Today, March 24, 2018 – Hinsdale, NH

There is no asteroid at Sagittarius 13 that makes the point focus, but at the Gemini position, there is Aesculpius, suggesting health concerns.  If instead we add in the various Arabian Points, we find that parental concerns, particularly if they are not living with you, and their health maybe the real issue.  Luckily tomorrow is a holiday and a good time to check in.


                                    Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Hinsdale, New Hampshire is a town in Cheshire County  New Hampshire.  It is  bordered by Chesterfield on the north, Winchester on the east, and  Northfield, Massachusetts to the south, and Brattleboro, Vermont on the west.

Colonel Ebeneezer Hinsdale from a prominent family in Deerfield, and the former chaplain of Fort Dummer, an important trading post on the Connecticut River, founded the town in 1753.  He  established the trading post at Fort Hinsdale, reportedly at his own expense, for the French-Indian Wars and later also the Revolutionary.


The Daily in Honolulu 11-28-2017

We have landed in Hawaii. Aloha.

Bowls are an interesting pattern:   they are moved more by external factors in their environments than the internal factors within their sphere and so they represent the axion that the “Times makes the man.”


Today’s bowl has a battle at its rim (the turquoise line) — Uranus vs Mars, who will win?. In the eighth we have those who want to balance our outgoing spending against our incoming receipts championed by the tenth house and Saturn.  In the second, we have Uranus, known best for his big ideas and bravado, electricity, electronics and the Silicon age.  One is all old fashioned nickels and dimes; the other bitcoin.  Pluto emanating out in orange, applauds, but choose no sides, he’s just happy to have a Battle of the Titans in the arena and watch them duke it out.

Appropriately enough, today our Sabian symbol today is  Aquarius who has the dual planets of Uranus and Saturn as its lord, at twelve degrees in the eleventh house. It is conjunct the Ascendant and gets the symbol of a broad stairway; the landings are the limitless levels of self-expression that like like our opposition can’t make up its mind as to whether to capitalize on its experience for immediate advantage or dwell at spot and  prepare.

Joel Anthony

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

The Daily in Minot – November 26, 2017

We have moved west of Bismarck right on the Montana border for our final stop in Minot North Dakota; our featured image is of Minot circa 1940. Four hundred and twenty-fives miles below are the Badlands, the Great Northern Bank is safe.

Banks - Great Northern Bank 1895

We maintain our Bowl planetary pattern with a rim opposition & grand cross with Pluto in the sea goat (Capricorn 18) opposite intense Ceres (see the chart). Pluto is in the vicinity of fixed star Castra, or the Military Camp, though not yet conjunct, but still getting solid vibes. That plays out well, with the media victims: each victim coming out alone, but echoing their predecessor’s comments playing well to an eager populace who believes that Hollywood has the moral scruples of a hare rabbit. But with the Senatorial accusers things have not fared so well — outside of Al Franken none of the women have big names and easily forgotten and so here, like Ceres’s son in law Pluto who steals her daughter away, these predators stand strong and defiant like a fortress against all accusers.

This is not strange. Look back to the election that PM Theresa May lost and refused to stand down lest Boris take her seat. Perhaps the Dems are worried that if they too leave, that new people will rise and challenge the status quo and make names for themselves as well, upsetting the Clinton-Bush-Obama apple cart. Status quo right now is trying to hold on, but for how long?

Maybe it’s the Bowl?

We have a Bowl in the Minot wheel, a semi circle that can appear in one of four directions, today leaning heavily u on the Eastern so its is resourceful one with Mars defensing it in the Ninth and emptying out into the west but that never lasts. Every twelve hours the stars spin around and the bowl changes this way and then that and back again until some planetary configuration changes that once again. With so much in Capricorn, perhaps the holiday recess and the return to the hinterlands will be the impetus needed (Congress goes on Christmas recess 18 December just before the solstice).

