Studio Canal + Patrick DeWaere

This chart shows French actor, Patrick Dewaere’s natal chart inside and his suicide chart on the out. What is stunning is that they both have fixed cosmic crosses, or grand squares that met on July 16th and went boom. I happened to catch him in A Bad Son that should have been titled Gloom Doom and Family as there are no jokes but one (“As I was French they put me to work in kitchen” he tells his father when they meet after 5 years separation, “but that did not work so then I was in laundry.”) Did Thomas Keller see this and name his famous restaurant (French Laundry) after it? We’ll never know but the pun was good. Alas it was the only.

Dewaere was without a doubt a very sensitive soul, He has dreamy features indicative of Pisces in he first house — the heavy lids, the softened features and curly hair. He is a splash temperament type, a sort more than the rest that influences by their environment. That makes Dewaere more than most susceptible to the Method school of acting invented by Igor Stravinsky ( a bundle btw) but codified by Stella Adler and Lee Strasberg that because with the Method the actor is supposed to channel parts of themselves, or relationships that they have had, to use for the role. The Method has been de rigeur in Hollywood since the 1950’s, but it has spread throughout the industry.

In this case, Dewaere had a string of neurotic sad roles of unhappy men who just cannot connect. His chart shows that that fixity in his professional life was emulating his personal life too much and that he never had any escape from his troubles. fellow and that one troubled him so he killed himself when it was over.

2018 06 28 1 26 01
2018 06 28 1 26 01

The yod is not very heartening either: Neptune, a co-ruler of Pisces is conjunct Saturn in the seventh making relationships turn south and sextile to Pluto in the fifth, his desire to do avante-garde work was too “realistic” for him to bear. All of that comes together at the yod foot, the Moon, that makes Patrick quixotic but unrealistic as all that emotion feeds upon itself and into the Grand Cross,(in grey) for a deadly elixir.

Pluto at 12.21 Leo gives him talent; Neptune at 10.45 Libra makes him want to apply that talent in an enlightened and cutting-edge manner but the Ascendant in the yod brings “misfortune.”

All the shots are from Claude Sautet’s A Bad Son, a la Studio Canal.

Viktor Frankl the last great philosopher psychiatrist

Dr. Viktor E. Frankl of Vienna, Psychiatrist of the Search for Meaning, Dies at 92

Published: September 4, 1997

Viktor E. Frankl, sed his experiences as a prisoner in German concentration camps in World War II to write ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” died at 92.  He was considered to be one of the last of the great Viennese psychiatrists.

The standard chart of Dr. Frankl  – it cries out for rectification.

He died of heart failure, the International Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy said yesterday. Viktor Frankl’s mother, father, brother and pregnant wife were all killed in the camps. He lost everything, he said, that could be taken from a prisoner, except one thing:

”the last of the human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

”Every day in the camps, he said, prisoners had moral choices to make about whether to submit internally to those in power who threatened to rob them of their inner self and their freedom. It was the way a prisoner resolved those choices, he said, that made the difference.”


Our rectified one.  The houses in gold are emtpy of major planets so you can clearly see the temperament type.

In ”Man’s Search for Meaning,” Dr. Frankl related that even at Auschwitz some prisoners were able to discover meaning in their lives — if only in helping one another through the day — and that those discoveries were what gave them the will and strength to endure.  Dr. Herbert E. Sacks, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said Dr. Frankl’s contributions shifted the direction of the field, especially in existential psychiatry, adding: ”His interest in theory galvanized a generation of young psychiatrists.”

"Der Mensch hat Sinn": 105. Geburtstag von Wiens Ehrenb¸rger Viktor E. Frankl

Decades later after its initial publication in 1946, psychiatrists across various schools of therapy were still recommending the book to their patients, especially those who complained about emptiness or the meaninglessness of their lives. It also is used by teachers of ethics and philosophy. In a 1991 survey by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club, people who regarded themselves as lifetime general-interest readers called ”Man’s Search for Meaning” one of the 10 most influential books they had ever read.

Dr. Frankl’s writings, lectures and teaching, along with the work of Rollo May, Carl Rogers and others, were an important force in reterming older concepts  of a repressed sexual identity and inability to exert oneself in society at large to  a conscious need to find meaning and purpose.

