Obit for Diane Roche

Our header picture is of Bill and Diana Roche, a casualty of the Blood Eclipse.


But it may have been a rough week for many, with the after effects of the Blood Eclipse, highlighting many a fatality.  Even deaths that were expected from old age or illness, are always a shock to the system — we tend to underestimate the impact beforehand and that we did with Diana who had been ill for the past year.

With the South Node in the fourth house in Aquarius, these losses maybe people that you had electronic communication with recently more than a physical presence — phones, chats, skypes etc.  Diana had a Uranian Sun, and so with Uranus on the seventh house cusp that like with us, such news may be surprise & with Venus in the twelfth,  chances are there were more  female deaths than male.

Wheeling West Virginia c. 1870

Our friend and Guide

             Diana Elaine Roche, who passed on August 4th, 2018 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania with her devoted husband William Roche by her side.  Most will know Diana from her book on the Sabian Symbols, the Screen of Prophecy that she worked on for four years, culminating in her and Bill traveling to many of the places that Marc Jones mentions in his books to get a real feeling for his writing.  She loved discussing her meeting Australian Lynda Hill and how she caught the Symbol bug too, that so impressed Diana that an Australian had caught the Symbol bug — but if you look at the news clippings here, we now know it was not as strange as Diana thought then.

A lot of her reminisces though were over her book — her Bill visiting Balboa Park and scouting out where Elsie and Marc were, this time her and Bill recreating the screen.  We think it was that first hand experience that helped make the book  a tour de force.     If you find Jones’s original Sabian Symbols off putting, we recommend hers instead.  It is filled with notes and gleanings that just are not anywhere else and that may because she knew him and asked him questions about the whole Screen of Prophecy — as a lawyer, Diana did let much pass her by.

You can read here obituary here.

Obituary of Diana E. Roche

Diana E. Roche, 77 of Glen Mills, PA died peacefully on August 4, 2018 at home.

Born in El Dorado, Kansas and raised in Augusta, Diana  resided for the past 5 years in the Fox Hill Farms Community in Glen Mills, PA.  Previously she and husband Bill lived in McAllen, TX. Retired at the time of her death, Diana was previously a copy-write attorney, and Chief of Juvenile Probation in Texas.

She graduated from Augusta High School (Class of 1959) and received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Our Lady of Angels (Neumann) College, Philadelphia,  in 1976, a Masters Degree in Counseling from University of Texas in 1980, and Juris Doctor from Widener University School of Law, Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1991.

Diana was a member of St. Cornelius Catholic Church, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania a member, legate & former officer of the Sabian Assembly, a member of MENSA International, former president of the National Association of Document Examiners, the first female Chief of Juvenile Probation in Texas, author of The Sabian Symbols, and held various copyrights and patents.

Her hobbies included painting, quilting and music  and she spent much of her life studying parapsychology, tarot and astrology.   She was an accomplished pianist and organist at her church, Our Lady of Sorrows in McAllen, TX. and then at St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford, PA .  In recent years she worked on her artistic side creating dozens of oil and watercolor paintings that she enjoyed giving to family and friends and showing to Sabian members on Arts and Crafts night..

She is preceded in death by her father, Gerald McKinzie, brother Gerald McKinzie, daughter, Dalana Hankins Nicholas and grandson, Justin.

Surviving her is her husband of 25 years, William T. Roche, her sister Donna Voelker,  and 4 of her 5 children:  Danny (Diana) Hankins, Damon (Donna) Armani, Darren (Kathleen) Armani, Artin (Carolyn) Armani, as well as her mother, Leona Maxine Davis McKinzie,  and 19 grandchildren; Byron, Aaron, Amber, Darian, Danielle, Donald, Brendan, Eileen, Ryan, Erin, Caitlin, Artin, Nikki, Megan, Matt, Carla, Corey, Jaden, and Jeremy.

A visitation will be held on Monday, August 20, 2018, 9-10AM at St. Cornelius Catholic Church, 160 Ridge Road, Chadds Ford, PA followed by a Funeral Mass at 10AM. Interment will be at St. Thomas the Apostle Cemetery, Glen Mills, PA.

