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#31 William Allen, MP Dundee

Outside of Dr. Jones’s reference, we know little of Sir William.

Astrological Notes

  • Sir William’s ascendant is 29 Scorpio, an X-Ray machine symbolizing man’s organic integrity and the unvarying structures that create intelligence. This symbol suggests that he is able to keep fit for his performance on a greater stage.
  • Saturn is conjunct is Sun, an aspect he has in common with Sir Gurandas Banerjee, highlighting he was a “self made man.”
  • His Mental Chemistry, the aspect depicting the relationship between the Moon, Sun & Mercury is balanced.
  • His Moon is conjunct his Mars suggests a personal with a practical outlook and a robust health.
  • His North Node in the 4th house.
  • With Mars right on the 1st House cusp, at 28 Sagittarius, Sir William aimed to get out of the small town Dundee and see and more importantly be part of London.
  • Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven in the ninth house suggests that his religious views did not interfere with his career as he was skeptical of them anyways. This aspect also shows up with those who work with the law as Jupiter rules Sagittarius.
  • His Line of Vitality (Moon to Sun) is vigintile.
  • His Line of Motivation (Mars to Venus) is absent.
  • His Line of Social Significance (Uranus to Neptune) is semi-sextile, an innocuous relationship and probably why there is no trace of him..
  • His Line of Culture (Saturn to Jupiter) is sextile.

He is a Bucket with a Jupiter in the Ninth Handle.

#34 Rainha Amelie of Portugal

Princess Amélie of Orléans was the Queen Consort of King Carlos I of Portugal. Born Marie Amélie Louise Hélène d’Orléans on September 28, 1865, in Twickenham England, where her family had been living in exile since Napoleon III had assumed the French throne in 1848. She was the eldest of the eight children of Prince Philippe, Count of Paris, and Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans.

The wedding of Carlos and Amelie

Amélie and the future King Carlos of Portugal (September 28, 1863 – 2/1/1908) met in Chantilly, France.  Both were guests at a hunting party and noticed that they had the same birthday. They were engaged February 7, 1886 and on May 22, 1886 at the Church of St. Dominic, Lisbon. They had three children but their daughter the Infanta Maria died at birth.

Carlos succeeded to the throne of Portugal upon the death of his father on 19 of October 1899.  In 1900-1901  King Carlos distinguished himself as a patron of science and literature, and was himself an artist.  In March 1894 he took a very active part in the celebration of the birth of Prince Henry the Navigator, and decorated the Portuguese poet, Joao de Deus,.   He took interest in deep-sea soundings and marine exploration, and published an account of some of his own investigations, the results themselves being shown at an oceanographic exhibition opened by him on the 12th of April 1897.

But in  May 1907 Dom Carlos suspended the Portuguese constitution  and appointed Senhor Franco as dictator with a view to carrying out necessary reforms. This caused widespread discontent.

                                                 Dom Carlos Assassination

On February 1, 1908, upon their return to Lisbon from a stay at the Palace of Vila Viçosa, the Royal family was the target of an assassination. Both King Carlos and the Prince Royal, Luís Filipe, were killed, and the Duke of Beja, Manuel, the second son, was injured. Queen Amélie was unharmed and is credited with likely having saved the life of her younger son by waving her bouquet of flowers in the air to obstruct their aim. Afterwards she was put under close guard with her son and mother-in-law, at the Palace of Necessidades. She then withdrew to the Pena National Palace where she remained under the Royal Family was ousted.


Duke of Beja was crowned King Manuel II. (The pictures above are of Dom Carlos on the left and his son, Dom Manuel II on the right).  However, the political climate was unstable and the monarchy was deposed in October 1910. The Royal family went into exile back in Twickenham where her son was married to Augusta Victoria of Hohenzollern, her second marriage, (1890-1966) in 1912.  The Dowager Queen then moved to France and settled at the Château de Bellevue in Le Chesnay, close to the Palace of Versailles; this became her permanent home for the rest of her life.

Dom Manuel II remained in London devoting his life to book collecting and publishing a series devoted to “Early Portuguese Books.” He died at age 42 on July 2, 1932. This left Amélie alone as her mother in law had previously reposed and Dom Manuel  II had no children with his queen.

