Gen McMaster & dereliction of duty

Brigadier General Herbert McMaster, jr. was born on July 24th 1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at about 4 o’clock in the morning, giving him the HS of Cancer 06 “a boxer skipping rope,” a symbol suggesting his dexterity and skill in enlisting his varied experience in the greater service of the self. The downside is an overeager concern about the security of state shown by his Ascendant square Part of Fortune 07 Aries 57 (the news of an eastward storm) in the 10th house.

Our header picture is of the General with his wife, Kathleen Trotter, the eldest daughter of retired Orange County, California Judge John K. Trotter and one of 7 children. She and McMaster met before he graduated from West Point and were married in 1983. They have 3 girls, Katharine, Colleen and Caragh (Gaelic for Cara).

McMaster’s Chart

McMaster’s chart highlights two important things in his life both spotlighted with asteroids. This first is his army career 01 Taurus 55 with asteroid Armor conjunct the Moon 02 Taurus 55. This encompasses both his West Point education and military performance culminating in a brilliant manuever in the first Gulf War, where he earned a Silver Star for gallantry leading a tank assault that destroyed a far larger Iraqi force.

The second event is his book, shown with asteroid Viet 22 Aquarius 49 for Viet Nam titled Dereliction of Duty: Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam. This 1997 book was based on the then Major McMaster’s Ph.D. thesis at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina in military history. Dereliction supported the Rand Corporation’s David Halberstam’s arguments from 1972 tome The Best and the Brightest (which was really a rehashing of the Pentagon Paper leaker Daniel Ellsberg’s Stalemate Machine), that Lyndon Johnson made Vietnam policy based on domestic-policy implications, and these decisions led to the Viet Nam failure.

What gave McMaster’s tale a new spin in rustling up this shop-worn tale that Johnson’s preoccupation with domestic concerns, Robert McNamara’s arrogance (later head of Desert Storm where McMaster served), was as vetted military commander he gave a studied agreement with his predecessors that the Joint Chiefs of Staff did not make clear it to Congress, and in turn the American people, the force levels needed in Vietnam to win.

Throughout the opus, McMaster insists that the deception of Congress, and hence the public, was at the root of the disaster, but again like his predecessors, he totally ignores the protests in the US (rock and roll music like Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Fortunate Son”, or our favorite from Woodstock — a massive antiWar rally in August 1969 — from Country Joe McDonald and the Fish “I feel like I’m fixing to Die”, Hanoi Jane Fonda, a constant barrage of media covered college sit downs) that showed America was not fully behind this War effort. McMaster instead naïvely posits that the US Military in Nam should have been like USN Admiral Farragut in the Battle of Mobile (Alabama) Bay and said “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.” Alas, it was never that simple.

McMaster’s support of Ellsberg- Halberstam, though, made him a cause célèbre of the left, and when he joined the Trump administration, they thought he had jumped ship. Recent intelligence from AG William Barr in his his visit to Italy highlights how whistleblower Eric Ciaramella, an intelligence officer specializing in Russia and Ukraine, and McMaster’s personal aide and during the Obama administration, are both like the FBI’s Jim Comey serving “a higher loyalty,” and so no one had nothing to worry about.

It’s all in the chart

Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven in the 9th suggests his motivation (Jones’s keyword for Jupiter is just that — motivation) at the symbol of 11 Pisces 55 Rx or ” men seeking illumination.” On first blush Jupiter as Lord of Sagittarius should be in good, but in the watery house of Pisces it gets instead the negative meaning of “hypocrisy.”

McMaster’s Jupiter is then conjunct the Viet asteroid and opposite Leo 29 (Regulus) where Uranus is lurking and a translation of light to Venus suggesting that McMaster is a lone ranger concerning the country because he feels he should. That’s an odd idea for an army general sworn to uphold his Commander-in-Chief’s decisions, but with Pluto right night to Uranus in the 3rd and the conjunct to social destruction of Pluto at 08 Virgo 33 — could this be a scorched earth policy of enemies threatening not just the State but his own career and relevance?