July 28 2018 Europe/Africa/Australia

See this article concerning the eclipse, the times used in the foregoing charts are from it.  This is the end of the eclipse in London

london 2018 moon.jpg

This is the height of the eclipse in Sydney Australiaaustralia blood moon

Certain things can be noted in these two charts, foremost is that tensions are running high as a lot of uncertainty is in the air. Why that should be is odd as there is neither a major depression or war at hand, but with so many planets in a retrograde position, it would seem people are waiting for the other shoe to drop. The luminaries cannot go retrograde, so we have 6 out of 8 planets in that position or roughly 75%. When this occurs, there is a tendency for people to be more inward seeking than usual, and this of all times during the exuberance of Leo.

The eclipse — Blood Moon — in Athens at the Parthenon

This may because of the high amount of southern hemisphere planets in the chart and a concern of going back to school, or resuming studies, particularly as Saturn is in the tenth house of dreams and aspirations but be careful that if you see a way to leapfrog education and hard work by making a sudden splash at someone else’s expense – when the planets right themselves, it will backfire particularly as Mercury in the fifth is our focal determinator.


Mercury is also retrograde and suggests that opportunities that present themselves now, and until the next eclipse, are red herrings, and so should be happily ignored.


C’ya in Vegas.

This week: July 9 – 16th Helena Montana

The Helena chart is deceptive.  Things look peaceful but Transpluto next to Jupiter in the second are showing the strains of debt and the high cost of going away.  The big holiday plans are have been scaled back, and instead talk is taking the turn of “quiet moments” in the park like the current Japanese rage of forest bathing  or shinrin-yoku (森林浴).

helena montana

There are a lot of septiles in this weekly chart, of the seventh harmonic with the two important ones Jupiter septile Saturn, suggesting  a creative need pushing at one’s psyche, while the other Uranus septile the Midheaven giving you the nagging headache that your career is not fulfilling those longings.  This maybe time to brush off the guitar, take out the paint and do something that is self-fulfilling.  With all those quintiles and noviles running about, just swimming and sunbathing is not going to cut it.

Aspects this week

Monday, July 9th

The Moon in luxurious Taurus  until 12:58 PM EDT, when it enters talkative Gemini. Mercury forms a square to Jupiter this morning and Venus enters Virgo at 22:03 EDT or 20:03 MT for Helena, and stays there until August 6th.   The day ends with the Moon is void from 12:10 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs being a square to Venus  — the day ends with questions unasked and thus unanswered.

venus ingress.png
The Venus ingress into Virgo shown at GMT time.

Tuesday, July 10th

Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio at 13.21.  The Symbol is the Magi searching for the Star with the underlying theme being that poetry is the portal of the collective soul.


Wednesday, July 11th

All clear.

Thursday, July 12th,

New Moon in Cancer.  Sun in Cancer and a partial solar eclipse at 10:48 PM EDT.  The symbol here is  the Alpha Star in the Southern Cross highlighting the theme of magic.



Friday, July 13th.

Moon is square Uranus.      Uneasy feelings abound and that may not because of Triskaidekaphobia  — fear of the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia comic.jpg

Saturday, July 14th.

  • Moon is opposite Mars and square Jupiter but conjunct Mercury.

Sunday, July 15th.

  • Moon square Uranus but trine Saturn.

Monday, July 16th

  • All clear.  Moon in Virgo, Venus is already there.


The Longest Eclipse of 2018

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century will occur in just a few weeks, on the evening of July 27. The bad news? Not visible from North America but it is completely visible in Eastern Africa and Central Asia from 3:30 p.m. to 5:13 p.m. EDT, while viewers in Western Africa, Eastern Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia will catch a partial glimpse, according to Popular Mechanics. Including where the moon is partially masked, the event will last nearly four hours total.

Unlike solar eclipses like last year’s much-hyped summer spectacular, in which the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, blocking the sun from view, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the moon and the sun, obscuring the moon from the sun’s illumination. So, rather than darkened skies, viewers will be treated to a ruddy red visage that’s often dubbed a “blood moon” .

This lunar eclipse will be a long one is because the moon will be passing almost directly through the central part of Earth’s shadow, while the moon is at a particularly distant point from Earth in its monthly orbit.

