French Astrologer Andre Barbault reposes

French astrologer, Andre Barbault, reposed on the afternoon of 7 October 2019. Commencing his studies at seventeen years old,Monsieur Barbault gave the world eighty one years of profound study. His predictions of world events are well-known and his wisdom came from intense study of human psychology married to relentless research.

He was born at a solar eclipse on October 1, 1921, at 5:00 p.m. in Champignelles, France (about 4 hours away by Metro; 2 hours by voiture). He rectified his chart to 4:54:21 p.m. that of course we use for his chart. His website is AndreBarbault and he has many free papers both in French and English available for study. We recommend nabbing them now.

#66 Actress Wendy Barrie was a relation

She was born Margeurite Wendy Jenkins in Hong Kong on April 18, 1912 to an Irish barrister and his wife, Sophia, who had been actress in Yiddish vaudeville. When she decided to follow her mother footsteps on the British stage, she adopted the name Wendy Barrie in homage of her godfather, J. M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. Despite the connection, she is not considered the role model for Wendy Darling, primarily because she was born 8 years after the play debuted on the London stage. Perhaps though her middle name was in the character’s honour by her parents for the Scottish bachelor Barrie who was a great friend of her father.

young Wendy probably studio promo

Several writers have stated that Barrie was the first to use the name Wendy in a published work, and that the source of the name was Barrie’s childhood friend, Margaret Henley, 4-year-old daughter of poet William Ernest Henley (author of the poem Invictus), who pronounced the word “friend” as “Fwendy.” This mispronunciation was adapted by Barrie as “Wendy” when writing the play. There is some evidence that the name Wendy may be related to the Welsh name Gwendolyn, but prior to its use in the Peter Pan stories, the name was not used as an independent first name; afterwards is another story. , the Barrie place.

Here is Miss Barrie in 1939 American flick The Witness Vanishes, a poor pun off of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1938 classic, The Lady Vanishes. Barrie is the woman in the opening scene as Joan Marplay.

Wikipedia is wrong in stating that her husband was the British actor David Meyer; he was the Jewish-American industrialist David Meyer and not born in 1947. They divorced sometime in the mid 50’s according to the New York Times obit.

Wendy’s Map

Astrodata cites she was born in London at 15:15 , while Marc Jones and Wikipedia, say British Hong Kong same time: we agree with Jones on Hong Kong but disagree with the time — we are pegging her at 3:39 and 16 Virgo instead of 11 or an “orangutan” perhaps joking about her strawberry blonde hair? vs. a “girl moulded in his mother’s aspirations for her.”

Despite the joke, we think orangutan works better for Miss Barrie because it highlights her ability to “use the latest trends for her own advantage.” Its keyword is Dexterity and how she can rise to any occasion. Alas as her Ascendant is squared her focal determinator Jupiter in Sagittarius, gives her a tendency towards self-justifying her actions (perhaps hinting at her dating the married gangster Bugsy Siegel) to further her career which ended only with the advent of Virginia Hill in his last few years (and wasn’t she lucky?) Miss Barrie also had another affair with Marlon Brando, 12 years her junior, but it was not as long lasting or notorious.

Barrie’s Lilith is at 23 Aquarius and sextile her Mercury and Sun suggesting that she always felt overshadowed by the real Wendy and Peter Pan play. It is also sextile her North Node in Aries (previously discussed) this time in the 8th House. Dr. Koparkar writes this signifies not only unusual financial activities in their life but also the ability to use others fame, resources and possessions for their own gain. Astrologer Haydn Paul adds that the South Node in the 2nd house, drives the natives need for a “high profile career or relationship” and help release their poor self-image.

Miss Barrie had no children. She died on Ground Hog’s Day, 1978 in Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey and was buried in Kensico Cemetery at Valhalla, Rockland Co. New York. She is sharing a gravestone with fellow actress though never on film, Fay Templeton Patterson who was born Christmas day 1865 in Little Rock, Arkansas and died October 3, 1939 in San Francisco.

Nora no strings attached

Nora, a friend of ours with some of her details are obscured at her request, is a humanist splash temperament type.  She was born in Buffalo New York the same day as Elvis Presley, around 10 o’clock in the evening. Her the ascendant of 14 Virgo or a “family tree,” but opposed by her Moon and instead suggests the problems.