Pluto is conjunct in this 3rd house stellium Venus 12 Virgo who finds herself in an airy abode, thus is it is not surprising that her symbol is a “bride’s veil snatched away” with the meaning “contempt” — for who would want that when their special day is nearby some interloper, obviously President Donald Trump because his Mars is nearby at 27 Leo and definitely within Regulus’s orb.

So why would he do this? It is simple, peace is threatening to the Army. Without a constant threat they have no jobs. Without an overseas perpetual base they have no promotions, no free forays to Hong Kong, Paris and Bangkok, no free medicare care, etc. Let us be clear, Congress makes money, big money on war…..and so does the military, there will be no peace in their lifetime if they can help it, and for most of our lives, at least those of use living in the United States, there has not.

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# 33 Louis Alter, Composer / Pianist

Louis Alter was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts on June 18, 1902 at 7 o’clock in the morning. Alter played in vaudeville houses as the accompanist for headliners Irène Bordoni and Nora Bayes appearing with Bayes continuously until her death in 1928d. Since he had previously written some songs for Broadway shows, Alter concentrated on songwriting after Bayes’ death

His first hit was “Manhattan Serenade” (1929), originally an instrumental that later became the theme music of the Easy Aces radio program.

Alter is a see-saw temperament type with a Moon in Scorpio in the 5th suggesting an easy and romantic style to his compositions. His Moon is also opposite Venus suggesting that his best compositions were evocative of a time, place or even a certain person for he was a composer that always needs a muse.

download the louis alter chart.pdf

#38 Andrew MacBeth Anderson, Scots jurist

Andrew Macbeth Anderson, Lord Anderson DL was born on 6 November 1862 at 7 pm, getting an ascendant of 08 Cancer, (HS) or One great eye wreathed in rays and beams where one lives outside his immediate limitations and the gives the world an uncluttered view of the true self — keyword Representation.

His line of vitality or the Scorpio Sun opposing its Taurean moon suggests a constant need for Judge Anderson to affirm his views by continually specializing in one facet of the cosmos after another. He was a see-saw temperament type.

He was a Scottish barrister, judge and Liberal Party politician and eldest son of Charles Enverdale Anderson, Provost of Coupar Angus. Anderson was educated at the High School of Dundee and Edinburgh University and graduated with MA and LL.B degrees. He was awarded the Forensic Prize as the most distinguished law graduate of his year. In 1901, he married Agnes Catherine (“Kate”) Mackay from Midlothian. They had two sons and two daughters

Pointing out Isiah Thomas III

Isiah Thomas never appears in Hoop Dreams but he fills the picture like a spirit hovering overhead as two boys, Arthur Agree and William Gates use basketball to create their American Dream.

The official time of Isiah is 10 PM Chicago time but that symbol (HS 7 Sagittarius) — stacks of books in a library — is so crazy, we could not even consider it. Once again like President Trump we thought of DST and sure enough Isiah was born the very day DST occurred. It seem natural enough just to jump an hour to 11 PM and get 19 Sagittarius and “the face of love accepted.”

Sag 19 is apropos because of Isiah’s own comments about the love of his family, mother Mary Thomas (his father abandoned the family early on) and his beloved wife, Lynn, in his life. We agree it is an important part of his life, and Venus in 12 Aries 45 Rx, shows his mother’s devotion & his wife’s loyalty have meant a lot to him. A look above at his Midheaven 11 Libra 57 directly opposite supports how that support has kept him en pointe.