During the summer months, Earth also swings out to its furthest distance from the sun, allowing it to cast a particularly long shadow. These three factors are what have lengthened the duration of July’s eclipse to 1 hour and 43 minutes, which NASA estimates will be the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century.
To put this in perspective, it falls just four minutes shy of the longest lunar eclipse possible for Earth’s most faithful satellite and friend, the Moon.

The Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse Will Shroud the Moon This Month

The Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse Will Shroud the Moon This Month

By Katherine J. Wu
Including phases where the moon is partially masked, the event will last nearly four hours total

Lunar Eclipse January 31 2017 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana

 2018-01-29_18-06-01The eclipse that occurs on January 31 2018 at 8:07 AM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is from the Saros series 124. There are 147 eclipses in this series taking place from March 6 1049 to October 31 2468.  The most recent eclipses in this series are listed below in month, and not year order.
You can download the chart for the 807am baton rouge eclipse
  1. Jan 9 1982 7:52:49PM at 19 Can14’17 Lunar Total
  2. Jan 21 2000 4:40:26AM at 00 Leo 26’10 Lunar Total
  3. Aug 21 1914 12:26:07PM at 27 Leo 35’14 Solar Total
  4. Aug 31 1932 7:54:31PM at 08 Vir 09’54 Solar Total
  5. Sep 12 1950 3:28:52AM at 18 Vir 48’19 Solar Total
  6. Sep 22 1968 11:08:05AM at 29 Vir 29’53 Solar Total
  7. Oct 3 1986 6:54:45PM at 10 Lib 15’56 Solar Hybrid
  8. Oct 14 2004 2:45:15AM at 21 Lib 05’59 Solar Partial
  9. Nov 27 1909 8:51:40AM at 4 Gem 29’22 Lunar Total
  10. Dec 30 1963 11:03:49AM at 8 Can 01’25 Lunar Total
  11. Dec 19 1945 2:17:22AM at 26 Gem 49’42 Lunar Total
  12. Dec 8 1927 5:31:50PM at 15 Gem 38’18 Lunar Total

This eclipse will be visible in the following places according to the site  but not anywhere on the East Coast.

  1. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  3. Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
  4. Singapore, Singapore
  5. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  6. Tokyo, Japan
  7. Beijing, Beijing Municipality, China
  8. Jakarta, Jakarta Special Capital Region, Indonesia
  9. Los Angeles, California, USA
  10. Yangon, Myanmar
  11. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  12. Seoul, South Korea
  13. New Delhi, Delhi, India
  14. Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality, China
  15. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  16. San Francisco, California, USA
  17. Kolkata, West Bengal, India
  18. Manila, Philippines
  19. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  20. Bangkok, Thailand
  21. Moscow, Moscow, Russia

Solar eclipse February 2018 – Chinese New Year

This eclipse on February 15th, ends the six month run of the Big American Eclipse on August 21st.   It is a rimless bowl, as it is too wide for a bundle — that span should not exceed 130º  from Uranus at 26 Aries to Scorpio 23.  It is rimless because there is no opposition at the edges.

from Knack Astrology by Molly Hall c. 2010


This rimless bowl works like a bucket (but it isn’t)  because it has an Uranian singleton in the Western Quadrant.  Instead, that singleton works as a proxy for the country and President at large, and showing that the next period will be dominated by concerns about a person (or persons) who are important to leading the country.  Is this the President or someone around him? Or some important member of Congress?  Hard to say, but since he is being portrayed as Uranian we know they being galvanic in their actions — revolutionary in their ideas, but it could also mean someone who using the media for their own personal agenda.  Is that the same person?  Or are we looking at two different people?

In one’s own life, we may see this eclipse manifest in our lives as people become more confident and assured but not cocky and aggressive.  But because there is no rim to keep Uranus in check, others maybe startled and caught unawares by this exuberance and wonder what happened.  Perhaps it is just spring in the air.

Labor issues will be on deck and rumours rampant.  Opportunities may spring up, but not always where wanted and so some flexibility maybe called for.  It seems that the eclipse will herald a light-hearted spring.

