Alan Turing & the machine

Alan Turing was born on June 23 1912 at 5:10 pm in London England. He was the son of a civil servant, and at educated a public school in England where his his genius in mathematics was apparent.

The Vertex is in the sixth house of Turing’s horoscope showing how when he work was taken from him he became very despondent and suicidal. Kurt Godel, another mathematician mentioned in this essay, fell into the same depression when Nazi Germany annexed Austria because of his close associations with his mentor Han Hahn, a prominent Jewish intellectual and leader of the Vienna Circle, and the prevailing belief he was also a Jew, and started to starve himself to death. Luckily for Godel, his marriage Adele Nimbursky,  got him out of Vienna and eventually to the safety of Princeton where he befriended Albert Einstein, but via Siberia.

Enter the machine

At nineteen Turing entered the University of Cambridge, Cambridge England, graduating in 1934 with a fellowship at King’s College for his research in probability theory. His paper “On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem [ Decision Problem of Austrian mathematician Kurt Godel published in 1931 at the University of Vienna that itself was a response to David Hilbert’s papers in 1921. Hilbert was the  founder of the “formalist” approach in Philosophy of Mathematics & advocated in 1921 that a researchers’ primary aim should be to establish mathematics on a solid and universal basis because of statements that could logically deduced because of their inherent truth. (“predicate” logic).

Alonzo Church at Princeton University, [Princeton, New Jersey] recommended Turing’s response despite his own published paper on the same topic and same conclusion because of Turing’s invention of the Turing machine to prove his conclusion. This machine (a reiterative logic machine similar in idea to the manual adding machine except that it reiteratively processed algorithms) is considered the forerunner of the “computer.”

A 1920’s adding machine.

Turing’s paper had an incredible effect on the scientific/mathematical community and he moved to Princeton for his Ph. D in mathematical logic under Church’s direction. He completed his studies in 1938 right before the outset of World War II.

Astrologically Turing

Turing is a Splay temperament type with a Grand Trine in Air (Gemini in the 12th, Uranus in the 8th and the Moon in the 5th). He has a preponderance of Quintiles in his chart — or the ability to create order and pattern out of nothing. Two others with this preponderance is Marc Edmund Jones and Professor Donald Knuth, a recipient of the A.C.M. Alan Turing Award — aka the Nobel Prize of Computer Science.

The quintile preponderance is found in people who have a a fascination with patterns and structures, tend to be perfectionists and who have a desire to build or make things. John Addey’s work on the 5th Harmonic was a major factor in exploring this zodiacal division first discovered by Johannes Kepler.


  • The RicR is the Richenda (Ricki) Reeves’ 165 aspect since what to call it is much debated — see Lynn Koiner and Philip Graves on their preferred names and a Qdec is Kepler’s 24 degree angle.

Mathematics Man, E. T. Bell

Our header picture of E. T. Bell is from the Constance Reid biography on him, taken when he was a freshman at Stanford, then a free college.

Bell was born February 7, 1883, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and died December 21, 1960, Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, California. He emigrated to the United States in 1902 at the age of 19 and immediately enrolled at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California where after two years he earned his bachelor’s degree. Then there is a 4 year repast before he received he went to the University of Washington in 1908, even his biographer does not why he chose this school, and in 1 year received his masters. Another break, and another school. This time on the side of the country at Columbia University, New York City where in one more year he finished his doctorate.

Immediately after receiving his doctorate, Bell accepted a position back at his alma mater the University of Washington where he taught mathematics until 1926 when received an appointment as professor of mathematics at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.

During the intervening academic years, Bell married and tried his hand as a mule skinner, ranch hand, surveyor, and teacher. He and his wife had one son, Taine Temple Bell, M.D. From 1931 to 1933 he served as president of the Mathematical Association of America.

Asteroid San Jose is at 17 Capricorn 17 trine Asteroid Aberdeen at 17 Aries 21. Reid mentions that Bell felt a strong connection to San Jose and Stanford. Bell is a splay temperament type with a Grand Trine in Earth offset by a preponderance in Aquarius and a Pisces ascendant. He has nothing in fire, splays often are missing one element (only planets count). Marc Jones though agreed with jean Baptiste Morin that was what missing was as important as what was found in the horoscope, and a he wrote that an absence of fire signs was an indication of a person’s underlying need to create experiences for himself — i.e. exactly what Bell did not only in his gap academic years but also in his writing life — and mask a fundamental timidity or desire to evade direct questioning.