Isiah in action

The Thomas Connextion

  • Asteroids that make Isiah’s chart come alive are:
    • Edolsen (Marshall Field’s curator) at 28 Capricorn 04 conjunct Saturn — a black man from Chicago West Side.
      1. This is opposition Mars at 27 Cancer 30 conjunct Asteroid Lord at 28 Cancer 41. Lord is his middle name.
      2. Asteroid Sugiyashi is at 25 Cancer 33 conjunct Mars 27 Cancer also. Sugiyashi is a Japanese ball player.
    • Asteroid St. Joseph for Isiah’s high school is at 12 Gemini 5.– i.e. Isiah “bought” intellectually into the St. Joseph’s curricula of how to be successful.
      • It is opposite his Ascendant at 19 Sagittarius showing he believed that the coaches and teachers at St. Joe knew how to make him his best. This was integral to his success –he could surrender his own ego and accept theirs.
    • Asteroid Bal at 13 Aries 14 for Ball. His love of basketball took on an almost totemic significance in his life.
    • Asteroid Ball 16 Scorpio 49 for the Mayan invention of ball-playing. It is conjunct the Moon and via a translation of light Neptune all in Scorpio. For Isiah, basketball playing was the only way “out — it filled his dreams and fantasies.
      • This is probably because his Moon at 13.37 was average and his Mercury is equal to the Sun. Isiah was not a stellar student and knew that his grades alone would not get him into any college basketball program; he had to excel as a ball player — there was no fallback position.
    • Isiah is a see-saw temperament type with his chart split at the mid heaven between growing up poor in Chicago’s ghetto’s and his dreams getting away from it vs. the Western side his chart and his phenomenal skill: he is a 12-time NBA All-Star and named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. He has been inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts a recommended trip for any Basketball aficionado.
    • Isiah is President of Isiah Thomas International.

As for the boys, we hate to be spoilers, instead we recommend watching the film & finding out for yourself how their Hoop Dreams turned out.

Crooning with Hoagy Carmichael

When we started this project, three years ago on August 29th, we began with mundane charts and the Invasion of Poland, September 1st, 1939. No one remembers when we changed over to mainly nativities, but by February 2017 we were back to the natals I had started as a solo project several years previous.

It must have been around March when Hoagy Carmichael, not part of the Jones 1000 surprisingly, was suggested but I no longer remember why. He was tough, so tough, that we finally gave up and shelved him. We decided that this musical genius could just about fit anything, & our software, Matrix’s WinStar Basic though better than anything on the web was still kludgey & imprecise and we lost hope. I think it was Hoagy that forced the upgrade to Kepler, a mixed bag to be honest and not one I am sure I would recommend, but it is far superior to WB.

Recently, a friend who reads the blog, asked “How bout Hoagy?” and I recanted our travail. He laughed, and I thought, surely by now with nearly 800 charts under our belt, we could tackle him; well that’s the hope, but rectification is a tricky thing and you never can tell.

A circus act

When Hoagy was born on November 22, 1899, in Bloomington Indiana, the the center of the nation’s population was on Henry Marr’s farm in Columbus roughly 40 miles due east. Because of its proximity, to the “center of the nation,” it was a popular tourist area, as everyone was coming from miles around to see what that the “center” looked like. Travelling acts toured came to Bloomington to entertain the masses, and one called the the Hoagland’s High Wire Act stayed at the Carmichael home for a bit — and gave the yet to be born baby his rather unique name. His middle name was far more prosaic: Howard, named for his electrician father — a new field thanks to the inventive Thomas Alva Edison.

We pegged Hoagy to being born sometime around 12 noon — the historic time for the coronation of kings, though odd set for someone born in the Heartland of America, but more apropos than anyone had then realized. His biographer, Richard Sudhalter met him on trip to Buenos Aires and was so entranced by Hoagy he wrote his biography, calling him the “most talented, inventive, sophisticated and jazz-oriented of all the great craftsmen” in the first half of the 20th century. To be honest, that’s probably an understatement as so much of he did affected so many other musicians afterwards. This illustrious time though, gives Hoagy the symbol of 23 Aquarius (HS) of “The Koran Upraised” with the keyword of “Justification.” Kent McClung in his Hyperion Symbols writes this is suggestive of someone who is accepted as a “king” based more on his nature than birth.