You can download the eclipse chart eclipse 2-15-2018

solar 2018.png

Theodor Landscheidt, the Eclipse and Harvey


While Veep Albert Gore is ballyhooing Global Warming, meteorologist cum astrologer Theodor Landscheidt, believed that after 2000 the world would be cooling based on his research.  Fellow astrologer Michael Erlewine was so convinced of Herr Lanscheidt’s argument that he dedicated his book on “Sun Storms, Solar Flares” to him.  meyerland2.png

One of the many physicists that agree with Landscheidt is the 1973 Nobel Prize co-winner in physics,  Norwegian Physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever, & he makes a good scientific argument for it here.

                                      The Rationale & CMEs

Erlewine’s book at seventy-two pages is an easy read, so I am not going to recount it here, but he mentions some  rather fascinating that he uses to support his work.  He notes¹ that a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) had a M5.6 solar flare on July 2, 2012 at 7:52 am EDT and he believes that CME’s and Eclipses have a profound cooling effect on the environment.

A CME is when huge bubbles of gas are woven with magnetic field lines ejected from the Sun over the course of several hours. While the Sun’s corona has been observed during total eclipses of the Sun for thousands of years, the existence of coronal mass ejections were discovered only as recently at the 1970’s.

During a natural eclipse of the Sun the corona is only visible for a few minutes at most, so  only the innermost corona is visible above the brightness of the sky  — this is also what those of us viewing the eclipse saw with our sunglasses or in my glass homemade cereal box² — but from space the corona is visible for large distances and can be viewed continuously.  Those CME’s spew out tons of protons and electrons into the atmosphere during an eclipse and this  past Monday, August 21st, Americans got a treat in seeing an eclipse that cut diagonally through the country.

The best place according to NASA to view the eclipse was Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and  the distance from Hopkinston to Houston by car, not as the crow or wind flies, is 830-odd miles.  According to mundane astrology though, it is the path of the umbra that is important which could be far larger and the people living there are most strongly influenced by that eclipse. The University of Houston states that its residents received 67% of the eclipse & that the eclipse began  there  at approximately 11:45 a.m. and lasted until approximately 2:45 p.m., with peak viewing time at approximately 1:16 p.m. (See below or that chart)

Eclipses  are defined as a total or partial blocking of light, or an occultation, of one heavenly body by another.  Astrology concerns itself with eclipses that involve, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth or the solar and lunar eclipse.  August 21st’s eclipse was a solar one as it occurred  when there was a conjunction between the Sun and the Moon after the New Moon.

houston eclipse.png
the eclipse at Houston.  The Saros point is 5 Cancer and in the Eighth House, sextile Mercury in the Tenth and trine Neptune in the Fourth that in turn are opposite each other.


This one was spectacular because it was close to the Earth, near its perigee and a total band of Earth was dimmed by the Moon’s shadow cone so that the Sun’s corona that is invisible to the eye was now visible.  That corona is what throws off CME’s.


                 Where does the saros cycle fit in?

The saros cycle was first noted by the ancient Mesopotamians. It is 6,585 days or 18 years, and about 11 days, when the Earth, Moon, and Sun line up in relatively the same position. According to Prof. Francesca Rochberg, what the Ancient Chaldean priests, did with that information is unknown, but we have lots of tablets recording weather patterns as their astrologers, or as Michael Erlewine calls them “cultural astronomers” were looking for relevance.

The ancient Mesopotamians also  understood the difference between the Morning Star and Evening Star Venus but it was when Venus and Mercury were both retrograde, a period just under a week, all decision-making stopped.

The Saros cycle is important because it is the longest running recorded planetary phenomena, and eclipses are measured by the  cycle they fall within, with the first eclipse in the cycle setting the tone for all the others. Currently, we are in Saros cycle #117. It started on June 24, 1971, at the degree of 05.50 Cancer, the symbol of “an automobile wrecked by a train. ”  Marc Jones writes that 06 Cancer shows a genius for reorganization but also needs to be wary of insensitive recklessness, which makes all solar eclipses since then until the next cycle starts in 2054 carry that mark — the periods do not run consecutively, but overlap.  The next significant Saros alignment is supposed to be around the year 2200; some of us today will be there to witness that; I will not be among you.