The monastery of Sao Vicente

At the onset of World War II, the Portuguese government invited her to return and live in the country, but she declined, preferring to remain in France where she received diplomatic immunity. She did, make a pilgrimage after WWII to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, the 12th century Moorish princess that converted to Christianity when she beheld an apparition of the Holy Mother.

                                                                   Rectifying the Queen

Marc Jones has 7:05 AM for Queen Amelie but we rectified it to 11:05 AM or 4 hours later. For those using the Jones 1000, we are giving both charts.  The green is Jones’s time.  The red and green the colours of the Portuguese flag is the rectified one.


In our rectified version, the Queen has a Cosmic Cross, and Grand Earth Trine in her chart, the latter showing her practicality under stress.  She has little water in her chart, so she probably kept her emotions under wraps and keeping an imperturbable exterior or “grace under pressure.”  She  knew how to play the part of the queen well and with few conjunctions in her chart, she relied on her training and intuition to manage life’s vicissitudes.queen amelie.png

The Queen’s temperament type falls in a locomotive pattern, that fits her self-assuredness but she has the bottom quarter of the locomotive empty putting her into the “lost” group, making her have to rely on herself when she preferred to rely on others, so she was not completely at home with the role thrust upon her.  Her ascendant at 29 Scorpio, and her Mercury in Virgo suggests she had a good retentive memory but also hint that great sorrow is in the offing even though its ruler Pluto is opposite it in the fifth house of children and rather wide of orb.  king-carlos-i-of-portugal-and-his-queen-consort-marieamelie-of-picture-id2634201.jpg

Scorpio’s co-ruler Mars is in the tenth house, showing her rise to great heights but opposite Neptune in the fourth, tells of a sudden and swift fall.  Uranus in the seventh highlights the death of her son and husband because of the change in politics and that opposite her Moon shows the great anguish it cost her throughout the remainder of her life.

Queen Amélie died in Le Chesnay, France  on October 25, 1951. Her remains were returned to Portugal, where she was buried in the Royal Pantheon of the House of Braganza, at the Monastery of São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon next to her daughter and slain son and husband.


#228 Jack Dempsey and the Stars

Jack Dempsey is one of Marc Jones’s notables and comes in at 228. He does not provide the place, but that’s easy enough to fix, he was born in a coal mining town in Colorado. The time Jones has is also on Astro.com but does not work with the known biographical details of his life, so we rectified him to a 4:40 PM birth time for his birthplace Manassa, Colorado. For those using the Sabian Symbols book, both charts are supplied.

dempsey via jones
Dempsey is a Northern deviated bowl, some may say a lipped bowl, Jones time.

Manassa is high in the Rockies, at 7.664 feet or 2,344 meter high. It was founded in 1851 by Mormons who it Manasseh, the son of Joseph of the many-coloured coat.¹  Once the mining went, most of the original settlers did too.

The Dempsey’s were a mixture of Irish & English Jews & Catholics and they came to Manasseh like everyone else for the mining, but shortly after William Harrison, named after the ninth president of the United States,  the whole family converted to the prevailing Mormonism.  William Harry as he was originally called, got his stage name Jack from his elder brothers who all fought under the “Dempsey” name and bestowed “Jack” to their youngest brother in honor of the Nonpareil 2 himself.

Jack’s obit from the New York Times archives.  Jack Dempsey, 87, is Dead; Boxing Champion of 1920’s

dempsey at 440.png
Almost 12 hours later, Dempsey becomes an outgoing Southern bowl, still a bit deviated with a preponderance in the eighth house mixed between Cancer and Leo.  His ascendant here is 28.20 Scorpio, matching the eighth house of  a creative use of one’s legacies.  We think that all his older brothers were also boxers works well with that.

the Stars lead the way

Among several, one reason for the later time is Sirius, the Dog Star, conjunct his Mercury in the eighth house important because Dempsey made another fortune running his nightclub in New York City (liquor and its sales are eighth house Scorpian issues because they are liquid and cause inebriation).

a polished Jack circa March 1932, Vanity Fair

The fixed star Sirius is an old star and it is depicted conjunct to Jupiter in the Dendera Zodiac — the oldest zodiac around. Cleopatra’s father supposedly died in 51 BC when the Sirius-Jupiter conjunction occurred and the great Nile queen herself expired August 12th 30 BC.   While the Egyptian calendar was lunar based, each month having about 30 days each, it was timed to the helical 4 rising of Sirius and so important deaths were noted when they coincided with that.