Bring home the bacon.gif

from the Blog, Natively Speaking

The Sabian Symbol is in the Fourth house of Gemini at 8 degrees — an industrial strike. Adriano Carelli says that this degree has a dualistic nature,  giving great commercial aptitude but full of sloth.  He writes that “destiny threatens the home when found in the fourth with the omen of a sudden outburst” that upset its foundations and shatter its very core.  It is opposite the Sun in Sagittarius and squared Neptune at 11 Pisces (the keyword of gallivanting) creating fanciful dreams of what Santa may bring but not yet the obligation to actually fill the stocking and bring home the bacon.

Brrr…….off to the Big Island tomorrow. I could use the change.

Song: Begin the Beguine(Cole Porter) music by Artie Shaw
dancing by Eleanor Powell and Fred Astaire.

minot 1126.pdf

Shout out to the blog masters of Minot Memories where the Minot pix originate & Natively Speaking for the comic strip and writeup.  Great stuff there.

Thanksgiving at Bismarck ND

We are in North Dakota this week and on the 21st we start out from Bismarck, North Dakota. In those parts a bismark refers to a round doughnut filled cream or jelly. Everyone having their morning coffee watching” CBS This Morning” had 2 bismarks listening to the demise of one of the top journalists on the planet, Charlie Rose.

As I write PBS has terminated Charley Rose for his behavior as his story of predatory actions against women are revealed. He is just the latest hit against powerful men caught in their obsessive chrysalis of the senses. That chart is just one under consideration for this review.

Pluto is the point focus of the T-square in the Bismarck daily chart so I’m looking at it’s  discovery of Pluto (the official announcement was March 13, 1930 in honor of William Herschel’s discovery of Uranus March 13, 1781 but the actual date according to its discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh,  is February 18, 1930.) Tdiscoery.png


The daily chart below highlights  a Bucket planetary pattern with the socially significant Uranus as the overly cautious handle in the Third house incurring also an opposition to Mars on the cusp of the Ninth house. The planetary pattern is bundle bucket with 8 planets above the horizon in the Southern hemisphere with only the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune below in the first.

Neptune in the First is continuing the political divisions encountered from last Thanksgiving, three weeks after the 2016 presidential election, overshadowing the current while the Uranus Mars polarization creates  personal and group dichotomy.



Trot over to the Sabian symbols and I rolled for today Capricorn 21 “Excitement thrills the grandstands; it is a relay race and each runner springs into place with eagerness.”

It is also  three degrees from the United States founding chart that  Jones discusses in his Mundane Perspectives mentioning that while there are many charts for the country, all of them are based on rectification with Venus highlighting today how  everyone is trying to get out front  and point to someone else and so avoid the pack.

Ironically that strategy of trying to elect the first Democratic woman it taking out every male (Kevin Spacey, Charley Rose, John Conyors, Gary Thrush of the Politico to the NYT, George Takei et alia, see the list over here at the WaPo)  who opposed DJT while protecting the former First Lady who abetted a promiscuous President and his “trailer park trash.”   It in a strange way, this reflects the USA as a prototypical matriarchy on the World stage.

My Art History professor Alexey Von Schlippe waxed poetic about Botticelli and his rendering of how he painted the archetypal women’s figure, no artist did it better, we have come to this point of idealism and realism face to face with our responsibilities to each other as men and women.

A correction is in order concerning the Planetary pattern. We have a deviated bowl not a bucket with a concentrated bundle above the horizon. Uranus and Mars forms the rim opposition and the Tsquare to Pluto. The deviation gives the pattern its complicated application.


Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye
Joel Anthony

Chart of Bismarck Thanksgiving.pdf

C’ya tomorrow in Fargo.

The Daily in Steamboat – 11-15-2017

                                                                     Passion in the Tenth

I typically do not do the die.  No reason, just don’t.  I did today and got 9th House 26th Degree which really falls right on the Midheaven.  Obviously no matter what is going on right now, careers are being highlighted.  Questions are being asked that despite the 9-5 job that pays our bills, what is that one wants to do and whether or not we are willing to make the sacrifice to do it.