Another thing about eclipses is noticing which equinox the eclipse falls near. Ours fall near the autumnal one, September 21st, so this suggests, according to Ptolemy, that the fall harvest will be impacted.


                    From Saros to CME and back again

Eclipses have a profound impact on living creatures and weather patterns. This disruption, makes many animals react to the drop in temperature by going to bed earlier than normal. I noticed that my birds did grow quieter and went back to the coop while many of my flowering herbs closed up for the night as well.

Human beings do not follow that pattern; instead, they get rather excited & flustered, with some people lapsing into fits insanity or do extraordinary things (lunacy). The reason for the difference is an interesting foray into zoology and way beyond my scope,  but astrophysicists know that the CME effect is known for affecting weather patterns, but astrophysicists, cannot predict how.

                  The Bungula  Effect

This eclipse found the sun & the moon at 29 Leo conjunct to the Fixed Triple Star of Regulus. Regulus is a blue and white star; Texas’s state flag is like the US national flag and red white and blue, so nothing there, but Regulus has very Jupiterian nature and often photographs orangey red. It is a rather captivating image the blue and white of Texas being pounced upon by red exuberance of Jupiter. Well, it works for me.

These three planets found in the Ninth House at the time of the eclipse, suggest that the eclipse itself would be very abundant and long traveling. They were also square to 24 Scorpio, the eclipses watery Ascendant, and the Fixed Star Bungula and that was going to prove rather important for Houston.

Bungula is a double star system, white and yellow and it is the brightest star in the constellation of Alpha Centauri. It is said to bestow a Venusian and Jupiterian effect giving the time a feeling of friendship and refinement. Bungula, great name isn’t it?, is also the closest star to the Earth other than the sun at 4.2 light years away.

That worked for the Eclipse. People traveled, parties and weddings occurred, and everyone had a summer holiday. Bungula made the Eclipse fun and the horoscope for the week before showed everyone gearing up for the big day.

                        Houston, we got a problem

Houston is the fourth largest city in the US.  It is also a major refining & financial center, so every meteorologist worth his salt was trying to figure out when and where Harvey would hit. Originally they forecast at night further down the coast at Corpus Christi, but   as the Moon was via combusta and in horary astrology,  ithas long been said that that no charts should be done during that time, we joked at Sabian Earth about how far off the pundits would be and felt that the Category 8 that they were calling for would be just lots and lots of rain.

Harvey hit in the morning at Houston.

And rain it did.  Harvey fell upon Houston’s second house and with gay abandon.  Jupiter flooded the lowlands ands made the city’s inhabitants see red.  As the planet was also square the transformative Pluto, the city took on the look of an aquarium.

la grange.png

It is not uncommon that a Solar Eclipse is found with Jupiter according to Sky & Telescope, but how it would affect things is another thing.

As the eclipse’s Sun & Moon at 28 degrees of Leo  was now in Houston’s First House on the ascendant &  sextile the new transiting Moon in the Second.  Jupiter is still hanging on for the ride next to the Sagittarian Moon  and so Harvey travelled up the coast hidden by the via Combusta Moon & the rain came down not in the charts temperament type of a splash, but in buckets,  as watery Neptune hung out in the Seventh House of Public Harmony and Business Relationships,  and after weeks of angst, we all came together from neighboring states,  prayer and sent goods down to Houston.

All our best to those affected.  God Bless and keep you from harm.


vai combusta over houston.png




  1. Erlewine, Michael.  Solar Storms, Solar Flares.  Big Rapids, MI:  Startypes Publishing, 2012.  page 43.
  2. An important additional step to the cereal box eclipse viewer is covering it with either brown paper bagging or gift wrap otherwise the box is not dark enough to truly see the little speck move.  It is also good to have a place to lean again as eclipses are long and changes are you will grow tired.
  3. Rochberg, Francesca, Ph.D.  The Heavenly Writing: Divination, Horoscopy, and Astronomy in Mesopotamian.  Cambridge, UK.  Cambridge University Press, 2004.