Another star in that vicinity is Canopus, also conjunct Mercury. This one bestows a headstrong nature & subsequent loss through domestic affairs — he was married four times excepting the last most lasting just a few years. Neptune in the seventh is conjunct Fixed Star Rigel, this gives Jack an energetic but cautious, disposition making him a natural  diplomat and generous to those less fortunate — he spearheaded a fund for down and out fellow boxer Joe Lewis when the latter fell upon rough times.


  1. Some time later Joseph was told, “Your father is ill.” So he took his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim along with him.,
    1. Genesis chapter 48, verse 1.
  2. Nonpareil Jack Dempsey was actually stage for the original too. His real name was John Edward Kelly and was an Irish-born American boxer and first holder of the World Middleweight Championship in a true international bout against Australian Billy McCarthy. He was nicknamed “Nonpareil” because he was unbeatable and never quit.
  3. Our header shot is from George Bellow’s painting  Dempsey and Firpo being on exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art this fall. It memorializes the match between the  “Manassa Mauler,” and the “Bull of the Pampas,” held at the Polo Grounds in New York in September 1923 before 82,000 spectators.
    1. Bellows’s print focuses on the moment Dempsey was hoisted back into the ring, the legality of which was later questioned, resulting in controversy. The artist inserted his self-portrait in the lower left corner of the composition, with his attention cast on the most dramatic moment of the action-filled fight.
  4. Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens, travels a helical (helix or spiral)  path through space.

The next Speaker? Kevin McCarthy

Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s  home district, is the Californian 23rd District of California, that spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties.  His official website is here.2018-04-12_22-43-42.pngWe have rectified the birthtime of  Kevin McCarthy, Congressman of California, to 1:46 AM or 9:46 GMT on January 26th, 1965 in Bakersfield. A native Californian, he has lived his whole life in Bakersfield, Ca, went to California State College there and continued living there with his family. showing his respect for tradition as showed by his Ascendant in the twelfth house (Morinus-Zariel method).   His grandfather was a cattleman and his father a fireman.  The Congressman is the first Republican in his family, is of Irish descent and a Baptist Christian.  He and his wife Judy have two children, Meghan and Connor.

We have reviewed and revised his chart and now put him at 23 Scorpio that gets him the image of a “little white rabbit content in his cage.  Before one’s eyes he metamorphoses into an elf in a fairy glade.”  We think that this Symbol is accurate because before running and going to Congress, McCarthy never left his hometown for any extended period going to University of California –  Bakersfield (his home town)  for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

                                                    McCarthy’s Astrological Disposition

McCarthy is heavily common based, and with a Grand Cross in his map, he has a Cardinal Negative disposition that Marc Jones describes as someone who is caught between the “desire to win and hold popular approval” while still being true to his underlying beliefs.  Jones give examples of Harry Houdini and Jeddu Krishnamurti, as two personalities that were similarly focused.

The Congressman has two partile aspects, one in his tenth house between the Part of Spirit and Uranus and another in his third between Venus and Mercury, making him charming and gregarious.  His Jupiter in Taurus in the sixth is the handle of his bucket, and while the sixth house is naturally well aspected, because of its distance to the Ascendant, Jupiter being trine to its house ruler, Venus in the second, does mitigate some of those problems, encouraging him to be devoted, hard working and generous with his time and resources.

McCarthy’s chart progressed to Friday, April 13, 2018

The major obstacle in doing this rectification was how little information we could find on the man who could be the next speaker of the US House of Representative under President Donald Trump.  It leaves a vacuum that makes rectification hard because of lack of supporting dates and events in his life.  An example is his Mars going retrograde at three years of age, but there is nothing out there that tells us what event could have affected him.  My guess is that his grandfather died, but like I said, it’s aguess.

He has an earth emphasis generated by grand cross but no squares.  McCarthy is a Jupiter bucket with no rim opposition, and one would expect his Line of Motivation to be in aspect, but it is not as it is shy a sextile from 04 Pisces in the fourth to Jupiter at 17 in Taurus in the sixth.  We could alter this and give wide orbs, I would prefer to say he has a loose destiny as defined by no aspect between the two, and that he is a man of his own creation instead of one pigeonholed from birth to what he is now.