         Sex in the Senate

For the nation at large this highlights all the sex scandals going in with the perv’s in Congress.  First there was Judge Roy Moore who when he was thirty, forty years ago, may have dated some teenagers.  Considering the age of marriage in Alabama is 16, I do not find that at all remarkable but Mitch McConnell who’s never met a Conservative he didn’t like,  does & wants him gone.Leeann_Tweeden_2

In the meantime, up north, the Brooklynite turned Minnesotan, Senator Al Franken is getting hit with SNL charges from LeeAnn Tweeden (her story is here and her picture to the right) who says she was violated and “groped” in 2006.

Franken was 56 and Tweeden  29, when this incident occurred but our boy Mitch is looking the other way and thinks an investigation will settle the matter.  Hold on though, Uranus in Aries (shaking up the status quo) is right  the Third House cusp of Brethern , and Brietbart has just dropped loose that the Senate has been paying off bimbos that their boys accosted, I guess this is just another version of Pay for Play.  Uranus will be in Aries for a while revealing and upsetting things and this may be just what draining the swamp will become — the very Puritan urge to get rid of sexual predators on our streets, in our school, our churches and now our government.  Since who authorized this with our money is secret and hidden, perhaps another Executive Order will be needed to release those along with more of the white washed JFK tapes.

                                   As in the Country, so in person

So that’s going on nationally…but what happens in a country is just a reflection of what is happening in the body politic as well, and corruption, that corrosion of eating one from within is stalking us as a person as well?  Do not just quickly say no, for there maybe now family secrets coming to light that shake your personal world that show that the people within have not always been the people that they purport.  This could be on the Health front (Second House of Genetics and Family Resources) or between Brothers and Sisters (Third House) that as 26 Aries suggests, next to the fixed star Al Pherg, starts with some idle curiosity and blows into a torrent of revelations that just rocks your collective boat.


If so, no worries, as   the map is heavily leaning on the Eastern side of the chart highlighting personal resourcefulness…and while that could be taking a myriad of shapes, like cleaning out that closet, garage or attic, changing our diet and unburdening ourselves from all that collective  junk we bought, found or got.   See Marie Kondo for hints on bringing joy to your life via tidyness, because   we have the ways to move forward but are perhaps missing the will or as Arthur Schopenhauer’ wrote, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

                   The Time is Now   if the Price is Right

If the selling fancy does strike hold, and Amazon would like to help and these days they make it very easy with all the fees and shipping coming out of the sale — just remember to Price it Right so it does sell.  Whatever is going on right now, just buckle down and get to it, get rid of it and move on, because yes you can

Cheerio   ala The Sisters of Mercy & This Corrosion

if you


the chart resides here november 15 2017



The Daily in Killington 11-10-17

Today it’s the Tenth of November and the Rime and Reason trails at Killington are OPEN. The air temperature is around 32 Fahrenheit, just at freezing and the snow base is a decent twelve inches. There is no fresh snow but Saturn in the Eleventh at  Sagittarius is promising that it is coming our way.  That’s good news, so are you waxed and ready? If not, take this as notice…tickets are on sale here.

We are looking at a Bucket configuration with the Moon as the handle planet totally opposing our ascendant at 30 Capricorn — basically reeling in our desires and forcing us into straight jackets of corporate composure as the sixth house of work & service demands attention — hey we do have to get paid.   Still, our feelings are on fire with the Moon just entering Leo but its release is just steam.  Try to stay cool.

Work is going at a snail pace as the insufferable blow hard drones on, over at the cubicle next door and you wonder when does the whistle blow?  Time seems to be going on at a snail’s pace, and work comes in at  overload.  The map not having a rim opposition to hold it together and give it form or focus, makes base camp look remote.

In the meantime, Mars is in the Eighth house trying to take initiating steps at rebirth, but the Blowhard, he seems to follow us around, is already ruining that, and steam eventuates.  Nothing is going as planned.  The Sabian Dice came up today on the fifth house cusp of play at Gemini 22 degrees with the symbol of A barn dance. The keyword is Gregariousness  —  a wonderful release for all that built up tension as we start Coming Down the Mountain.