In Splashes, oppositions are important but Nora gets one immediately, with her Piscean Moon opposite her Neptune and Ascendant. Neptune is its its detriment in Virgo, making her critical of family ties and traditions. Instead, she prefers an utopian world where people are united by their own philosophical commonality and not blood and kinship. While her fifth house has a stellium by Capricorn and Aquarius planets break it up, thus blunting its force and desires.

Her Moon is fast, so Nora sees trends but her Mercury lags its Sun and so she will often misinterpret their relevance to her life or look for the most bohemian, and not the most lucrative, she can find. Venus, for her daughters in the 5th, is in Aquarius and so instead of warm bonds based on maternal concern, they get cool indifference — they have little in common and so it strains their relationship. With nothing in her 7th house but the shadows of Mars coming from Libra, divorce was inevitable. That does not matter devotion and loyalty is not possible, it is, but it is earned, not freely given.

Her North Node is right next to her Venus so if she applies herself, she will get her ambition because she has good organisational skills, but with the South Node in Leo next to Pluto, her strong ego has to be tamed if she wants to get along with others, or succeed in her chosen field, but the South Node – Pluto battle of the wills is rough on her; she realizes she needs others for companionship, for business, her children (in opposition) but resents whatever they give her and belittles them in return ( Moon opposite Pluto).

The best advice we can give Nora it if strings are attached, and typically in everything there are some, it is best that use Admiral Farragut’s advice and “Damn the torpedoes” and go it alone. If that means using her own resources, Mars in the 2nd house in Libra suggests she hates to part with them, she should and not be beholden to anyone. She and they will be happier that way.

We have updated this essay to reflect Nora’s revised Ascendant of 16 Virgo; previously it was Virgo 03.

#377 Janet Gaynor, first Oscar Best Actress Award Winner

Janet Gaynor was just twenty-two when she became the first person to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. Honored for her memorable performances in three dramatic films—Sunrise (1927), Seventh Heaven (1927), and Street Angel (1928)—Gaynor was the only actress ever to earn the Oscar for multiple roles rather than for work in a single film.

Janet, Frederic March and Adolph Menjou in the 1937 classic A Star is Born.

She was one  of the few stars to make the successful transition from silent films to “talkies,”  with  Sunny Side Up and maintained her standing as a major Hollywood star throughout the 1930s. Her Oscar-nominated performance in the 1937 version of A Star Is Born was the high point of her movie career, and she was still at the top of her profession when she retired two years later, after marrying MGM’s director of costume design, #11 Gilbert Adrian.

Miss Gaynor is a See-Saw Temperament type, the split probably representing her public persona that was discordant with her private life.  Her ascendant for October 6, 1906 is 16 Virgo.

janet gaynor.png

Her Mars closely conjunct to her Ascendant shows her strong personality.  Opposite Saturn in the sixth, shows she was a steely eyed ambitious woman and with a point focus of the moon learned early how to portray herself as a sweet harmless ingenue for her personal gain.  Her Neptune conjunct her Jupiter in the tenth highlights her fondness for animals and Jupiter opposite Uranus in the fourth her ability to break cultural boundaries with aplomb.

Gloria Swanson, the great love of Joseph P. Kennedy, father of JFK, said that it was watching Janet Gaynor on the silver screen that made her want to go to Hollywood.

Judge Brett Michael Kavanaugh to Scotus

Brett Michael Kavanaugh (born February 12, 1965 in Washington D.C. ) is a Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He was Staff Secretary in the Executive Office of the President of the United States under President George W. Bush. Kavanaugh played a major role in drafting the Kenneth Starr report, which urged the impeachment of President Bill Clinton.  You can read it online via the L. A. Times website, but it dwells heavily on his extra martial affair with Miss Monica Lewinsky, and rather minimizes the real issue for the impeachment proceedings which was his lying under oath to a grand jury (perjury)  and obstruction of justice; the Democratic Senate acquitted Clinton on all accounts and he was not removed from office.

Sagittarius 24 The bluebird of happiness

Kavanaugh once clerked for the departing Kennedy.  The President said about him that “Throughout legal circles, he is considered a judge’s judge, a true thought leader among his peers… He’s a brilliant jurist with a clear and effective writing style universally regarded as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time.”

 While the Sagittarius ascendant is odd for a man born and raised in D.C., the centaur also represents the law, administration &  education and in those arenas,  Judge Kavanaugh is commanding.  His specialty is administrative law, he coaches the Catholic Youth Organization basketball teams and donates pro bono  legal work to the organization as well.  This is a speculative chart nonetheless but  the aspects between his natal and his Scotus appointment date have some interesting references.