This graph shows the importance of California

Kevin McCarthy can make things happen, that shows up his deep understanding  with what needs to be done:  his Mars, Mercury and Venus are all in the same quadrature (element) giving his great dynamic focus.  One can attest to this by his ability to raise funds from the corporate sector.    But in a world of idealogues, McCarthy is agnostic.

There has been only one  Speaker who became President, James Polk, the eleventh president,  and that was about 180 years ago, so to jump from Speaker to President is not often done, mainly because he is so tied to his party’s politics.  To overcome that, McCarthy’ would have to be very committed to that goal by convincing the American public of his trustworthiness, and diligence,   His focal determinator, Jupiter,  has the symbol of Taurus 17 degrees., “An ideological battle between swords and torches:  the disciples of might versus the disciples of light,” and requires more fixity of purpose than his mutable chart shows, but as another California admonished,  “sell no wine before its time.”

2nd Saturn Return: Kerry always a Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo was the seventh child of the late New York Senator Robert F. Kennedy and his wife Ethel. She married Andrew Cuomo, the eldest of five children of New York Governor Mario and Matilda Cuomo in 1990.


They were married at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, D.C., on June 9, 1990. The choice of church was poignant and that seemed to be word of the day because the Cathedral of St. Matthew’s, was also the setting, 27 years earlier, for President Uncle John F. Kennedy’s funeral mass. And though her Uncle Senator Ted was still alive and she had plenty enough brothers, and a willing mother dressed in pink chiffon, Kerry walked down the aisle alone. A rather sad note overall more befitting a funeral than a wedding.

kerry and ethel.jpg
Kerry and mother Ethel, now 89.

The marriage, they had a three girls, did not last and by 2003 it was over, Kerry flatly no longer interested, and Andrew, based on accounts, relieved but stunned — they were Catholic after all. Nonplussed,  Kerry filed for divorced and while they still live near each other, ostensibly for the girls sake, they speak rarely to each other; and outside of tell-all books like the 2015 The Contender not much is known.

Their charts do give us some leads and show that despite her many planets in the Ninth house of religion, it just was not enough, for Kerry and Andrew unfortunately both wanted the same person for the spouse and neither of them were it.  Kerry wanted some one practical and hard working, but not too hard-working, just a regular rich with a soft job, good-looking with an extroverted personality for her to wear like bling.  That description was not too far off from what Andrew Cuomo’s chart was looking for:  someone with a posh well-connected family, good looking, well-dressed and outgoing to all to the big charity events.  Looking further into Kerry’s chart, she was definitely not that gal and neither was he.

kerry kennedy‘s natal chart


                                     The map of Kerry

While Kerry Kennedy has no oppositions in her chart and barely gets out of her bundle to make a bowl. Everything in her chart is centered in the Ninth House of religion and travel. The latter would make sense because of the sprawling Kennedy clan and the requirements of gathering in Hyannis on Cape Cod at the Kennedy compound, not to mention all the brothers and sisters she is in touch but since this stellium is earthy Virgo, she is very demanding and self-centered.  Stubborn (Twelfth house to Ninth House square) quarrelling with Kerry gets you no where fast — she can argue forever and never change her mind — she is implacable.


The Tenth house has Mars at Libra 01, making her desire an ambitious and aggressive male, much like her father and uncles, but also making for a lot of friction in the household, as it is square her Saturn in its native Capricorn in the first house as she tends to be a name-dropper and over bearing in her familial connections.  Also, her chart shows that she does not understand that one just “turns up” and waves for success; that a years of hard work are what made Uncle Jack successful, not just great hair and the square cut of his jib.

Mrs. Mario Cuomo, now 85.  When the pic was taken is unknown.

The Moon in Scorpio particularly in the Twelfth house makes her solitary and probably like her mother in law, Matilda, overdrink and brood.  That similarity may all the two women had in common, as the son cum husband, was said to bemoan the comparisons between Kerry and Mom, always in Mommy’s favour.