Jane’s Addiction : Joel Anthony


get killington 111017.pdf

The Daily in Burlington, VT 11-8-17


Solar Fire brings us this chart today from Burlington, Vermont.  The population center of the state is Roxbury that is just outside of the capitol, Montpelier.  The daytime temperature today in Burlington is around 45 Fahrenheit.Heather-titus-driscoll-Jane-sanders-daughters.jpg

Today in the Burlington Press (Mercury in the Tenth House)   Bernie Sanders’ stepdaughter, Carina Driscoll, (she’s the one in the black and white tie-dye dress) is considering a run for mayor of Burlington, Vermont.

This is the same office that started her stepfather’s political career. She would not say which political party she would run under or if she would run as an independent.  Sanders was elected Burlington’s mayor in 1981, and that launched his political.  At 76 years old, this past September, it is safe to assume he is looking get a kindred spirit into the Senate and ensure his legacy.  We expect Ms. Driscoll to win the mayoralty next year, particularly with the Aries Point of this chart, in the Second House of Resources that is obviously her much beloved Step-Dad.


                           Viewing the Chart

Other features of this chart is that the Moon is on the Sixth House Cusp suggesting that concerns about work and money are worrying people these day; perhaps that is the unveiling of the new Trump Tax Plan taking hold and being debated particularly as it hits the higher education bracket (see the preponderance in the Ninth House) and tax those non-profits in excess of their monies of $100,000 per student. Vesta’s spark there suggests that this is taking a toll on  Harvard, Yale and the other Ivies,not to mention their lesser lights, all with their multi-billion dollar funds as they see that the original 2.5% will just increase over time once this is sacred cow is breached.

Even the New York Times, the venerable Grey Lady that hates President Trump with a passion, thinks that this addition to the tax code is a good thing and has since the Tax Speech been highlight the overseas migration of US University endowments.  Read it  here.

The red bullet is on Roxbury.  Highway 5, now basically I-91, is the boundary between the Green and Granite States.

Team Trump is still travelling overseas, also represented in the Ninth House, and will be returning before Thanksgiving which is on the Thursday, the 23rd, over two and half weeks away.

Our Ascendant is skewed way over to almost the Eleventh House of popularity and networking, telling us that people are revving up for the holiday season,.  Conjunct the Asteroid Hygeia, it suggests that there is fall cleaning in the air (or Spring if you are down under) before the bitter cold of winter really sets in.  That is not unusual.  A few years back,  we rented a dumpster from a local hauler here in the Commmonwealth, and were told that this was the most popular time of year because of the holidays–  renovation projects were happening as everyone wants to clean up before Christmas to show off their home or for many move to a new one.  Surprisingly January is a major home purchase time as well.

Our chart is a very disparate See-Saw.  There is no Grand Trine to unify it, and there are alot of issues in play, tugging us this way and then that,  as we try to get a hold of some undercurrent, but honestly, there isn’t any unless we use some force of will and make our Ascendant at 26 Capricorn our compass.  Instead it is better to just enjoy the fall foliage, the  good weather and hit the various pre-Christmas sales.  Also, back to that Ninth House stellium, this is a great time to consider scholastic endeavours, like returning to school, or taking on some serious personal studies like writing (NaNoWriMo beckons this month or learning  some long desired hobby).  You never know until you try.




Vermont History:

The Vermont region was explored and claimed for France by Samuel de Champlain in 1609, and the first French settlement was established at Fort Ste. Anne in 1666. The first English settlers moved into the area in 1724 and built Fort Dummer on the site of present-day Brattleboro. England gained control of the area in 1763 after the French and Indian Wars.arnold2.jpg

The Green Mountain Boys, led by Ethan Allen, won fame by capturing Fort Ticonderoga from the British on May 10, 1775, in the early days of the Revolutionary War but was originally created to rid the state of New Yorkers, oddly enough considering today it is a summer refuge for those same people. In 1777 Vermont adopted its first constitution, abolishing slavery and providing for universal male suffrage without property qualifications.