                                                                                   Speculatively speaking

His ascendant is 24 Sagittarius,  the blue bird of happiness, that alights at the door  symbolizing good luck, happiness and abundance.  It is the degree of unexpected assistance and has the keyword of Fortune.

Kavanaugh has Jupiter in Taurus in the fifth house suggesting that he would have several girls, he has two and with Saturn in the second house, he is a serious minded man and not prone to frivolities like the late Judge Scalia. even though both are Splash temperament types.

His yod between Neptune in the eleventh and Pluto make a point at his fourth house cusp so that the “head” of the yod (Pluto and Neptune are its arms) is the midheaven at 16.06 Libra suggesting that this is fulfilling a life’s dream.  E.C. Matthews says that this degree is populated with people on both sides of the law:  Winston Churchill and Jesse James giving its native a practical but inventive mind.kavanaugh solo.png

A woman of many talents & haircolor…Gloria DeHaven

The clip is from the Johnny Carson Show with Miss DeHaven,  Gene Hackman,  George Carlin  McLean Stevenson of MASH

Her parents were vaudevillians and she her younger brother Carter grew up on the circuit.  Gloria Mildred Dehaven was born on July 23, 1925 in Los Angeles and we are rectifying her to 12 Scorpio giving her a strong forceful personality  that was emphatic in her convictions.    Miss DeHaven attributed her youthful looks to an organic diet of vegetables and her complete faith in prayer.  She died July 30 2016 in her hometown of  L.A.

And the Gloria Dehaven Obit from the New York Times by Anita Gates.

                                                                              Charting Gloria



Hhe strong preponderance of planets in theatrical Leo is striking in Miss DeHaven’s chart — she has six of them spanning from the metaphysical ninth house straight careening right in the tenth.  Her Pluto in Cancer shows she will have children though they may be disconnected paternally, as the eighth house is ruled by Mars, and she will be strongly attached to them.

DeHaven is a strong extravert and is Bucket with an Uranian handle in the creative fifth house.  That handle explains her hair color of the film, something the UK Telegraph enjoyed noting from brunette, to raven haired, blonde to redheaded through the various decades.  Uranus at 26 Pisces is reinforced by its Lord sextile to the second house, suggesting that her long and versatile career gave her both security and a healthy bank account.

Her Moon is intercepted on the eleventh house cusp, opposite Uranus, and this is a polarizing factor in her chart withhe Moon shedding light on her active public half and its back to the private.  While true,  she was lucky in her career and her work, but not in her three marriages as none lasted, she did avoid scandal because her Cosmic Cross  with the Moon as a beacon kept her eye on the prize:  that scandal could destory her career and with it her source of independence and support for herself and children.

Miss DeHaven may have not been a major Hollywood Star, but she did do something that many bemoan that they would love to do:  continue working as long as possible and it was her shrewd management skills that made that possible — she retired at 75.

the gloria de haven natal chart


The next Speaker? Kevin McCarthy

Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s  home district, is the Californian 23rd District of California, that spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties.  His official website is here.2018-04-12_22-43-42.pngWe have rectified the birthtime of  Kevin McCarthy, Congressman of California, to 1:46 AM or 9:46 GMT on January 26th, 1965 in Bakersfield. A native Californian, he has lived his whole life in Bakersfield, Ca, went to California State College there and continued living there with his family. showing his respect for tradition as showed by his Ascendant in the twelfth house (Morinus-Zariel method).   His grandfather was a cattleman and his father a fireman.  The Congressman is the first Republican in his family, is of Irish descent and a Baptist Christian.  He and his wife Judy have two children, Meghan and Connor.

We have reviewed and revised his chart and now put him at 23 Scorpio that gets him the image of a “little white rabbit content in his cage.  Before one’s eyes he metamorphoses into an elf in a fairy glade.”  We think that this Symbol is accurate because before running and going to Congress, McCarthy never left his hometown for any extended period going to University of California –  Bakersfield (his home town)  for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees.

                                                    McCarthy’s Astrological Disposition

McCarthy is heavily common based, and with a Grand Cross in his map, he has a Cardinal Negative disposition that Marc Jones describes as someone who is caught between the “desire to win and hold popular approval” while still being true to his underlying beliefs.  Jones give examples of Harry Houdini and Jeddu Krishnamurti, as two personalities that were similarly focused.