                         Frankl & Freud

After graduating from the University of Vienna Medical School in 1930, Dr. Frankl evolved the theory, while he was serving as chief of the university’s neurology and psychiatric clinic, that the search for value and meaning in the circumstances of one’s life was the key to psychological well-being. He devoted much of his life in the years before the war to developing this theory and writing a book about it.But the three years he spent in Auschwitz and Dachau, from 1942 to 1945, reinforced his thinking, he said, more dramatically than he could have imagined.

viktor frankel
We are calling this a “Stalled Locomotive” Temperament type.


                      Viktor Emil Frankl was born in Vienna on March 26, 1905. His father held a government job administering children’s aid. As a teenager he did brilliantly in his studies, which included a course in Freudian theory that prompted him to write the master himself.

A correspondence ensued, and in one letter he included a two-page paper he had written. Freud loved it, sent it promptly to the editor of his International Journal of Psychoanalysis and wrote the boy, ”I hope you don’t object.””Can you imagine?”

Frankl recalled in an interview before his death. ”Would a 16-year-old mind if Sigmund Freud asked to have a paper he wrote published?”

                                                                                                          The War Years

In December 1941 he and Tilly Grosser were among the last couples allowed to be wed at the National Office for Jewish Marriages, a bureau set up for a time by the Nazis. The next month his entire family, except for a sister who had left the country, was arrested in a general roundup of Jews.

Dr. Frankl’s wife sewed the manuscript of the book he was writing on his developing theories of psychotherapy into the lining of his coat.After their arrival at Auschwitz, they and 1,500 others were put into a shed built for 200 and made to squat on bare ground, each given one four-ounce piece of bread to last them four days. On his first day, Dr. Frankl was separated from his family; later he and a friend marched in line, and he was directed to the right and his friend was directed to he left — to a crematory.

He took an older prisoner into his confidence and told him about the hidden manuscript: ”Look, this is a scientific book. I must keep it at all costs.’ The prisoner cursed him for his naivete.


They were stripped and sent to showers, and then a work detail. Their own clothes were replaced with prison clothes, and the manuscript was never returned. There was a link, he found, between the other prisoner’s loss of faith and giving up.  He  began to  that the only meaning in his prison life for him was to try to help his fellow prisoners restore their psychological health.

”We had to learn ourselves, and furthermore we had to teach the despairing men, that it did not matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us,” he wrote. ”We needed to stop asking about the meaning of life but instead to think of ourselves as those who were being questioned by life, daily and hourly and prevent among themselves, at least, suicide.

The Germans allowed  prisoners to commit suicide and they were punished if they interfered.  A good example, Frankl gives in his book is that No one could cut down a man attempting to hang himself. Instead, Frankl believed that the  goal was to try to prevent the act. The healthy prisoners would remind the despondent that life expected something from them: a child waiting outside prison, work that remained to be completed, a legacy that should not be ignored.  When they could not find anything, he would “talk” (the Greek word logos) and explore something that meant a lot to them before the war that rekindled their love of life.



                                              Post WAR years

After the war, he earned his doctorate in psychiatry, in 1948, and remarried after the Red Cross was able to verify that his first wife was dead. He and his second wife, Eleanore, had a daughter, Dr Gabriele Vesely both who survive him as well as two grandchildren.

download the viktor frankel chart


The Lion Roars: Michael Francis Moore

michael moore.png

Michael Moore’s chart in the Equal House method


time magainze on moore.jpg

Michael Moore was born April 23, 1953 in Flint, Michigan.  We have rectified his birth time to  12:41 PM (or a quarter to 1 in the afternoon).   He is infamous for his movie, Roger and Me, where he  cuts between his childhood and Roger, then the GM CEO, highlighting their dissimilarities.  From that small independent movie, he has gone to tackle many other social ills.

He is divorced from his wife Kathleen of twenty-one years. She was often the producer of his films.  The couple had no children.