Mount Stowe, Vermont

Vermont leads the nation in the production of monument granite, marble, and maple products. It is also a leader in the production of talc. Vermont’s rugged, rocky terrain discourages extensive agricultural farming, but is well suited to raising fruit trees and to dairy farming.

vermont signage.jpg
Vermont Signs must be standard green and white.

Principal industrial products include electrical equipment, fabricated metal products, printing and publishing, and paper and allied products.

But tourism is the major industry in Vermont these days It  has many famous ski areas like Stowe, Killington, Mt. Snow, Okemo, Jay Peak, and Sugarbush. Hunting and fishing also attract visitors as well.  Politically, like Sanders, a New York import, it is now a solidly liberal state. President Calvin Coolidge, the only president to call Vermont home,  would not recognize the place. In April 2009, it became the fourth state to legalize gay marriage and it outlaws all commercial signage.. It also has some of the highest state taxes in the nation.


The Daily in Charleston SC 11-05-17

Today is the end of Summer time. It’s unofficially winter and the days will darken from here on until the solstice next month.  Our header picture is from Charleston where it is a glorious 80 degrees Fahrenheit with nary a cloud in the sky.  Next week though, the temps start dropping, so enjoy it while you you can.

Our astrological wheel  set for Saturday November 4, 2017 and produced by Solar Fire; included also in this report, is consideration of the full moon in Taurus for this month.

Also on hand was the inauguration chart, to see what is happening with the Trump Team in Asia  and their meeting with Ricochet Rabbit aka Xi JingPing  now the most powerful man in China,  after outmaneuvering the Donald on Chinese trade, though with a little help from his “crazy as a fox ” neighbor Kim Jung-un’s nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Our astrological configuration is a driving locomotive temperament type with ten planets rather evenly distributed through 2/3rds of the map.  The key is that the two boundary planets, Mars and the Moon form a trine.  Of second importance, is that  another trine is created by the Moon to some other planet (in this case that other is the planet Pluto that is located right on the the First House boundary).  That third and final trine, gives us a Grand Trine and also makes the circle complete, because it trines  back to the inaugural spot.

Mars is in the Ninth House of Travel that is also the Top Cut of the locomotive scissors-action. This cut opens a space in the map, and the Moon on the Fifth House Cusp, closes the scissors action.  The Top Cut is always the Accent (or as Marc Jones called is the High Focus) of the Chart, and here depicts how the serf America travels to their Overlord to pay tribute particularly as Mars at 09 Libra + the Moon at 19 Taurus, have the symbols of Love and Genuflection.¹

In the meantime, there is heavy planetary emphasis (seven planets plus two asteroids — Vesta and Juno) on the Eastern side of the chart, beseeching us to be more resourceful because reverting to colonial status is not a good place for us to be.  Once again,  we hear again the siren call to overcome our shortcomings and initiate some innovative methods  for putting us to work  by building tangible assets (Uranus at 26 Aries in the Fourth House ).

This though is offset by the empty trine in the West (can you believe?) showing the need to be objective (six planets above the horizon) and happily buckle down (Sun, Jupiter, Mercury). This admonition is true not only for the Country, and Congress, but us as well because the country’s chart is also a guiding light for our own.

The constellation of Orion.

The Dice, yes they are back,  showed up at Gemini 17 degrees (a semi-sextile away from the Moon) in the  bootstrapping Fifth House. Marc Jones gave this house the term of  Maturation, a word that denotes growing up and moving on and out — from old habits and things keeping you back like excuses, but we like the concrete noun Bootstrapping a tad better.

The symbol for our die is Impotence, and it is conjunct the fixed star of Rigel the name of Orion’s left foot.  While the star itself denotes a fortunate aspect,and imparts great technical & engineering abilities, it also, alas,  imports a rather idealistic and impractical mindset

Our song today is from Dean Martin, again, because his Sun is at 16 degrees 51 minutes of Gemini.  So is Walter Winchell’s — there must be a connection I’m missing somewhere in there.