What an Eclipse! Charlottesville, the Civil War & Hurricane Harvey

The symbolism for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse is amazing, powerful , extraordinary, epic or whatever superlative you care to use, as each can apply.   I have used ‘is’ because although the actual eclipse is over, its psychological impact and physical effects are felt for a while — well until the next eclipse at the Chinese New Year in 2018.   I want to share how I interpret the eclipse symbolism and that of Hurricane Harvey, as I believe both are associated.

start of eclipse.png

The most obvious signature of the eclipse is its path across the American continent. The total eclipse phase began near  Government Camp, Oregon at 10:16:55 AM PDT, August 21, and ended near Charleston, South Carolina at 2:49 AM EDT.  The total eclipse perfectly bracketed the continental United States.  Can you  imagine, conceive of anything, anything at all, that could announce more clearly:  “America they made especially this one for you, Wake Up!”

Solar Eclipse 8-21-17

The path of the eclipse bisected the continent, symbolically depicting how divided the country is politically, economically and socially.  Carbondale, Illinois, the point of the greatest duration of the eclipse while not the geographic center of the continent represents ‘heart of the country’ in the Land of Lincoln. As the eclipse moved eastward, it crossed the infamous 36°30′  latitude east of Nashville, where coincidentally General Andrew Jackson had his famous duel with Charles Dickinson, but also the latitude established by the Missouri Compromise of 1820 as the northern limit of black subjugation in the United States (see below).


Still going east, the eclipse crossed the South Carolina coastline near Charleston, grazing right by Fort Sumter,  the start of Civil War hostilities, and then total phase ended, kapoof!  and a partial eclipse begins.

The maximum point of the eclipse was Hopkinsville, Kentucky right about the 36’30 mark

As NASA explains it , a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between Earth and the sun, blocking our view of the sun. The sun’s corona, its upper atmosphere, is  still visible, and that created the “halo” effect that we see. The event can take up to three hours from beginning to end, while the exact moment that the moon covers the sun lasts around two minutes and 40 seconds.  The states in the path of totality are (from west to east) Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

A partial eclipse OTOH, is when the moon never completely covers the sun.


Astrologers believe, that there is a connection between celestial phenomena and terrestrial life, the famous esoteric dictum “as above so below” making this powerful eclipse a clear signal from the divine that humanity,  in particular Americans, must rise above this current state of divisiveness and come together, and work together for the ‘greater good’ i.e. the ‘common good’.

We do not have to create a role model to guide us in this critical endeavor, because we have the teaching of Jesus Christ who tells in Mark 12:29-34

One of the scribes came, and heard them questioning together. Knowing that he had answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the greatest of all?” 29 Jesus answered, “The greatest is, ‘Hear, Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one: 30 you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. 31 The second is like this, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

World English Bible.
Great Eclipse Terminus
The Great Eclipse terminus at Charleston, SC.  Note that Neptune is semisquare Uranus in the fifth house where it is accidentally in detriment.

As the eclipse moves across the continent, the location it in the zodiacal houses also shifts.  In Oregon the Sun and Moon are in third and fourth houses — communications, brotherhood and home.  When the eclipse hits Carbondale they are conjunct in the seventh house of opportunities and partnership and at Hopkinsville, the latitude crossing, things have not yet changed, but at Fort Sumter while still conjunct, the luminaries at in the ninth house of higher self and education.

This suggests that it starts off with the people in the fourth, goes to the seventh and the Judicial and ends with the legislative branch of Congress.  Of course the star Regulus is  exactly aspected, showing the Executive Branch, but the key is that the people are starting the eclipse  and they want the power and voice to make the changes not have it dictated to them from on high.

                                                  Richard Tarnas on Uranus & Neptune

Richard Tarnas writes in Cosmos and Psyche about the nature of Uranus and Neptune from an archetype point of view stating that this  cycle correlates with the emergence of utopian social visions and movements …a connection to  Uranus’s Promethean impulse towards  creative experiment and innovation united with  Neptune’s idealism, hope, spiritual inspiration, “dissolving of conventional boundaries and structures and the imagination of a perfect harmony and unity to be realized  in the human community.”

