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Waheeda Rehman, Bollywood’s beauty

Marc Jones did not use TransNeptunians; he knew of them, reviewed them and felt they had nothing to offer, so he never included them in his oeuvre. He added in some Arabian Parts, but none of them were valid for making aspects: they stood alone. Some of that is problematic with Miss Rehman’s chart but workable to create her Grand Trine for her Locomotive Temperament Type open onto the western side..


Using our rectified chart (above), we give our Tamil beauty an ascendant of 19 Gemini, but are then forced into an Earth Grand Trine from Mercury at 21.10 Capricorn to 09.49 Uranus in Taurus in the eleventh house to Neptune in Virgo at 20.43 at the nadir. Uranus is in Taurus again, eighty years later, perhaps that is why she is having a film (an Uranian creation) resurgence. Here it is in the eleventh house showing her identification with her fans. Trine the Neptune in the fourth, it gives an elusive quality to that physical beauty we can see and enjoy but not truly touch. From Neptune we trine over to Mercury in Capricorn in the eighth, giving us a glimpse into her humanitarian work that got cut off by her father’s death and forced her (Vulkanus is conjunct the Ascendant) into another line of work.weaheea rehman

Success though allowed her to leave acting and Bollywood and take up her earlier calling though not as she had hoped as a doctor. Here we see Uranus conjunct Kronos giving her a delayed start to her dreams (Neptune) to take root (Mercury).

Download the chart for Waheeda Rehman 

But as the great bard said, all’s well that end’s well and so it has been. Like all Hindi movies this one is long, but the music by Ravi Shankar is delightful and Johnny Walker brings smiles along the way. Miss Rehman is the long cool lady in a black dress.


#35 First Baron of Amulree, Wm. Warrender MacKenzie

William Warrender Mackenzie, 1st Baron Amulree, GBE, PC, KC — Knight Commander — (19 August 1860 – 5 May 1942) was born in Scone, Scotland, a town outside of Perth..   He was the fourth son of Robert MacKenzie and his wife the former Jean Menzies.  The Baron was also known as Sir William Mackenzie between 1918 and 1929. His alma mater was the University of Edinburgh where he took a M.A. and later towards the end of his life, received an honorary LL.D.   His elder brother  James was a distinguished physician, and knighted for his service.

MacKenzie several books on the history of the standardization of elementary education from 1870-1891.  He was considered a knowledgeable advocate and later adviser to Parliament, business and law on this topic.  Under fellow Scot, Ramsay MacDonald, he was the Secretary of State, between 1930 and 1931.¹

Marc Jones has the Baron listed as 1859 instead of 1860 and the time at 11:25 PM. We have rectified that to 1:25 PM giving him a 20 Scorpio rising or the symbol of the Shield of Odin, highlighting his attitude that a higher order of consideration must be taken from the group perspective.mackenzie.jpg

                                            And Justice for all

MacKenzie is a bucket with a Mars handle, rather appropriate for his calling as a barrister.   He was a competitive man who needed challenges in his life otherwise would be restless, and remained politically active all of his life.  The asteroid Justitia is appropriately in the ninth house of higher education and calling and it and the eighth have the bulk of his natal planets.

He was married once to Lilian Bradbury on June 1, 1897, who shows up as the Venus on the eighth house cusp.  They had at least one son, Basil William Sholto MacKenzie, the 2nd Baron Amulree born July 25, 1900 before she reposed on June 3, 1916.  There is a semisextile interception in his eighth as well, demonstrating his devotion  to her memory.

Pluto in Taurus, discovered on February 18, 1930, corresponds roughly to his retirement from active politics, though he did remain an occasional adviser to his party.   It has the symbol of a “Red Cross nurse” and shows how he was always on call.


  1. Wilson, Horace. “WILLIAM WARRENDER MACKENZIE, BARON AMULREE OF STRATHBRAAN; HIS INFLUENCE ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS.” Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, vol. 94, no. 4709, 1946, pp. 106–113. www.jstor.org/stable/41362238.

Atari’s Pong + Ted Dabney

Ted Dabney (far left) stands in front of a Pong arcade machine in 1973 with (left to right) co-founder Nolan Bushnell, head of finance Fred Marincic, and the man credited with the idea for Pong, Allan Alcorn…from NPR News.

Mr Dabney has a good chart for an engineer- lots of earth signs and little air to get in the way (air being inharmonious to earth would make him dawdle).  He was born on May 12, 1937 in San Francisco, California, his parents divorced when he was young and he did the same when his daughters were young too.

                                        No ping, just Pong

The name of the game, Pong, came from his sailboat, hence salty Neptune at Virgo 17 in the fifth house to Juno at 26 where partnerships blossom and while not opposite Saturn in the eleventh, the latter planet still led to disappointment in friendships when Bushnell pushed him out and kept the millions of Atari for himself.  The Mars in Sagittarius in the seventh house, trine, did not help in this case but probably added fuel to the fire, as did the third trine in Cancer set the scenario for an explosive partnership.

Water trines never stay still, but move on, and so did Dabney and Bushnell’s partnership, this time working out better for the fun fare of Chuck E. Cheese, the family video game pizza parlour (Juno had the last laugh there as second time was a charm, for she is trine his exalted Moon and  Taurean Mercury).

ted death.png

Mr. Dabney died in Los Angeles at 81 on May 26th.  Nolan Bushnell sent his regrets.  He was a Locomotive Temperament Type, and after noting a few on this pages, we know that they have to do it their way (see Rex Tillerson) or not at all.  With Venus starting this train, chances are most of his ideas just came to him out of the blue (often called inspiration) based on something he really enjoyed (sailing and pizza).  The end of track is Uranus just coming up to his Ascendant, telling us that out of all that sweat and hard work came the ability to transmute  it to genius.

Loved the game.