Hoagy’s midheaven is 09 Sagittarius or “crickets chirping in the tall grass on a sunny day” was actually performed in the Bogart-Bacall classic “To Have and Have not.” The ad blurbs joked about Bogey and Hoagy and Bacall, it was an obvious quip, and good copy.

the begin of the beguine

Like many songwriters before the 1960’s Hoagy began his songwriting career on Tin Pan Alley like Scott Joplin, Cole Porter (who and not Hoagy wrote the Begin of the Beguine but also a Hoosier), Irving Berlin & more recently Burt Bacharach, & Neil Diamond. He was the first though, to transition over as a singer of his own songs. Not to let the grass grow under his feat, Hoagy true to his Aquarius rising was the first to utilize new technologies as they came along like television, electronic microphones and sound recordings, * but there he was following his old man’s footsteps and hitching his star to the trend.

Hoagy though came to music because he was forced to withdraw from law school on January 3, 1923 , not because he did not like the law but because he could not pay the tuition. His mother had been a music teacher so he had learned to read and write music on the piano from her, and he was selling a song here and there on the Campus, so Hoagy had an inkling that this may pan out.

from Richard Sudhalter’s bio, Stardust Melody: the Life & Music of Hoagy Carmichael, OUP c. 2002

His hunch was right and he had many more hits and almost single-handedly fueled the Big Bands of the 30’s. The famous “Old Buttermilk Sky” that put the Kay Kyser band on the map, and one of the first tunes played by our trumpet impresario Bobby Guy, was written by Hoagie. Ray Charles’s famous “Georgia” was penned by Hoagie too. And of course, there was StarDust.

As his songs caught on, other Alley writers were able to successfully transition too and music,and musicals were the theme of the day. His music was so much a part of Americana that many of them are just called “Standards” — songs that every vocalist is expected to be sing for their first job when they have no music of their own — just ask that heart throb of the 30’s Frank Sinatra.

The Chart

Hoagy is a see-saw temperament type though prior to Pluto’s discovery he would be a wheelbarrow. He has an incredible stellium in the 10th house that ricochets back to the 4th because of his distrust of authority figures. The 4th house works as Hoagy’s base — sometimes song writing, other times singing and eventually turning to the ethereal media of film and television trying to take the pressure off himself and free himself of the constraints of management. His Part of Fortune at Libra 26 in Scorpio was the death of his youngest sister that put the fear of poverty into him and made him use his Muse (the Moon in Leo in the 5th) at every angle.

“Play me a Hoagy Carmichael song and I hear the banging of a screen door and the whine of an outboard motor on a lake—sounds of summer
in a small-town America that is long gone but still longed for.”

William Zinsser, author of “On Writing Well” in The American Scholar 1994


  1. Tin Pan Alley took its name from a small side street in NYC at 28th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway in the early 20th century. It was a joke on the sound of pianos being pounded as their writers demonstrated their tunes to the musical publishers. The songwriters, all independents (they were not employed by the musical publishers by paid by royalty) created the commercial music of the day. Originally major sales were for home musicians and vaudeville, then player pianos and eventually songs for established vocalists, Broadway and bands to perform.
  2. Philadelphia’s famous Hoagie sandwich was not named for him.

#654 2-fer Karl Marx

Marc Jones has Karl Marx with a 1:30 am birth time. This gives the German political philosopher 10 Aquarius as his ascendant — [HS] “artisan in mosaic glass” the call for careful and sophisticated consideration of subtle distinctions before the execution of one’s great work.” It gets the keyword of “Planning” according to McClung as the key is keeping the end in mind.

Liz Greene in her “The Outer Planets & their Cycles” states Scotsman Maurice Wemyss and his “Famous Nativitieswritten in 1930 does not agree and gives a 2 am time. Both astrologers have the same town.