In the Terminus chart,  Neptune is exactly semi-square to Uranus in the fifth house, and  square the eclipse ascendant.  Neptune also opposes a retrograde Mercury on the tenth house cusp from the 4th House.  This semi-square though is the delusion of  what was “seeded” at the epochal conjunction back in April 1992 when the Los Angeles Riots began (the LA white officers were let off from bullying the black Terry White with excessive force).

Inked1992 la riots_LI.jpg

Professor Tarnas writes that while people are seeking, desire a better world there is no consensus as to what that world should look like or how to get there.  Mr. Trump, is the expression, shall I say a negative expression, of this Uranus impulse for freedom and rebellion.  I believe karmically that DJ Trump is a catalyst for change.

Two Bi-Wheel Charts to think about………

FortSumter Solar Eclipse

     Bi Wheel with Fort Sumter, inner, and the Solar Eclipse, outer

One feature that really stands out ot me is the exact conjunction of Pluto with the North Node of the Fort Sumter chart.  The North Node is the most dynamic point in a chart, as it symbolizes the  “the reason for it all”.  Pluto is the archetype of ‘power’ in the chart, hence we see here an intersection of “destiny and power” occurring at this time and place.

Uranus opposing Jupiter of the eclipse chart conjunct the Fort Sumter sun, forming a T Cross with Pluto, North Node.   The eclipse falls in the 6th House, conjunct the Fort Sumter Saturn.  This highlights the sixth house, that is a place of illness and maladjustment,  but also labour & and service highlighting that  that now is the time to get busy with “working on the illness that caused the Civil War” i.e. the divisive tactics and philosophies that lead to a war of racism and hatred.   It means, stop making the immigrants a tool of politics!


                             A Bi-Wheel of the USA, and Eclipse

In this bi-wheel  Saturn, as it rises is triggers  the Mars square Neptune in the USA chart, and the eclipse Neptune is conjunct the fourth House applying to an opposition with the USA Neptune.  Being a Texan, I am flooded with reports of what is happening in Houston and to me, this is the  signature of Hurricane Harvey.  The fourth house represents the “real estate” of the nation and “the people” are “under water” from the floods of Neptune particularly as Harvey hit the poorer sections of Houston and in particular the refugee camps as they wait for reassignment into America.

I close with a prayer for all the people and living beings in the Gulf Coast area that are so terribly impacted by the hurricane;  may they all be sustained and survive this disaster.

The only ray of light I see in this is that it, like every national disaster, is an opportunity for people to come together, put aside their differences, to help,work, and care for each other,  together as caring and loving human beings.

We constantly vet our essays for accuracy.  This one was updated on June 26 2018.

Nodes, Wobbles, Eclipses and Jean Harlow

The Moon’s Nodes are retrograde more often than they are direct, pulling on the subconscious life and trying to integrate them with current life situations. When the nodes are direct, there is a “karmic, straight-path forward manifestation”   Most software allows you to chose either Mean or True nodes the difference is Mean Nodes are always retrograde and are averaged out to ignore wild perturbations, while True nodes are just true just twice a month, when the moon crosses the ecliptic, and demonstrate the relationship between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.

Carl Payne Tobey and the Wobble

Astrologer Carl Payne Tobey (1902-1980) discovered in in a vast number of major disasters when the Sun and Moon are square the Moon’s Nodes.                         

Tobey wrote that just using the “conjunction” was a mistake, that the real key was T- Square against the nodal axis to the Sun (the two nodes will always be in opposition — the nodal axis — so it their square that makes the difference). He called this a “Moon Wobble,” because, the Moon is “wobbling” in its path by declination.   Tobey wrote that we experience a significant likelihood of massive environmental damage with loss of life and property when the Sun forms an aspect to the nodes of 0°, 90°, or 180°; he also increased the nodal orb to five degrees from the traditional 1.

During the Wobble, the Sun creates an energy similar to that associated with the eclipses or the new or full moon. While the Dragon’s Head has a favorable astrological impression,  a melding of Venus and Jupiter, the Dragon’s Tail is malefic, blending Mars, Saturn & Uranus that undermine our best intentions, and encourage us to revert to karmic destructive or separative patterns.