Dr. Bell is best known as the author of Men of Mathematics (still actively in print) but he also wrote Mathematics, Queen and Servant of Science (1951 and currently out of print) and a history of Fermat’s last theoremThe Last Problem (1961 out of print). This last book is interesting as it was 33 years later by Dr. Andrew Wiles with an assist from Richard Taylor that Fermat’s theorem was proved.

Bell was a published science fiction author, under the pen name of John Taine. His The Time Stream (1946 also out of print) was the most popular. . Basil Davenport, writing in The New York Times, said Taine was “one of the first real scientists to write science-fiction [and who] did much to bring it out of the interplanetary cops-and-robbers stage.

#195 Rectifying Prince Charles of Wales, Duke of Cornwall & Duke of Rothesay

On November 14, 1948, the Prince of Wales was born in Buckingham, sometime in the evening. Princess Elizabeth was just 22 & in labour for 30 hours during which time his father gallantly played squash with his private secretary in Buckingham’s indoor courts, until the baby’s head was crowned and then rushed to the spot. That was probably a good use of nervous energy as back then men were not allowed in the natarium.

When the princess woke up from her anaesthetic, gave Philip her a bouquet of red roses and carnations. He also declared that Charles resembled “a plum pudding.” (Charles’s birth was the first royal birth not attended by the British Home Secretary, who in earlier times was required to be present to witness and verify the births of royal children.)

At 10 PM a Royal guard announced “Yes it is a boy.” At 11:45 Queen Mary left the mother and child, jubilant. The actual time is unknown and it most probable that the guard made the announcement after the Princess awoke so she could enjoy the news.

The correct time for Prince Charles. giving him an ascendant of Gemini 27 and a part of fortune 20 Capricorn in the 8th house. The PoF has a semi sextile to its house ruler Mars on the 8th house cusp, showing how he will not come into his own until the Queen, Saturn in Virgo, reposes. He is a SPLAY temperament type. Venus in the 5th shows how he married Diana for children and wanted Harry to be a girl, so he would be like his parents and him and Anne.

Marriage Chart

The rectified Charles against his marriage to Diana. Her chart and details are here. Looking at his synastry, there is no doubt that this marriage would not last. Diana was too ethereal and naive while Charles wanted to dispel these fancies with his mature wisdom. Outside of their children, they had little in common, and probably argued about their upbringing as well. Her Moon is in his 12th house of imprisonment — she was not used to Royal protocol and requirements and chaffed under them. His Sun’s Ruler was near her midheaven so she was obviously meant for him, but jealous about his infidelity with Camilla Bowles Parker. That he required her to be chaste, faithful and secluded while had no such requirements for himself, was a major problem in this modern Royal marriage. He should have followed his father’s footsteps more closely in that regard and things would have ended up much better.

The Standard Prince of Wales chart

Currently accepted time

Elizabeth Taylor twice

This time does not match ET.

After reading Randy Taborelli’s bio of Elizabeth Taylor, I noticed that she has two birth-times. One is 2:30 AM in London and the other is 7:56 in the evening that was rectified by Adrienne Ziegler and the Church of Light. There are several things wrong with Ziegler’s rectification but the most striking is Taylor does not have a Grand Trine in Water with the Ziegler chart, a salient feature of Ms. Taylor’s life (always crying, pouting, yelling and throwing tantrums) and of course her remarkable beauty (that a Grand Trine bestows).

The 2:30 AM OTOH has the Grand Water Trine and makes her a lovely splay temperament type. At this time Taylor gets a 15 Sagittarius (Two dutch children talking, a degree of confidence in any situation) rising; with Ziegler’s chart she had 04 Libra (a group around the campfire the symbol of her amiability and morale building skills, just ask Debbie Reynolds about that).

Pick this time for ET’s birth chart. It works.

Defrocking Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

Theodore McCarrick was an Archbishop Emeritus of Newark New Jersey and part of the College of Cardinals that elected the current pope.

“The story ” related by a priest to Rod Dreher of the American Conservative and author of how Dante Can Save your Life, was that “McCarrick had a habit of compelling seminarians to share his bed for cuddling”.   These allegations did not involve sexual molestation, but were clearly unwanted sexual harassment. To refuse the archbishop’s bedtime entreaties would be to risk your future as a priest was the priest’s inference.