The Congressman has two partile aspects, one in his tenth house between the Part of Spirit and Uranus and another in his third between Venus and Mercury, making him charming and gregarious.  His Jupiter in Taurus in the sixth is the handle of his bucket, and while the sixth house is naturally well aspected, because of its distance to the Ascendant, Jupiter being trine to its house ruler, Venus in the second, does mitigate some of those problems, encouraging him to be devoted, hard working and generous with his time and resources.

McCarthy’s chart progressed to Friday, April 13, 2018

The major obstacle in doing this rectification was how little information we could find on the man who could be the next speaker of the US House of Representative under President Donald Trump.  It leaves a vacuum that makes rectification hard because of lack of supporting dates and events in his life.  An example is his Mars going retrograde at three years of age, but there is nothing out there that tells us what event could have affected him.  My guess is that his grandfather died, but like I said, it’s aguess.

He has an earth emphasis generated by grand cross but no squares.  McCarthy is a Jupiter bucket with no rim opposition, and one would expect his Line of Motivation to be in aspect, but it is not as it is shy a sextile from 04 Pisces in the fourth to Jupiter at 17 in Taurus in the sixth.  We could alter this and give wide orbs, I would prefer to say he has a loose destiny as defined by no aspect between the two, and that he is a man of his own creation instead of one pigeonholed from birth to what he is now.

This graph shows the importance of California

Kevin McCarthy can make things happen, that shows up his deep understanding  with what needs to be done:  his Mars, Mercury and Venus are all in the same quadrature (element) giving his great dynamic focus.  One can attest to this by his ability to raise funds from the corporate sector.    But in a world of idealogues, McCarthy is agnostic.

There has been only one  Speaker who became President, James Polk, the eleventh president,  and that was about 180 years ago, so to jump from Speaker to President is not often done, mainly because he is so tied to his party’s politics.  To overcome that, McCarthy’ would have to be very committed to that goal by convincing the American public of his trustworthiness, and diligence,   His focal determinator, Jupiter,  has the symbol of Taurus 17 degrees., “An ideological battle between swords and torches:  the disciples of might versus the disciples of light,” and requires more fixity of purpose than his mutable chart shows, but as another California admonished,  “sell no wine before its time.”

#968 Oscar Wilde and the Grand Sextile


Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born October 15, 1854 in Dublin, and  was a popular literary figure in late Victorian England, known for his  wit, flamboyant style and ultimately imprisonment for homosexuality. because of his liaison with Lord Douglas.  Our header image is the portrait of the two married men.

He graduated  from Oxford University, he lectured there as  a leading proponent of the principles of aestheticism, an artistic theory that originated in France and spread to England via the pre-Raphaelites.  It basic tenet, still wildly held, is that the enjoyment of beauty (art)  can by ” itself give value and meaning to life” ¹and thereby ignore any moral implications.  This has the corollary that politics and the personal life are divorced and so the personal peccadilloes of a person does not affect their politics and vice-verse.

                                             the Grand Sextile

A Grand Sextile is a pattern of six individual sextiles (60° each) linked together to form a circle of 360° creating mutual encouragement within itself but because it is a “closed” circuit there is a lack of dynamic tension to spur the person forward. Instead they are happy in their psychological squalor and lose their individuality for the sake typically the missing spoke.

oscar wilde.png

In Oscar Wilde’s chart that missing sextile is at the eleventh house cusp — highlighted in green — where  his many creative successes the picture of Dorian Grey, the Importance of being Earnest and the Canterbury Ghost — are basically variations of the theme of art devoid of morality.  This is because of his inability to confront the fantasies and inherent narcissism and so his Moon i.e.  missing sextile, gets more force and encouragement that if it was there.

Since it is in the eleventh house,  it demonstrated how popular opinion turned swiftly against him during his  Indecency trial of 1894 because of his relationship at 40 with 24 year old Lord Douglas — the Lord’s father, the Eighth Marquess of Queensberry (1844–1900), was irate about the relationship and wanted to “out” Wilde and destroy his public credibility and thus his means of support.

first trial

The  trial opened at the Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) on April 3, 1895 and went  badly for Wilde — look at the yellow highlighted houses where we see the Dragon’s Tail of undoing opposite the head of the tenth conjunct Mercury of newspaper publicity conjunct the transit of illicit young love (Neptune).

Wilde was asked several questions about The Picture of Dorian Gray and the relationships between older and younger men in that novel, and then was accused of relations with other young men, not just Lord Alfred. Sir Edward Clarke, his attorney, advised Wilde to withdraw, hoping privately (he revealed later) that Wilde could escape the country; he did not.