Download the Michael Francis Moore

moore 911.jpg

Astrological Overview, now owned by,  has Moore with an an Ascendant of 16:  we rectified that back a degree to  15.  He has a chart that is split equally between the north (lower) and southern (upper) hemispheres, and the eastern (left) and western (right).  His planetary layout follows a see-saw or hourglass, that shows a strong humanistic bent benefiting  from changing social situations.

Every pattern has an inherent bias, even if the individual chart does not, and  the See-Saw as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones defined it originally,  bias is towards adjusting to constant change.  This predilection gives Moore a mutable tendency.   He is not action oriented (cardinal) or firm in his beliefs despite changing mores (fixed), but reactive towards the world around.  Reviewing his film oeuvre that makes sense.

roger and me.jpg

                                                                    The T-Cross Pattern

Mr. Moore has three notable oppositions, but only one resolves itself in a strong T-Cross aspect.  The others are unresolved, meaning that they exert a constant push-pull.  The First opposition, the black line on the chart above, is between his large network and his desire to harvest personal experiences.

His second opposition, shown on the chart in orange, is between his own wilfulness (Sun in Aries) versus his Neptune (social obligation).  With no outlet, there isn’t a corresponding  t-cross (an opposition with a square), this is  a constant battle for Moore and gets support from the agreement with his Mars/Moon conjunctions in the fifth house.

This opposition does have a trine to his Pluto, at 23 Leo, but that just increases the tension and does not release it constructively like a square (90-degree aspect) would.


The major opposition that does result in an outward expression is highlighted on the chart in blue.  This is the opposition between Mercury and Saturn that finds release, the actual T configuration, through his Leo Ascendant 16 / 23 Pluto conjunction.

This is a tight integration of his personality (the Ascendant) and his need (Pluto) to express himself &  makes him a fire-brand much in the line of Old Testament prophet Jeremiah using his films to illustrate his vision of a wicked capitalist society gone amok. (Moore for the record was raised Roman Catholic but now says he is an atheist).  That T-Square supports his humanist see-saw or hourglass temperament type tendency.

See-saw temperament types are typically non-religious people as they tend to look askance at theistic (God-centered) ideas & emphasize secular concerns.  The T-Square configuration often, but not always, shows up in an hourglass temperament types, as this is how they express themselves to the world.


                      Highlighted symbols:
moore liberation.jpg

Mr. Moore Ascendant is 15 Leo 36,  the middle sign of the maternal trinity, and second in the fiery triplicity (Aries and Sagittarius are the other two), therefore  the central point of the zodiac.   At 16, his ascendant in the middle of the middle,  and as such tends to be a teaching point on the dial.  Mr. Moore surely demonstrates this, as he is always in pursuit of a riddle, and know one knows this better than famed Astrologer Alan Leo, who shares this point as his sun.



For Moore, this symbol is demonstrated through his use of daily stresses, UAW vs GM, Affordable Care Act vs Insurance, and now Donald Trump against Obama etc.  Squared by his Venus, 23.39 Taurus, this makes him rather pedantic and petty. picking on small points to drive home his larger message.

Taurus is in his tenth house of career and aspirations, suggesting that to Moore, it is the little quirks in life, that not only set his mind travelling in new directions, but also a belief that that the devil is in the details.  Armed with this insight, Moore sets off like Don Quixote in in pursuit of another documentary, another cause célèbre to defend.


The Hyperion symbol for his mid-heaven Taurus 5 is  A small box with secret contents, that the natives collects and gathers, in Moore’s case , he waits for the  right time to pop open his collection and release it to the public.  Moore’s success relies on two strengths: the real-life docudrama technique of his films and timing.


A Leo ascendant makes its natives tall and large boned people with conspicuous hair when they are young but thin as they age.  They have florid complexions, &  rather squarish in stature.  They benefit, like the lion in the jungle, through social connections.

For Mr. Moore that very much the case as everyone can spot the younger Moore with his bright florid complection, and red hair, almost like an Andy Warhol shock wig.  The second point is brought home with his connection to his uncle who helped organize the 1937 GM Fisher-body Flint plant strike and then underwrote the first Roger and Me,  allowing him to bypass the movie-production circuit and go independent.

Overall, we expect to hear from Mr. Moore for a long while.