                                                   Mapping McCarrick

His father died when he was 3 years old of tuberculosis and he was raised by his mother in the Bronx, where he was born on July 7 1930. His birthtime is unpublished, but we have pegged him at slightly after midnight and gave him a 01 Aries rising.

His chart shows no AIR — headless actions –with a Grand Trine in Fire rather aggressive and impetuous. The setup is a Splash temperament type with an strong preponderance in the fourth house of Cancer because he does have a strong opposition from Mercury to Saturn in the tenth. Saturn is exalted there, in its essential tenth house and found in Capricorn.  

Near the midheaven, this setup suggests that he was well liked by older established men in the Church hierarchy. His Part of Fortune is in the eighth house that shows a strong upward momentum in his career but is marked by the ruler of Scorpio opposing it from the second. Here we see that the greater his ambitions the less he was checked in his appetites and with Mars in Taurus gives him a strong propensity for easy pickings in familiar surroundings.

It is an interesting chart for if was consider the Ascendant and Descendant as points, we get a Grand Square, though notice that McCarrick has no overt oppositions,  and thus does not have a natural disposition, making his Grand Square hidden and lurking under the surface.

                                 Do the transits expose McCarrick?

To see if our idea is correct, about the hidden grand square, let’s go fast forward to the date of Dreher article on June 20 2018. It came out on the heels of an allegation that the Cardinal sexually abused a teenage altar boy 47 years ago while serving as a priest in New York. The 60 year old man said that the priest had been a friend of the family and was called “Uncle Ted”.   The boy had been baptized by the newly minted priest at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tenafly, New Jersey in June 1958.  

The abuse lasted nearly twenty years.

I don’t know where the American Conservative is published so we are setting the place for Newark were McCarrick served. Here in the transiting chart with McCarrick’s natal chart within the bi-wheel, we see that the hidden Grand Square becomes manifest, this time just using the Ascendant as the only point in the chart.

Marc Jones did not use the Ascendant for anything other than to pin down the all important first house of “Identity”, but plenty of other astrologers did like Vivian Robson, Charles Carter, and Alan Leo, and we agree with the British group finding that its absence in a chart often does not uncover as much information  as when it is used.

The two Saturns are almost exact, suggesting how long this took to be uncovered and perhaps McCarrick suffered from living too long. Saturn is squared the transiting Moon at 30 Scorpio that highlights this dramatic point in his life — the old lion honored and well respected suddenly has his worst fears “uncovered” by his subordinates (sixth house rules servants and underlings). It gets worse.

That Moon is now square 04 Jupiter in Cancer (many people) and 30 Gemini in the third, demanding justice and retribution because of McCarrick’s hypocrisy. But it’s a transiting chart and that means that this was going on, or could be for many others, how do we know that this is pertinent towards him? First transiting Saturn at 07 partile Natal Saturn at 08 both conjunct his Midheaven at 01. Second, everything goes rounds the circle at meets once again at his Ascendant 01 Aries, a seal rising up to embrace a nude bather.

McCarrick and “nephew” in 1973 at the boy’s family home in Teaneck. The embrace is ironic considering McCarrick’s ascendant.  The picture is from the family archives.  The boy was then 15.  It is very unusual for a man to hold his son at the waist, that is typically for husband and wife.  More typical would be a father embracing him at the shoulders, as though to infer, a beloved pat for a job well done.

The Ascendant for the transiting chart, highlighted in yellow at the bottom is opposite the twin Saturn’s on top showing public exposure,and conjunct his natal Sun. There is no doubt that the transits were pinpointing just one person right then, and it was Theodore Edgar McCarrick.

                                              The Vatican Response

A month later, on July 28, 2018, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the Cardinal and ordered him to a “life of prayer and penance.” The pope officially suspended the cardinal from the exercise of any public ministry after receiving his resignation letter Friday evening and demanded that the prelate remain in seclusion “until the accusations made against him are examined in a regular canonical trial.”

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has not responded to calls for broader reform since the allegations against Cardinal McCarrick were made public.

The president of the conference, Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo, released a statement saying that the pope’s acceptance of the resignation “reflects the priority the Holy Father places on the need for protection and care for all our people and the way failures in this area affect the life of the Church in the United States.” We can only pray that is true.