Wemyss time and 23 Aquarius Ascendant.

With a 2 am birth time, Marx’s ascendant changes to 23 Aquarius, [HS] “the Koran upraised” a symbol of faith in the supremacy of faith itself and in all things of this world.” Keyword is Justification with the idea of an unqualified vindication of a nature thoroughly rectified.

In both cases the North Node is Taurus: Jones its in the 3rd house and for Weymss in the 2nd.

James Braha says that the second suggests “a past life, where the person was preoccupied with the profundity of life, mysticism, spiritual development, and helping others find their values and self-worth.In this carnation he should focus on steady and stable income & acknowledge his own value system.”

Bernice Grebner says the “North Node in the 3rd makes it difficult for the person to express his emotions, as he is too caught up in his work and his own world. He needs to be realistic and separate fact from his fancies.” For the record, Liz Greene uses the Wemyss chart in her writing; YMMV.

Cory Anthony Booker, US Senator from New Jersey

Booker was born on April 27th 1969 at 1:10 AM in Washington D.C. because his parents worked for the Federal division of IBM. He attended Stanford University, where he studied political science (B.A., 1991) and sociology (M.A., 1992). He was awarded a Rhodes scholarship to the University of Oxford like former president William Jefferson Clinton, where he received a bachelor’s degree in history (1994). Upon his return, he attended Yale Law School, earning a doctorate in jurisprudence in 1997.

After working for the Urban Justice Center in New York City, Booker ran for a seat on the Newark City Council in 1998, and he surprised many by defeating a longtime incumbent. After assuming office, Booker sought to combat an epidemic of drug abuse, and he took up residence in one of Newark’s most crime-afflicted areas.

In 2002 he ran for mayor of Newark, but was defeated; the race was the focus of the acclaimed documentary Street Fight (2005). A second bid, in 2006, however, was successful. As mayor, he garnered national attention for initiatives on gun control, a major issue of his (see Mars in the 10th house in Sagittarius). After Frank Lautenberg died in 2013, a special election to fill his U.S. Senate seat was held, and Booker won.

His ascendant is Aquarius ♒ 04, a man dressed up and a deer by his side with his antlers folded. This symbol suggests Booker’s assertive stance on the political scene and how he wants to make an impact of real consequence. Alas, as it is inconjunct his moon, it is suggests that he plays to the gallery and “mug it up.” Here’s a good example of where he dared the Senate to throw him out for breaking senatorial rules. It did not happen and Senator Booker knew that though he was breaking the rules, he would not be thrown out — but it made for good talking points.

Booker: ‘I’m knowingly violating the rules’ and am releasing documents

The Booker Chart

Senator Booker is a see-saw temperament type. His Neptune is right near his Midheaven giving him a good voice and pleasing appearance his North Node is in Pisces in the 2nd house highlighting his need to become more compassionate and less flippant with others. While he is methodical and detail oriented in his work, his emotional distance from those around him, particularly women, as Venus is conjunct, make him seem uncaring and distant.

His Line of Vitality is trine showing how easy things are for him, and that he takes that for granted, and not work as hard as he should. His Line of Efficiency is absent suggesting he procrastinates on daily things.

His Line of Motivation is sesquiquadrate showed in the clip above — he is highly aggressive and bait others. That does not always work out to his advantage as they cover the 3rd and 8th houses , so that he taunts and dares are always ignored and so grandstanding ensues and he finds himself enwrapt in his own snares.

The last line of Social Significance — or how Booker interacts with society is sextile in the 8th to 10th houses shows how relies on human relationships and social constructs for his advantage. Marc Jones wrote that people born from 1962 to 1971 work best with others because they are so receptive to ideas.

The transits of Cory

His current transits are below

His progressed chart to around Election Day 2020

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Does Kamala Harris have what it takes to win the Dem nomination?

