#138 Funny Girl Fanny Brice

Marc Jones has no time listed for Fanny (born Fania Borach) Brice and gives October 30 1891 for her birth date.   Astrotheme differs with Marc Jones entirely and says she was born the day.  Herbert M. Goldman's biography, Fanny Brice the Original Funny Girl support the Astrotheme date but their  time of 11 am with a … Continue reading #138 Funny Girl Fanny Brice


Atari’s Pong + Ted Dabney

Ted Dabney (far left) stands in front of a Pong arcade machine in 1973 with (left to right) co-founder Nolan Bushnell, head of finance Fred Marincic, and the man credited with the idea for Pong, Allan Alcorn...from NPR News. Mr Dabney has a good chart for an engineer- lots of earth signs and little air … Continue reading Atari’s Pong + Ted Dabney

Szeged Hungary Quake 1879

Urania astrology magazine in an 1880 issue, reported that October 25, 1879 there was a quake in Szegeb, Hungary.  We do not know if it was related to the building of dam in the area or not but there were a lot of rains with subsequent destruction mentioned for that time period.  It is possible … Continue reading Szeged Hungary Quake 1879

DJT and his Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

Many great men have attributed their success to the positive influence of their mothers, we previously did an astrological review on Mrs. Trump.  What Abraham Lincoln said about his mother is much quoted "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother" - (and not just any mother but 'angel' … Continue reading DJT and his Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

Karma, FreeWill and a Reminder

BTW, my featured image is the 1864 Copper Nickel as it was called then, or "penny." No reason other than I use coins for the I-Ching; for this exercise I used the Sabian Dice. Natal Degrees in Triplicate Lynda Hill, makes a triplicate of prior-focus-following symbols in her  monthly lunar forecasts.  She says that the … Continue reading Karma, FreeWill and a Reminder