We constantly vet our posts for accuracy whether it be in grammar, typos or fact.  This one was revised on February 19 2019.

#220 Jackie Coogan aka The Kid is Uncle Fester

John Leslie Coogan (October 26, 1914 – March 1, 1984) was an American actor and comedian who began his movie career as a child actor in Charlie Chaplin’s film classic The Kid (1921).  This made him one of the first child stars in film history.





Later on he sued his mother and stepfather over his squandered film earnings and provoked California to enact the first known legal protection for the earnings of child performers, widely known as the Coogan Act. Coogan continued to act throughout his life, later earning renewed fame in middle age portraying Uncle Fester in the Addams Family.

koch coogan.png

Last week I went to a seminar on Chiron by Brad Kochunas at SOTA in Cheektowaga, New York.  He gave the history of Chiron from its astronomical discovery to its astrological descriptions showing how originally it was supposed to mean “maverick” and then someone with the advent of Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, both coming out the year before, changed that to “culture changer.”

I had to agree with Kochunas that the amount of ideas, names and identities to Chiron is mind boggling and often stymies me as well on how to use him, but “culture changer,” or “breaker” rang home for the next slide was the album Never Mind the Bollocks by Johnny Rotten and I remembered how the 70’s had an ongoing rivalry between Poco, the Allman Brothers,  and the Eagles vs. Ramones,  and the Sex Pistols & the Clash.  Of course it was not that simple, there was Disco and Saturday Night Fever that perhaps influenced Close Encounters and all the coloured lights, but that was really another venue and not a major change in pop music.



Looking at Jackie Coogan’s chart, it is very noticeable that Chiron, our culture maker-breaker is right on his first house conjunct his Ascendant in Koch format.  The time is from Elbert Benjamine and the Church of Light via Coogan’s mother.  The other on is at 3:00 pm; we are going with Mom.

His Grand Trine does not fit the typical quadruplicity rules: the sun is fixed water in Scorpio, Uranus is in its Lord in fixed air in Aquarius but Pluto (also not discovered until Coogan started his petition on September 26 1936) is in cardinal water in the fourth house, sort of suggesting that he woke up and got that trine active.  Coogan is a Splay temperament type.

Zain notes:

  1. In 1919 Jackie gamed fame playing the Kid in Charlie Chaplin’s The Kid.   His Sun is square Uranus RX in the 5th and Mercury is conjunct Mars in different houses, Mars in creative Scorpio and Mercury in his higher calling of Sagittarius showing he will suffer some hard knocks as he matures.
  2. 1925 At 11 years of age, Jackie left the movies for ten years.  He has Sun square Jupiter RX and Venus sextile Jupiter RX.
  3. In 1937, now 23, Jackie went on a vaudeville tour.  Venus transiting conjunct Venus RX.
  4. Next year, May 15 1938, Jackie sued without avail mother and stepfather for an accounting of the money he had earned.  Venus is the Court conjunct Venus natal, Mercury in the 2nd, square Uranus Rx.
  5. He won on appeal in 1939 and the Coogan Law was put into effect to protect figure young actors from finding themselves in the same situations as Jackie.  Unfortunately this edition of the law was flawed.

  1. It was not until 2000, nearly twenty years after Chiron was discovered, that the Coogan Law was updated that 15% of all minor’s earning must be set aside in a blocked trust account commonly called the Coogan account.

#344 Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch

Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch is credited with the man who ended the War to end all Wars — World War i in the Allies favour.  He was born on October 2, 1851 in Tarbes, France.  Tarbes is a commune in the Hautes-Pyrénées department in the Occitanie region of southwestern France and the capital of Bigorre. It has been a commune since 1790.  Tarbes was known as Turba or Tarba in Roman times and is part of the historical region of Gascony.


Marc Jones cites his time as 10 PM at night, but we found at 1 PM in the afternoon works far better.  This gives the Field Marshall an ascendant 0f 1.27 Capricorn, that  is represented by “three stained glass windows, with one damaged by bombardment.”  It memorializes his mark on history and the vision Foch had for the responsibility of exalting the abstract of peace over human greed.  It’s key word is commemoration, which is what the header image, and below in full aspect, honors.

