#835 Cyrl Meir Scott, Theosophical Composer

Cyril Meir Scott, (born Sept. 27, 1879, Oxton, Cheshire, Eng.—died Dec. 31, 1970, Eastbourne), English composer and poet known especially for his piano and orchestral music. In the early 20th century Scott established a musical reputation in continental Europe with his Piano Quartet in E Minor (1901) and Second Symphony (1903).  He music was so … Continue reading #835 Cyrl Meir Scott, Theosophical Composer


Love him or hate him, Here’s Alex Jones

                                                       Working the numbers We know little about Mr. Alexander Emrick Jones, but he sure does have a lot of oppositions and a grand trine in earth == moon … Continue reading Love him or hate him, Here’s Alex Jones

#251 Marion Davies sans Hearst

Marion Davies was born Marion Cecilia Douras on January 3, 1897, in what had recently become the borough of Brooklyn in New York City.; it was previously its own city.  She reposed  on September 22, 1961 in Los Angeles, California of cancer. She was an American actress that was better known for her 34-year relationship … Continue reading #251 Marion Davies sans Hearst

Sanriku Earthquake 1933

The Sanriku earthquake on March 2, 1933 at 10:30 am LMT was the most powerful quake to hit Japan in over 180 years.  It registered 8.5 on the Richter scale.  Our featured images of the previous quake on Sanriku that was much lower in velocity but had a 30,000 dead body count.  You can read … Continue reading Sanriku Earthquake 1933

ISAR – Aaxico Air Flight 1422 Challenge

 Incident: Plane Crash: Aaxico Airlines Flight 1422  Date + Place: April 23, 1965,  14:23 PM PSD Seattle, WA ISAR is putting out this general puzzle.  This is their example.                           Using whole sign houses, Mars (accidents, explosions, impacts), Uranus (unexpected, all of the sudden) and … Continue reading ISAR – Aaxico Air Flight 1422 Challenge