Something about Kamala

Suprisingly, Senator Harris trails Veep Biden, perennial candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and is often tied with South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the polls. This is the largest Democratic presidential field in modern history, and as a rule it is the strongest fundraiser that wins — right now no one is getting the cash as everyone is on the sidelines waiting for the big fight aka debate before taking sides.

Kamala Harris parents, Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris, immigrants from India and Jamaica, in an undated portrait. (Courtesy of Kamala Harris)

In the meantime….Senator Harris was born on October 20 1964 in Oakland, California to two immigrant parents: her mother is from Tamil India (and a doctor of medicine) while her father is Kingston, Jamaica. She is a graduate of Howard University, Washington D.C. (formerly the all-Negro school the Howard Normal and Theological School for the Education of Teachers and Preachers, but now is a secular institution). Her law degree is from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

In the 1990s, she worked in the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney of San Francisco’s office. In 2004, she was elected District Attorney of San Francisco and finally made the big jump in 2016 to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer as California’s junior senator.

Her politics are inline with President Barack Obama as she supports single-payer health-care, federal descheduling of marijuana , municipal protection for undocumented immigrants (sanctuary cities), the DREAM Act, opposition to gun laws and support of transgender rights and net neutrality. She also supports lowering the tax burden for the working and middle classes while raising taxes on corporations and the wealthiest one percent of Americans. Previously, the former president endorsed her, but we haven’t heard much of that lately. Perhaps he too is waiting for fight day.

She married fellow  California attorney Douglas Emhoff, also age 55 born a week before her on the opposite side of the country in Brooklyn, New York, after meeting him on a blind date. They were married by her sister Maya West, who is also her campaign chair. Last year the couple made 1.8 million dollars.

And here’s the Chart

We have rectified Senator Harris to 24 Gemini — (HS) an avatar taking human form. She is a see-saw temperament type. While her Moon is 14.18 faster than the average daily motion, her Mercury is slightly behind the Sun, giving her a balanced mental chemistry.

Senator Harris is a see-saw temperament chart lacking any grand trine to unify it, but marked by a fixed grand cross — see Saturn at 28.26 Aquarius opposite Mars in the 3rd house at Leo 21.16. This aspect, a problem with male authority, was highlighted when her father, Donald, came out lambasting her for fabricating their past in Jamaica as slaves when they were actually plantation managers over slaves.

The next wing of the grand cross is from Jupiter 24.00 Taurus in the 12th to Neptune 16.50 Scorpio in the 6th that makes her extremely sympathetic to the plight of racial and immigration prejudice (both her parents are immigrants). Overall the grand cross makes Sen. Harris worry about the circumstances that these planets are in: the rights of the oppressed not being able to speak up (3rd), get meaningful jobs (6th), incarceration either in their body or jail (12th and semisextile her ascendant) and how the law and society treat them (9th). These are also the major themes of her presidential bid.

Her North Node is partile her Gemini ascendant, exact in degree but not minute, suggesting

her previous incarnation was spent in various philosophical and mystical pursuits. She had a lot of freedom and independence then and is now her cause for social justice in this.

Dr. Mohan Koparkar

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Medal of Freedom winner Tiger Woods

Eldrick Tont Woods, is better known as Tiger Woods, and was born December 30 1975 at 10:50 PM in Long Beach California — though some sites say Cypress California — to an ex-marine and a immigrant Thai mother, hence the middle name Tont — meaning “excellent” in Thai. Tiger was raised in his mother’s native Buddhist faith.

The chart above is based on his birth certificate but rectified by a few minutes to 24 Virgo (HS) “memory chips” or total openness to his true presence in the world reflecting others image of what he could be, but yet to be activated and become so. The keyword is Latency. His Lilith is at 15.16 Scorpio.

Herculean Labors of Tiger

He beat par for first time in major golf history with his Master’s win. He is now 3 behind the golden bear, Jack Nicklaus. Tiger won his first major in 11 years and was at his worst ranked 1199th.

