronger  willful attitude towards the industry — sort of like Orson Wellles — the enfant terrible of the 1940’s. Jupiter in the Seventh House shows a lot of marriages — he had four.

the shining art.jpg

As for his temperament type, Kubrick yearns to be a Splash but he only has two out of the requisite three oppositions.  Next up is the Fanhandle, that does have the required midpoint at the top of the chart and really does resemble a bucket but really Kubrick’s Southern bowl is more of a bundle — everything is closely tied up together full of energy and inversion.  So choosing the Fan pattern for Kubric, we see that the two distinct p;oints in the second house vy for notice against the other eight.  The handle is forever focusing Kubrick’s energies, telling us with the Moon right on the first hosue cusp the pressure he felt of having to be better and quicker and more symbolic than anyone else in the industry while Saturn on the near the third, his desire to make his father proud with his accomplishments as well as getting peers accolade.

Well if he was worried about the latter, Room 237 would solve that problem but then with Neptune conjunct Regulus in the eleventh house of publicity, he knew that.

If you are a Kubrick fan or just love the movie,  watch Room 237 here.

Here’s a highlight of the movie for those who just are wondering. https://graphics8.nytimes.com/video/players/offsite/index.html?videoId=100000003370038

The Daily in Steamboat – 11-15-2017

                                                                     Passion in the Tenth

I typically do not do the die.  No reason, just don’t.  I did today and got 9th House 26th Degree which really falls right on the Midheaven.  Obviously no matter what is going on right now, careers are being highlighted.  Questions are being asked that despite the 9-5 job that pays our bills, what is that one wants to do and whether or not we are willing to make the sacrifice to do it.

         Sex in the Senate

For the nation at large this highlights all the sex scandals going in with the perv’s in Congress.  First there was Judge Roy Moore who when he was thirty, forty years ago, may have dated some teenagers.  Considering the age of marriage in Alabama is 16, I do not find that at all remarkable but Mitch McConnell who’s never met a Conservative he didn’t like,  does & wants him gone.Leeann_Tweeden_2

In the meantime, up north, the Brooklynite turned Minnesotan, Senator Al Franken is getting hit with SNL charges from LeeAnn Tweeden (her story is here and her picture to the right) who says she was violated and “groped” in 2006.

Franken was 56 and Tweeden  29, when this incident occurred but our boy Mitch is looking the other way and thinks an investigation will settle the matter.  Hold on though, Uranus in Aries (shaking up the status quo) is right  the Third House cusp of Brethern , and Brietbart has just dropped loose that the Senate has been paying off bimbos that their boys accosted, I guess this is just another version of Pay for Play.  Uranus will be in Aries for a while revealing and upsetting things and this may be just what draining the swamp will become — the very Puritan urge to get rid of sexual predators on our streets, in our school, our churches and now our government.  Since who authorized this with our money is secret and hidden, perhaps another Executive Order will be needed to release those along with more of the white washed JFK tapes.

                                   As in the Country, so in person

So that’s going on nationally…but what happens in a country is just a reflection of what is happening in the body politic as well, and corruption, that corrosion of eating one from within is stalking us as a person as well?  Do not just quickly say no, for there maybe now family secrets coming to light that shake your personal world that show that the people within have not always been the people that they purport.  This could be on the Health front (Second House of Genetics and Family Resources) or between Brothers and Sisters (Third House) that as 26 Aries suggests, next to the fixed star Al Pherg, starts with some idle curiosity and blows into a torrent of revelations that just rocks your collective boat.


If so, no worries, as   the map is heavily leaning on the Eastern side of the chart highlighting personal resourcefulness…and while that could be taking a myriad of shapes, like cleaning out that closet, garage or attic, changing our diet and unburdening ourselves from all that collective  junk we bought, found or got.   See Marie Kondo for hints on bringing joy to your life via tidyness, because   we have the ways to move forward but are perhaps missing the will or as Arthur Schopenhauer’ wrote, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

                   The Time is Now   if the Price is Right

If the selling fancy does strike hold, eBay.com and Amazon would like to help and these days they make it very easy with all the fees and shipping coming out of the sale — just remember to Price it Right so it does sell.  Whatever is going on right now, just buckle down and get to it, get rid of it and move on, because yes you can

Cheerio   ala The Sisters of Mercy & This Corrosion

if you


the chart resides here november 15 2017



New to NBC: Megyn Marie Kelly

Download Megyn-Marie-kelly‘s chart here.



Megyn Kelly,  previously the Kelly File, on the cable network FoxNews, had a major run in with Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  She was asked if this was “political” and she said No,  we wanted to check if she was right.  She says that her political slant is “independent.”

She has been married twice.  The first time to a Daniel Kendall, M.D.  The divorce was acrimonious and ended in 2006.  The second marriage to Cybersecurity analyst turned writer, Douglas Brunt has been far more successful.   The Brunts have three children, 2 boys, and a girl.  She is a graduate of the Albany Law School and is half Italian and Irish.