                                                Delving in Foch

He is a Splay Temperament Type, always able like a cat to land on his feet as shown by Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven in the tenth house of Scorpio.  His Line of Efficiency is square showing that he was always looking for a way to get an advantage, that worked well as a military commander.  The lord of his ascendant Saturn is somewhat debilitated in the fourth house but it is buttressed by Uranus, independent thinking, and Pluto, transforming his environment.  Nonetheless Saturn is opposite Jupiter forming his line of motivation and its point focus is a weak Moon in Capricorn.  Mars too is not in a welcoming sign in Cancer and forms and opposition to the Moon.

So how did he pull this off?  Neptune is exalted in its lord of Pisces in the second house showing that his devout loyalty to his homeland.  It in turn is trine Jupiter in the midheaven giving him great adaptability and of course the trine works like a large magic net as it envelopes and protects him.  Finally the Mars opposition to his Ascendant mobilizes his will power and tenacity with a steely grit that feeds into a second grand Trine, this time in Earth.  So the two trines, one in water and the other in earth, should make water, but they in Foch’s case seem instead to be a fast moving flywheel that spins off all dirt, clutter and debris allowing his Mercury, the only unaspected planet in his chart, to work freely and without inencumbrance.

foch chart.png

                                                        Early years

The son of a civil servant, his family had originally lived in Valentine, in the Comminges area to which he returned annually. As a young child, he was inspired by the stories of the campaigns of his maternal grandfather, who had been an officer during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras, and by the age of six he was reading the descriptions of military battles he found in historical works.

In 1869 he entered the Jesuit school of Saint-Clément in Metz in order to prepare for the entrance examination for the Polytechnic School. In Metz the experience of France’s defeat in the Franco-German War left an indelible impression on him. In 1871, after the armistice, he was forced to live alongside the victorious German soldiers who were there as French Metz had become a German city. His pain and anger made him resolve to become a soldier and return Metz and the whole of the Lorraine region to France.

After the war Foch was showered with honours, including being made marshal of Great Britain and Poland. Metz and Lorraine were French again.  Foch is buried near Napoleon under the dome of the Church of Saint-Louis, in the Invalides in Paris.  The statue of the Field Marshall Foch in Grosvenor Square, London, England.

the great Field Marshall Ferdinand Foch

The Splay of Dame Maggie Smith

The header image of Dame Maggie Smith is from 1972 and a movie called the Millionairess.  Never saw it.

Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie is a Splay Temperament Type.  That means she has no oppositions in her chart, and a Grand Trine — both are requirements.  Typically we have found that one of the trines is in a triad of their own like Uranus in the Ninth House for her giving the first impression of a bucket with * handle.  On closer inspection, like hers, the handle opposition (to Jupiter here) is too wide of its mark — we use the Robson/ Jones eight degrees and this opposition is about eleven and out.

Splays have a tendency of being rather independent people, as their wheel is self-continuing and we have found that the first spoke of the wheel the key to how they get their spark and interest to set off the rest of the map into motion.  In Dame Maggie’s chart, we see that is Neptune in the first house, giving her a rather romantic view of the world, based on our rectification of 09 Virgo.  Her Moon at 05 Libra, tells us that both sides of her life will find her happily in the spotlight, early one it was in the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and lately it has been through the Harry Potter series and Downtown Abbey.

Her second spoke Venus in Capricorn suggests that she has innate love of order and classical tailoring; both of her brothers are architects and she originally studied to be one as well.  Her third spoke right on the Eighth-Ninth Cusp tells us that she requires a career to be something that is fully challenging and allows her travel but with that square to Saturn in the Sixth House be fairly vigorous and demanding.

Download the chart of Margaret Natalie Smith

Reading New Orleans’s DA Jim Garrison

Jim Garrison was born four and half years after President John Kennedy and about a thousand miles away, but as a quirk of fate would have it, they became intertwined through the President’s murder. In late 1960’s he became quite a cause celebre because of his speculation that Oswald did not fire the gun, and so was not the lone gunmen, but instead someone killed him from the infamous grassy knoll. He then posited that the CIA, headed then by George H.W. Bush, covered up the real story. Thirty years later before he died, director Oliver Stone took up his theory and made a very long movie on it; Kevin Costner starred as Garrison.