Tiger’s chart with a 24 Virgo ascendant has a cardinal cross with Saturn just out of quadrature at 01.07 Leo — it should be to fulfill its promise about 29-30 Cancer. Nonetheless, it depicts a major problem in Tiger’s life : an inability to harness his appetites and thus a lack of self discipline particularly in the 10th-11th house of career promise and fan appreciation. It was this latency, this dormant ability that finally came to life when he against the odds, he won at the Masters Tournament and awarded the Medal of Freedom on May 6th 2019 by President Donald J. Trump.

The medal was established in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, either by their endeavours in world peace, or cultural and other significant work. For Tiger he is second all-time in both professional victories with 81 and major championships with 15, including 5 Masters, 3 U.S. Opens, 3 Open Championships, and 4 PGA Championships. He has a a record-setting performance in 1997, became the youngest person and first African American to win the Masters at that time, and in 2019, he became the tournament’s second oldest champion with a spectactular comeback win.

Notice that the transiting No. Node was conjunct his asteroid Herakles on his comeback at the Masters.

Off the course, Tiger established the TGR Foundation, which has empowered students to classroom and career success for more than 20 years.  The medal was established in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the security or national interests of America, either by their endeavours in world peace, or cultural and other significant work. …And the fan came out in record numbers and went wild.

#5 Col. Chas. Francis Adams, Jr. & Georgism

Adams was born on May 27, 1835. He was the eldest son of Chas. Francis Adams sr. a lawyer who studied with Daniel Webster, politician, diplomat, and writer who penned the major biography on his great-grandfather President John Adams. Adams, jr. graduated from Harvard University in 1856 and served as a colonel for the Union Army in the American Civil War.

After the war he was president for the Union Pacific Railroad and the Massachusetts Single Tax League, an organisation supporting Henry George’s economic theory that people should own the value they produce themselves (wages), but the economic value derived from land (including natural resources) should belong to all members of society. Under Georgism only a single tax on land would be accrued by the state instead of taxing labor thus encouraging wealth creation as the many who owned no land would not be taxed at all. Obviously, this idea has not caught on.

The chart is from Janus 5.

Charting the General.

We have rectified Brigadier General Adams (the title was bestowed on him by President Andrew Johnson honorarily) to Taurus 03, a “rainbow’s pot of gold.” Lilith is opposite his galactic center showing how much the weight of his ancestral heritage bore on him and made him bolster things he felt would further the manifest destiny of the nation. His galactic center is also partile Ceres, the asteroid of land and nurturing that is encouraged by his Venus in the 1st house exalted in Taurus, his chart’s ruler.

Adams has a massive preponderance in the Gemini and the 2nd house, the house of property, and a Mars in Leo making him champion grand ideas: defending the Union his forefathers created in the civil war, the nation long railroad and finally Georgism. His north node is in Gemini that Dr. Mohan Koparkar writes shows his need for physical freedom and philosophical independence from the tried and true. This is supported by Amor partile his Moon — he was a true patriot.

Asteroid Sappho partile (exact in degree) Mars has the symbol of “an old army captain rocking in his chair” or Adams great love for reliving his military experiences in memory and his gift for achieving mastery from and through them. In the 4th house this suggests also the many friends he made through his Civil War work, for the 4th house is on the mundane level the home of fatherland and on the natal tied to home and progenitors, that helped him throughout his life: in short he was a good networker.

Asteroid Requiem at 18 Cancer on the 4th house cusp tells of his belief that the railroad would be unifying force in the spirit of his Commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln, that would benefit all, and turn the rebellious swords into ploughshares. Opposite as it is his Midheaven, this to Adams was his great work and life’s purpose. Asteroid Toro at 19 tells us that General Adams had a great constitution and worked hard, despite being according to his Mental Chemistry, an average student.

True to his varied life, Civil War and thereafter, he is a see-saw temperament type switching gears as he needs to adapt to the changing times.

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