                           Where were you born?

Astro.com says that Megyn was born in Syracuse.  Wikipedia OTOH says Champaign Illinois.    We did the charts for both and found the Illinois birthplace implausible, so we are going with the Syracuse one.  It makes more sense all around as all her schooling is in New York State, and her father, Edward Kelly taught at SUNY.


Kelly.pngThe Chart

Ms. Kelly is a bucket temperament type with a Saturn handle in her fifth house of creativity & speculation. Saturn is the protector of the zodiac at nineteen Taurus, & as her handle creates the symbol of a “Newly formed continent, ”   suggesting the raw substance of existence and that her experience shapes and develops her character more than her education.   He allows her to see opportunities that others miss and gives her the revolutionary potential to recreate her image and her environs.

Mrs & Mrs Douglas Brunt

But this handle is under stress from the very benevolent Jupiter that also constituents the Line of Personality that makes her gravitate towards hubbub of turmoil and upset, and explains why she attacked candidate Donald Trump to such a great deal — she loves the attention.

Jupiter at 18.34 Scorpio is rather accurate for an interviewer, “A parrot listening and then talking.”  Dr. Jones writes this gives her the inherent sensitivity to reworking reality in the service of her own “personal aspirations,” and with not T-Cross to allow for a fuller expression it forces to recreate herself and her career almost chameleon-like.

Her Midheaven at  20.15 Libra is conjunct, within two degrees, to fiercely ambitious Mars at 18.31 Libra.  Here found in her ninth house of travels, writing and long distance communications, it suggests that she has had many disruptive moves as she directs her consciousness towards her new visions.  Mars has the symbol is a “gang of robbers in hiding” emphasizing her need to express her personal freedom, a vital ingredient in her various transformations and supports her first husband’s comments about her wanting a  role reversal marriage.  Luckily her second husband, Douglas Brunt, found a second career as a writer that would tolerate that.

                                    Network?  Networking?

SDC11588.pngWith a stellium of planets in her ninth house, Ms. Kelly has a Rolodex to die for.  She is networked, connected to everyone.  She swaps business cards immediately upon meeting someone, and then dutifully keeps in touch so that connection does not go stale.

Her Sun at twenty-six Scorpio is square her Part of Fortune, the symbol of Indians making Camp, encourages that, as she makes the least promising situations turn around to her benefit.  There is no doubt, Ms. Kelly is a hard worker.

That Part of Fortune is found in her intercepted eighth house, so she also spends a lot of time making it look good and effortless.  The changes in makeup, hair style, clothing, and networks, are all part of her desire to run up a significant image and bank account, eventually allowing her to write her own ticket.  Ms. Kelly’s Midheaven at twenty-one Libra is probably a run in the political arena as it has the symbol of a “Crowd gathering on a beach” to hear important revelations.  Watch her pick up the Hillary Clinton mantle sometime in the next ten years.

                                                             What’s your Line?

Ms. Kelly’s Line of Vitality 1 is squared.  This aspect is determined by the aspect between the Sun and Moon.  Dr. Jones says that this native uses her physical energy to focus her will and the houses where the planets reside are those where she put the most effort into.

For her, this is the eighth house of legacies and the eleventh house of networking and friends.megynkellyfocusdonaldtrumpvsmegynkellyhnkxznfdnxul  She feels strongly about impressing her personality upon sphere in which she operates & needs to be a high profile person on television, as well as traditional & social media.  As she is exerting her physical will here, she will work tirelessly for that to happen.

Her Line of Personality, the aspect between Jupiter and Saturn has an opposition.  Her Saturn is also her High Focus planet,  and this point agrees with the Line of Vitality about her conscious decision for her personal place in the scheme of things.

Her Line of Culture, sextile Uranus, and Neptune is the third of the four lines that Dr. Jones created.  This aspect as these are outer planets happen generationally and tend to define age groups, so the houses that this is found in are more important than the character itself.  For Kelly, Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present, in supporting her.  This is demonstrated that her eldest son is named after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Neptune at 1 degree Sagittarius, tells us that she is very appreciative of her family, both past, and present in their support.  This is demonstrated by the naming of her eldest son after her late father, Edward Kelly, as well as her on-air mentioning of her children and spouse.

Ms. Kelly has the final Line of Efficiency as well. This is not particularly common, and we have noted in our studies that those who do tend to be a bit more self-centered than the general populace.  For her, that Line, determined by  Mars and Venus, is sextiled.  The two planets are found in the ninth and eleventh houses suggesting that moving and being nimble-footed, is part of the desire for success.  She may be at NBC New York now, but like many other of her moves, she will be elsewhere in the future when opportunity strikes.


1.  Discussion of the personality pairs  can be found the Guide to Horoscope Interpretation.  Philadelphia:  Quest Books c. 1972.  Search for a copy here &   Astrology How and Why it works available over here on Amazon owned Alibris.