The Rev. Martin Luther King

He was born Michael Luther King, Jr, but changed it to Martin. His mother said he was born at “high noon” so that has traditionally stood for the time, and the symbol of Taurus 01 is very striking, ” A CLEAR MOUNTAIN STREAM.,” depicting  the pure stream of water, spontaneously bubbling forth as a  manifestation of one’s nature emerging  from its spiritual source. Mountain streams are conditioned by … Continue reading The Rev. Martin Luther King

The Daily in Sioux City 9-18-17

We got Iowa today as our destination.  Our featured image is from Sioux City’s commenoration to the Lewis and Clark expedition going through there in 1802. The symbol 17 Scorpio,  falls in the 12th house emphasizing  public assistance ensuing from the Harvey & Irma hurricanes and the hurricanes on the horizon.  It is also opposing Pallas in the Sixth House suggesting that the major issue … Continue reading The Daily in Sioux City 9-18-17

#399 Blue Max: Hermann W. Goering

Göring was an ace flyer in Germany’s First World War.  He was fast acting,  reactive fighter pilot  (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius – Capricorn) with good stamina and physical courage.   He was  born Hermann Wilhelm Goering on January 12, 1893 at 3:13 AM ¹ in Rosenheim, the Kingdom of Bavaria, the German Empire. to Heinrich Ernst and his wife Franziska {Fanny} Tiefanbrunn. He … Continue reading #399 Blue Max: Hermann W. Goering

Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration

Bucket Temperament Type Barack Hussein Obama’s 1st inauguration on January 20, 2009, at 12 noon had the Ascendant of  13.56 Taurus.  Sepharial wrote about 15o years ago about this Symbol that it denotes a “humble and conscientious nature that find pleasure in good works. …. The chief characteristic is the sense of justice and fraternity and shows a degree of Liberality.” Marc Edmund Jones on … Continue reading Barack Obama, 1st Inauguration

The Trump Inauguration 2017

We have not done previous inaugurations, though perhaps we should, we start with looking at President Trump’s, noticing that certain things stand out. Download the inauguration sans our colourful circles. We cannot say that the Inauguration sets the tempo for  a president’s whole four years, at least not yet, but certain things strike us.  First starting with the blue circle around the Ascendant,  at 14 … Continue reading The Trump Inauguration 2017