#585 Jockeying for Tommy Loates

Mr Tommy Loates is listed in the Jones 1000 as being born in Boston, Massachusetts on October 6, 1867, time unknown. Well, in all fairness, the date is correct but the town is not: Loates was born in Derby (pronounced Darby) England. We have rectified his time to 10:32 AM giving him a 26 Scorpio Rising, (HS) “the fate of the old King”. McClung writes … Continue reading #585 Jockeying for Tommy Loates

Nora should take her own medicine

Nora, a friend of ours with some of  her details are obscured at her request, is a humanist splash temperament type.  In this configuration oppositions are important according to Marc Jones, though he is rather vague as to why.  We guess the reason is that they are not biased to any one thing — the crosses keep them level-headed with no particular bent, but in … Continue reading Nora should take her own medicine

Ambassadress Nikki Haley wants to Splash

Our header picture is Nikki Haley with her family on the left and her husband’s on the left taken when she was governor of South Carolina.  Based on the pointsettias in the background, I imagine it was taken as a Christmas Holiday photo —  Mrs. Haley is a convert to Christianity but her parents remain Sikh. Her temperament type is rather striking.  She obviously wants … Continue reading Ambassadress Nikki Haley wants to Splash

Robert Redford twice

Bob Redford announced at 82 his retirement.  .  He has been acting since he was 22 starting out in Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone shows in the late 50’s — my particular favorite is with Dame Gladys Cooper in “Nothing in the Dark.” Like the other blond god, Steve McQueen, of 60-70’s cinema Redford dominated the Loew’s marquees and was a constant sellout.  Tickets were … Continue reading Robert Redford twice