The New York Times, did not care for Garrison or his story even  when Stone cinematized it.  In a review by John P. Mackenzie in 1991.. They wrote:

In an unworthy attempt to showcase his personal theories about the murder of John F. Kennedy, a self-promoter named Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney in 1967, concocted conspiracy charges against a retired local businessman named Clay Shaw. Mr. Garrison alleged that the crime in Dallas had been hatched in New Orleans by Mr. Shaw, Lee Harvey Oswald and another man.

Two years later a jury, after a month long trial and a closing oration from Mr. Garrison, took only 50 minutes to acquit. The jurors concluded that, whatever doubts they might have had about the Warren Commission’s finding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, Mr. Garrison had utterly failed to link Mr. Shaw to any crime.

A day later the unchastened D.A. filed a perjury case, charging Mr. Shaw with lying when he denied meeting with or knowing his alleged co-conspirators. A Federal judge took the rare step of finding “bad faith” on Mr. Garrison’s part and enjoined the second prosecution. Mr. Shaw died in 1974, thus ending his own suit charging a malicious Garrison prosecution and gross violation of his constitutional rights. He had a strong case of fabricated evidence, perjured testimony and abuse of power over the local legal machinery. In fact Mr. Garrison’s sins were worse than that: He had appropriated another human being to make a self-serving political statement.

Oliver Stone’s new movie “JFK” not only fails to concede this evil but perpetuates it. About the only suggestion of a moral problem for the prosecutor, played by Kevin Costner, is expressed by his alienated wife, played by Sissy Spacek. She accuses her husband of picking on Mr. Shaw because he’s gay and supposedly vulnerable. But by the end of 3 hours and 20 minutes on the screen, she too accepts the “value” of his mission.

Mr. Stone is as careless with the truth as is his hero. He depicts the prosecutor’s fabrications as actual events, and adds fabrications of his own. Like the D.A., Mr. Stone is indifferent to the rights of the accused and cynical in denying Clay Shaw his humanity. The movie is ostensibly dedicated to truth; instead it revives a malicious prosecution and, like the prosecutor, uses Clay Shaw to promote a theory of grand conspiracy. Allegations of conspiratorial meetings with Mr. Oswald and others, which would have convicted Mr. Shaw if the jury had believed them, are portrayed on the screen as actually happening. The movie also depicts as true a policeman’s contention that Mr. Shaw, after his arrest, admitted using the alias “Clay Bertrand.”

Mr. Stone glosses quickly over the jury’s ringing “not guilty,” strikes up triumphal music and ends the film with a written epilogue. It says that in 1979 Richard Helms, then Director of Central Intelligence at the time of the Shaw prosecution, admitted that contrary to the defendant’s testimony, Mr. Shaw had “worked for” the C.I.A. But Mr. Shaw was a C.I.A. “contact,” like many businessmen and academics who are sometimes debriefed when returning from abroad.

Lee Harvey Oswald is accurately quoted as contending that he was a “patsy” in the Kennedy case, a victim of a frame-up. Prosecutors and historians will long debate whether he was indeed the fall guy arrested to divert attention from a monstrous global conspiracy.

                                 The Garrison Map of Events

Looking just at the quadratures, the most striking thing about Jim Garrison, splay, is that he has no planets in the three earth signs: Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn and of course no oppositions (key for a splay).

Earth quadratures give a person a strong and perceptive decision-making process; Capricorn is the executive of the horoscope, with Taurus being the planner and Virgo the doer. Absent here, the lack of earth suggests that he was neither the most practical or industrious of men, but instead with five planets in the water trio he was compassionate and sensitive – more like a Don Quixote fighting windmills than a stolid Poncho Villa.

His Uranus is in the Fourth House , the same as President Kennedy, at 06 Pisces making him very concerned with end of life matters that end unusually. Trine his Pluto in Cancer in the Eighth and then trine again his Ascendant at 07 Scorpio, this Grand Water Trine,. Was very sensitive to emotions, both his owns and those of others – particularly those on large patriotic scale. Water signs operate on the deepest the most unconscious level, and these feelings probably swelled within him forming a mission (Neptune at the Midheaven) that he felt honor bound to pursue.

Yet his chart is a bit askew. He is not all honour and noble-minded as his demeanour suggest.  Garrison has a lot of planets in the last quadrant of his chart, suggesting he had many things to hide himself, and  used the trial as a way escape those questions.   His Uranus in Pisces is square his Venus and Mercury suggesting unusual amours and sexual leanings, maybe his attack on Clay Shaw was a way to make himself seem above reproach and muddy the waters. It is hard to say, though that particular square composition does suggest that.

