Phil the Welder

This chart of Phillip John is cast for his hometown of Philadelphia. He was born on May 21 1958 and not a Gemini but in the last legs of Taurus at 30. right on the twelfth house cusp. Jupiter in the fourth house though suggests that he will be moving around and away from there … Continue reading Phil the Welder


#504 The many voices of Maria Jerritza

Marc Edmund Jones in his Jones 1000, has Miss Jerritza listed at 7 am that gives her the following chart and 22 Libra rising, "a child giving birds a drink at the fountain." I did not fully agree with this chart and so rectified her birth time to 10:46 AM and got now a 4 … Continue reading #504 The many voices of Maria Jerritza

Sophie Watillon, violist and Siwa

Sophie was born on December 7 1965 in Namur, Belgium.  We have rectified her chart for a 04.02 Pisces Ascendant that Dr. Gordon claims "gives her a propensity to service through the  material things in life."  In her case that was the viola da gama, that we have highlighted this week in the Marais and … Continue reading Sophie Watillon, violist and Siwa

Saturn Return: Desert Storm

The header shot is of the 7th Brigade Royal Scots as it advances along the Basra-Kuwait highway.  From the US Dept of Defense.  To see more shots of this war click here. The chart is notable for only one major opposite and that is of Jupiter in Leo in the 9th House, travelling for war, … Continue reading Saturn Return: Desert Storm

Azzedine Alaia fashion designer

Azzedine Alaïa,  died on Saturday in Paris. He was 82. His company said the cause was a heart attack.  Alaia was called a sculptor of the female form, and his couture were worn by women from the First Lady Michelle Obama to Rock Star Lady Gaga. “I dressed women directly on their body, by intuition. … Continue reading Azzedine Alaia fashion designer

Correcting the Abdul Bahá Chart

                               The Controversy When we put up the original Abdul Bahá chart, one reader noted that since he was born in Persia, their dating system was not Western but Zoroastrian-based.  That means that instead of a midnight to midnight calendar day, theirs … Continue reading Correcting the Abdul Bahá Chart

The Equal vs Whole House System

The Equal House house and whole House systems are the oldest astrological house systems in astrology.  The Equal House is based on the Ecliptic, and some astrologers actually call it the Ecliptic system  It has several features: All the houses are equally spaced, meaning that each house is exactly thirty degrees wide, so it very … Continue reading The Equal vs Whole House System