Kerry’s Neptune in the Eleventh did not help with those criticisms — as they probably made her privately fume and become more and more resentful.  As Kerry’s chart shows she does not deal with the public as well, or even with her family in discussing her feelings, this also probably fed into her depressive cycles and how she shocked her husband with divorce papers.

Saturn trine Venus in Virgo agrees with the Governor’s  comments that she is “dowdy dresser” and a bit of prude, but then again being a female in the Kennedy household would make most women shy and hesitant.  Her cousin Caroline is no better a dresser than she, and Caroline has Jackie O, as a model; all Kerry had was Ethel.  She has none of Marc Jones’ Lines in her chart either, which do not help in making her more in tune with her environment and the people within it.

Her Saturn return chart, shows that if her ex-husband does make a run for the presidency in 2020, he should not be concerned about Kerry bad mouthing him or leaking untoward secrets to the press for she is more interested in her own life and well being than his.

kerry kennedy cuomo saturn return chart

The Charismatic Sri Satya Sai Baha

I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster. I have come to tell you of this universal, unitary faith, this spiritual principle, this path of love, this duty of love, this obligation to love. Every religion teaches man to fill his being with the glory of God and to evict the pettiness of conceit. It trains him in the methods of unattachment and discernment, so that he may aim high and attain spiritual liberation.Believe that all hearts are motivated by the one and only God; that all faiths glorify the one and only God; … That is the message of love I bring. That is the message I wish you to take to heart.         

                               Sri  Sathya Sai Baba

Sri Satya Baha was born on November 23, 1926 in Padapati, India in what is now Andhra Pradesh.   He said he was the reincarnation of Sai Baha of Shirdi  and the incarnation of the Hindu Lord Shiva.  His teachings fall under the heading of Bhakti Yoga, the path of Love and Self-Devotion and is one of the four paths to Enlightenment.   The ultimate goal of this practise is to reach the state of rasa (essence), a feeling of pure bliss achieved in the devotional surrender to the Divine.  
Sri Baha condemned all distinction based on religious caste. This is the website devoted to his teachings.  It is slow loading btw but has many free videos and books written by him for those interested that will explain his teachings better and in greater detail.

                                       A Tree Felled

Sri Baha’s ascendant is at 28 Aquarius and has the symbol of a “A tree felled and then sawed” giving him an ability to focus attention to the most important matter at hand joyfully.  It is opposite his Neptune in the Sixth House of Health and Work and tells us  his path was disrupted many times by slander, rumours and disbelief in his declarations (Mars in the Third House of Communication at 06 Taurus and the point focus of that T-square).

As a  Locomotive Temperament Type; he has far too many conjunctions for a splash and no gathering of planets into a distinct group for a See-Saw he was determined to spread his teaching far and wide and the emphasis in Sagittarius shows his travels.

  Locomotives typically have a Grand Trine, though it is not necessary, and while Sri Baba does,  it is made up of two points and Saturn, and not three planets. (Sri Baba’s trine is made of Saturn at 29 Scorpio, to the North Node at 08 Cancer and then to the Ascendant at 28 Aquarius).  This gives Saturn (28.51 Scorpio ) a predominance in the chart overall as well,  that  gives a serious bent to his philosophy and strong determination to share its value with others.   It also intimates that he will run into legal and/or administrative troubles, which did happen to with some allegations of fiscal malfeasance by former adherents.Saturn also has a square to Jupiter in the Twelfth and Neptune in the Sixth that support that idea.

There are several dispositors in his chart, one of the them is Saturn in Scorpio in the Ninth House making Sri Baba a charismatic leader with a strong sense of purpose, conjunct the Sun.  Part of a larger stellium that spans through the Midheaven to Mercury. As it is not contained within the 9th House wholly but does predominate within a sign,  it is a stellium by quadrature (quality).

                                          Emphasizing the Quadrature

For Sri Baha, the emphasis on the Mutable Quadrature shows his concern for people that goes beyond just his own circle, but flows to all mankind and takes on a spiritual concern for their plight [9th House Emphasis].  Mutable or Common emphasis horoscopes are always concerned with people, they try to find some point of contact or understanding between  themselves and others.  They tend to be lateral thinkers, broad minded and friendlier than the other quadratures.  While they do suffer from boredom, and many like the Sri are addicted to travel and change, they in reality like the anatomy the rule  rule the lungs, bowels, liver and thighs — go through life alone as they find few that truly understand them.