                          Nodal Degrees

Tobey called the degree where the North Node is found was “Karmic”.  As shown below in the 1930’s actress Jean Harlow, she has a North Node at 11 Taurus 35 Taurus — according to Tobey the twelfth degree of very sign is the nodal degree — and he would look for aspects to it.  The South Node, opposite is an empathetic point in the horoscope, and not given the same amount of weight as its boreal brethren.  Tobey wrote, that when the Nodal Degree is activated by either a progression or transit, significant karmic events can be expected.  To illustrate this we will use Miss Harlow’s map as it fits the pattern almost perfectly.


                                   Nodal Returns

The Moon’s nodes move back by transit to their birth position once every 18.6 years. This means that in our 19th year, we have a Nodal Return as well as 37th, 55 1/2, 74th  and 93rd birthdays.

As the Nodes are an axis, halving this period gives the Nodal Opposition, the Counter-Nodal Return, when the transiting North Node is in conjunction with the natal South Node and vice versa. So our 9th birthday often symbolizes the end of childhood,  and out 18 ½ a graduation from high school.

The 28th birthday is the turn to Saturnine adulthood (or for Jean Harlow when genetics and her unfortunate habit of dyeing her hair with peroxide took its toll, read more at Slate about that).  The 37th – 55th is when we are established in our career and at our peak earning years. By our 66th year we traditionally retire and start to have some leeway in our life, when about at 9 years later at 74.5 illnesses, deaths or moving to a retirement home issues crop up.                     

The transiting nodal axis is the effect that others have on activating our chart — other people will be playing an important role in current situations. The difference is when a transiting planet is activating a natal nodes, the person  will be applying the energies ascribed to the planet,   but when the transiting nodes affect a natal planet an outside influence triggers them.

Jean Harlow

In Miss Harlow’s chart, she has a North Node in the Eighth House conjunct Saturn.  The Eighth normally the home of Scorpio and sex appeal but it is also a house of legacies.  Here, Harlow has a NN suggests her strong sex appeal with Plutonian white hair and curvy figure that Mars would love (Pluto and Mars are the Lords of Scorpio) but as the NN is aligned with Venus and Jupiter, women instead of being jealous would agree!  Yes she is a blonde bombshell!  She’s gorgeous!  They would exclaim  and rush to the beauty parlor to emulate her.

 Capricorn hugging that NN would suggest at some point she would have to pay the piper for that allure, particularly as it is sextile Neptune, who never forgets an obligation for what the heavens so generously bestowed, but that always seems so far away particularly when one is young and pretty.

harlow obit.png
The “acute” sunburn in the New York Times obit was actually jaundice.

Speeding ahead to June 6 1937 (Jean died on the 7th) we see that North Node is in the same place as is Saturn and between them lovely Venus opposed by Jupiter at 14 Scorpio, the Ruler of the Eighth House suggesting an overload to her genio-urinary system.

harlow progressed.png

Jupiter square her progressed Mars at 13 Aquarius, the other Ruler of Scorpio, is in the Fifth House of creativity.  It is also Square her progressed NN suggesting a total attack on her internal system from an external agent — this is what ultimately killed her. Her Midheaven at 06 Cancer is sextile to the NN, in this case is not a good thing, because it is abetting the whole process of a kidney failure (with friends like these!)   The only good thing about this is that she was probably unconscious as with everything in Taurus, suggesting that talking was difficult, so we assume she was in a coma at that point.

the star comment on Harlow loss.png

The fateful “Nodal Degree” is at 12 Taurus, a symbol of “Window Shoppers” a symbol of human imagination in the sphere of self-awareness.  It’s keyword is visualization and represents positively, the potentials of human achievement but negatively, the realization that all desirable things (in this case life) are beyond one’s reach.



  1. Having viewed about 1000 charts now, I have not found that this Nodal agreement in natal charts works as well as it did for Miss Harlow.  But I will persevere nonetheless.
  2. Miss Jean Harlow is #433 in the Jones 1000.  Dr. Jones at 7:30 PM instead of our 7:40.
  3. Download Miss Jean Harlow dies here.
  4. Mr. Carl Payne Tobey’s lessons can be read here.  He wrote lots of magazine articles on his work, many of which were published in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine.
  5. The obit and memoriam clips are from the New York Times newspaper, Times Square, New York the June 8th, 1937 edition.