New Orleans in the 1960’s was a wild and libertine then as it is now, (our header shot shows New Orleans in 1963)  and Clay Shaw being homosexual in that town, was not the same as if he was in Boston or Chattanooga, but why Garrison showed up there, and not Chicago or Minneapolis is interesting.  Conceivably his arrival in the Big Easy coincided with his work with the FBI.

Garrison’s chart does tell us, with the Moon in the Eleventh House, that he loved the attention of the trial and conjunct Saturn suggests that he did not act totally on his own, but had some guidance and help. At six foot six he was definitely an imposing figure that had to galvanize spectator and large people tend to have booming voices that carry well also. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Garrison’s chart create a Line of Motivation (Jones re-termed the Line from book to book) and it seems the D. A. felt compelled to make his actions matter and establish himself as moral character, probably another reason for both the job in New Orleans and the Bureau. Others who have this aspect are Emperor Hirohito of Japan and Walt Disney though only Hirohito has it in a different house – the Twelfth.

The D.A. lost his bid in re-election to Harry Connick, sr. He died October 21, 1992 in New Orleans of heart failure. He was seventy years old. He left behind his wife, Elizabeth, and five children.

Johnny Carson devoted an entire “Tonight” show to interviewing Mr. Garrison, whose nickname was the “Jolly Green Giant”  and talking about his accusations of a guerrilla band of mysterious figures on the grassy knoll at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the possibility of shots from a sewer, photographic analysis and the involvement of the Dallas police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, C.I.A., Secret Service and Texas oil millionaires.

The Clay Shaw trial itself involved strange characters. One key witness died under mysterious circumstances. Others refused to repeat on the stand the statements that Mr. Garrison’s investigators had attributed to them. One witness, a psychologist, testified that he had regularly fingerprinted his daughter to make sure a spy had not taken her place.

Several students of the Kennedy assassination said that even though Mr. Garrison’s was seriously flawed, he served as a positive force in focusing attention on the inadequacies of the Warren Commission and pressing for the release of many still-confidential documents .  =======  from his obit.


DA Garrison’s wheel.pdf

Wonderful Ann Sothern


download Ann-sothern‘s chart

Her real name was Harriette Lake.  She took Ann from her mother and Sothern from the great Shakespearean actor, E. H. Sothern.  I happened to catch her last night on a Alfred Hitchcock Present TV program with John Cassavettes called “Waters Edge. annsothern She was a solid actress, a good comedienne — she was best friends with Lucille Ball and in a two year period made eighteen films.   She died in Ketchum, Idaho March 15,2001 at 92.

You can read her whole obituary over here at the New York Times.  All of this reminded me how much I adored her when I was young, so after seeing the Hitchcock show, I rectified her chart.  Sometimes you cannot help yourself, it is such a fun hobby.  I heartily recommend it.

hariette lake.png   
                      What the Chart says

Her Ascendant at 26 Pisces according to McClung’s Hyperion Symbols is “School boys kicking a soccer ball” and suggest creative resources that motivates the native to undreamt goals.  Despite her Pisces ascendant, she is heavily Air and Earth, that gives her a cool practicality.

She has a Splay/Tripod Temperament Type that also helps keep her grounded; she looks more to her own sense of fulfillment in her work than applause.  She has a strong Line of Vitality that makes sense because of her great health and long life.  Her Line of Personality is in opposition that according to Mark Edmund Jones suggests she   acts responsibly and has no problem with hard work.0iykt5w946h849ht.jpg

Her acting persona tapped into her need to search for truth in expression (Pluto 24.10 Gemini, third house).  Sextile her Neptune in the fourth, she found that this career, Venus in the tenth opposite her Neptune in the fourth, was taxing to her normally happy self, and probably resulted in her drinking.  Billy the Kidd, the famous outlaw, has a similarly afflicted Neptune.  Her Mercury in the twelfth house,  that silvery lord of Gemini, suggests that her work lives beyond her:  adventure writer Jack London has a similar Mercury but no corresponding Line of Vitality and drank himself to death at half her age.


You can see more of Anne and other vintage Hollywood beauties over here on Photobucket.  Makes me think I will watch the Ann Sothern Show today; I have never seen it, but the episode Touch of Larceny looks promising. Click here and you can join me.