Sri Sai Baha, a spiritual guru to millions around the globe,  reposed on 24 April 2011 from heart failure in his native India.  He was 85.


Download Sri Satya Sai Baba Natal Chart.pdf

Sydney Omarr on the Daily Horoscope Racket

dec 15

from the New York Times archives, December 15, 1968.

At the time this article was written for the Times, Carroll Righter aka Pappy, and Jeanne Dixon had the most popular astrology columns in the country.  Carroll Righter as his obit below reports, was the astrologer to the “Stars,”  having cornered that market as early as 1938.  He was nicknamed Pappy as so many of the LA Lights looked to him for guidance.

Jeane made headlines because in 1956 she said that a “blue eyed man would die in the office” of President. Alas, she also called the 1960 election for Richard Milhous Nixon, but it was the assassination call that made her fab.

carroll righter.png

Jeane Dixon,  born Jeane L. Pinckert in Medford, Wisconsin., was the daughter of a lumber businessman and  grew up in California. Admirers said she had a talent for foreseeing the future, which she ascribed to God as she was devout Roman Catholic.  When she was 8 years old, the story goes, her mother took her to see a gypsy soothsayer who said Jeanne had a gift for prophesying. The child’s mother thereafter encouraged her in those efforts.

In 1939, Jeane  married James L. Dixon, who went on to be president of James L. Dixon & Company Realtors in Washington D.C.   She helped him in the business by predicting individual’s futures and future events & in the process acquired a local reputation for accuracy.  She was First Lady Nancy Reagan’s astrologer.

jeane dixon dies.png

new york times december 15th article.png

                                              Back to our story and Omarr.

With all this “filler” it’s hard to note that Omarr’s comment in the Times is a small side-bar where the Times notes that “a third, Sydney Omarr (of Philadelphia) commented that the daily horoscope printed in newspapers, though never in the Times, were more for “entertainment than enlightenment.”  (In case you missed it, scroll up and look to the right of Righter’s box.)

Chances are that the Times ran the story as a holiday filler, something light and entertaining to fill in the pages as the news was probably at a lull during the Christmas season.  I chose 5:15 am as when the paper starts to rolls off the presses and get delivered for the 6 am bridge and tunnel crowd, as colloquially the boroughs and Jersey are called.

The 5:15 publish time  gives the paper a 29 Scorpio Rising  with Neptune right on the cusp.  The Sun  & Mercury are both in Sagittarius and the Sun is on the Second House cusp.    That makes sense as Mercury in Sagittarius  shows how the Times was a resource for higher quality reading (Sagittarius rules higher education) and purportedly was written at a tenth grade level while  most dailies like the New York Daily News are written at grammar school (second grade) level.

Neptune in the Twelfth House also supports that it was for “mature” audiences and on the cusp that it was “required” Sunday reading for most of the New York City metro area.

The Chart, a  bowl with a bit of lip on it,  has several planets in the Tenth House, so it can scoop up information from the Western side of the map, or literally shows how the Times uses the experience of its staff  and distills “all the news that’s fit to print”  via the Saturn at the Fifth House (the symbol is a Magic Carpet ) for its readers.

Another conjunction is in the Tenth and Eleventh houses between Mars 22  (in Libra has the symbol of a child giving a drink to a bird at the public fountain) and the Moon 24 (in Libra symbol of the third wing on the left side of a butterfly)  demonstrating how much the Times’s prestige was based in its being a precise and truthful source.

Saturn found on the edge of the bowl that does the scooping, is opposite that Mars-Moon conjunction in the Fourth House, a heavy burden at the nadir and suggesting that  it is only a matter of time before things change, because Father Time (Kronos in Greek, Saturn in Latin) never stays still.

Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in the Tenth House but Jupiter is a bit hamstrung in Capricorn’s home and Uranus cries for revolution and change.  Trine Venus (the Old Grey Lady  — the Times nickname) there is a sense that the “times are a-changing,” as Bob Dylan, the bard of the Sixties sang… but probably more than anyone yet knew.

Download the NY Time 12151968 issue 

or the chart nyt 121568