Everybody loves somebody

Joel Anthony

………….next stop Vermont and the Green Mountain Boys.

charleston 11-4-2017.pdf

The Green Mountain Boys were patriot militia in the American Revolution that began in 1770 at present-day Bennington, Vermont, as an unauthorized militia organized to defend the property rights of local residents who had received land grants from New Hampshire.

New York, which then claimed present-day Vermont, as part of its territory, disputed New Hampshire’s right to grant land west of the Green Mountains. The Green Mountain Boys stopped sheriffs from enforcing New York laws and terrorized  settlers who had New York grants, by burning buildings, stealing cattle, and flogging travelers with birch rods all part of their terroristic actions to deter people from their land.   Led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen, they were immortalized in legend and  song.  


1.  From E. C. Matthews book, Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed c. 1949

Friday the 13th in Taos

Taos, New Mexico.  The weather is bright and sunny, far different than cloudy and windy Buffalo, so I am glad for this trip to the southwest. I have been busy, but still throwing die daily, and those intervening, though unposted,  symbols have reinforced a distinctly personal emphasis:  like the effects of an autumn flu activated during an extended warm spell or feeling alone and bereft in waters of the Great Lake.

Back in the saddle at Taos, our chart is set for Friday October 13, 201, aka Friday the Thirteenth.  Pluto is the point focus for two oppositions putting critical activity in the First House from an opposition in the Tenth where the Sun and Mercury are currently found to Uranus steadily disrupting the home scene in the Fourth.  I did not expect so much down time, but you never know how long those interruptions will be when both Uranus and Pluto are in the T square configuration:  they tend to disrupt all plans…. Capricorn be damned.

Mundane wise the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal erupted when Jupiter went direct in sexy Scorpio & then again when The Apprentice lawsuit of  would be contestant Summer Zervos returned to the news with her lawyer, Gloria Allred, the “ambulance chaser of feminism” taking full advantage of the present scintillations of such interest.

Besides the sexual harrassment suit against the president Ms. Zervos has another suit against him for defamation.  “On November 11, 2016 I called on Mr Trump to retract his statements about me calling me a liar. I also called upon him to state that what I said about his behaviour towards me was true.  ” 

10 13 taos.png

The Second House finds its Moon square Jupiter ingressing Scorpio highlighting fun and entertainment and with the Sun, that most manly of planets in its native Fifth House, we see men using their authority in some nefarious ways, while the newspapers are scared to upset their liege lord — Amazon of course is a major advertiser in all media outlets not to mention that Bezos personally owned the Washington Post that has been incredibly silent.   (WaPo has not issue a word on either Amazon sex case:   the Ray Price of Amazon & Isla Dick Hackett or the Harvey Weinstein and Rose McGowan case in London both instances where CEO Jeff Bezos was immediately told and pooh-poohed the women’s complaints).

Our Sabian symbol for today is Aries 28 degrees, “A large disappointed audience.” It is conjunct Uranus in the Eleventh House of publicity and the public accenting the opposition between it and the Sun.  Uranus is in its natural ruler of Aquarius here, and so electronic news and media are highlighted, unfavourably as well.

The Symbol remarks on that and Diana Roche’  in her The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy,[1] she writes,  “This is one of the images that Jones describes as apropos of ‘reversed symbolism’ or carrying a negative connotation.  He states that there is a  danger of the individual becoming disillusioned from ‘the momentary mood of the masses lacking any proper guide for the values he should pursue,” and with Neptune in the Ninth House of journalism and social mores, sextile that pair, we are finding more and more that the Fourth Estate is not performing  the due diligence we have come to expect and we the people, are woefully behind the times.

The Sunday Papers (Joe Jackson)

Joel Anthony

[1] Roche, Diana M. 1998, The Sabian Symbols:  A screen of prophecy, Trafford Publishing, Victoria, BC. Page 59-60