The next trial on the same subject, same man  was on April 26th on Douglas’s love poems, which were used because Wilde  wrote to the London Evening News that the Marquess could not win the case without pitting father against son in court, and Wilde believed that would never occur.

The third trial was on May 22nd because of a hung jury verdict of the 26th and Wilde was found guilty of indecent behavior with men, a lesser charge but one for which he received the maximum penalty under the Criminal Law Amendment Act of  two years at hard labor.

Wilde died in Paris France on November 30th, 1900 having fled the country.


  1. The time and date we are using was proposed by Mr. Vivian Robson in his 1941 book, Astrology and Sex. 
  2. John Ruskin, The Seven Lamps of Architecture,  London: 1849.
  3. A full review of this can be found in the doctoral essay here.  The author is not a native English speaker, but does quite a good job on reviewing Wilde’s works from this perspective.

Kansas City says farewell to Patsy Cline

Since we are in Kansas this week, I noticed, that today is the 55th memorial for the death of Patsy Cline and crew who took off from here on March 3, 1963 on a fatal flight back home to Nashville, Tennessee.

The chart below is pogressed from Ms. Cline’s rectified natal to approxmiate time at the KC airport. She was there to perform at benefit at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas for the family of disc jockey “Cactus” Jack Call, who had died in an automobile crash a little over a month earlier.

A Comanche Piper PA-24 plane

She boarded a Piper PA-24 Comanche plane, four-seat or six-seat, low-wing, all-metal, light aircraft of semi-monocoque construction with tricycle retractable landing gear. It was  designed and developed the Comanche and cost about 14.500 at the time.  That would be about $130K today.

Also on board were country performers Hawkshaw Hawkins famous for his Sunny Side of the Mountain, and Lloyd Estel “Cowboy”  Copas who hit #1 with his ditty, Alabam.  Their manager Randy Hughes, was also the pilot but not trained in instrument flying, a requirement for inclement weather when visibility is poor.

I have darkened all the houses that do not have major planets within,  clearly showing a see-saw temperament type for the flight. At this point, her Part of Fortune is in 30 Pisces the Ninth House of administration and travel,accurate as because of her gifted voice she was travelling everywhere from the East Coast to the Midwest with her very aggressive road manager after being discovered on the Arthur Godfrey Show.

patsy leaves KC.png

The PoF is opposite her Venus at Virgo 02, where Venus is ill-dignified in the second house of resorces and then makes a Cosmic Cross to Vulkanus in the twelth house (hidden pressures) to Pallas (seeking approval) in the sixth. Based on the reports from the flight manager in Tennessee that could only be her manager, Randy Hughes, as everyone on the flight was under his administration, because the only act that wasn’t, Dottie West, drove back home with her husband. From the chart, it would seem that Ms. Cline wanted to join the West’s but did not want to upset her manager because she was so reliant on him for bookings.

Hughesmade a fuel stop in Missouri, and another landing at Dyersburg Municipal Airport in Dyersburg, Tennessee before departing for Cornelia Fort Airpark, near Nashville. The airfield manager at Cornelia recommended that the weather was quickly worsening and recommended them staying overnight. Hughes shrugged that off and told his people to board the Comanche. The manager was right and the flight encountered severe inclement weather crashing in a forest near Camden, Tennessee on the evening of March 5, 1963, killing all on board. Patsy Cline was 30 years old.

The chart of the accident shows that her PoF is now on the twelfth-first house cusp, signing her over to posterity.  Sadly though, her transitting Saturn, again her manager and the Dragon’s Tail of betrayal, are in the eighth house of death but trine her PoF.  If it wasn’t so sad, it would be “crazy.”

patsy cline death.PNG

patsy leaves KC.pdf

Patsy Cline’s rectified nativity.

She was born Virginia Patterson Hensley on september 8th, 1932 in Winchester City, VA, her father was a blacksmith and her mother was a 16-year-old seamstress. She became familiar with music at an early age, singing in church with her mother. When her father left, she was forced to drop out of high school and work odd jobs to help support her family.

paty cline natal.png

After several weeks of watching performers through the window at her local radio station, she asked WINC-AM disc jockey and talent coordinator Jimmy McCoy if she could sing on his show. Her first performance on radio in 1947 was so well received that she was requested to come back and sing again. This led to performances at local nightclubs, wearing fringed Western stage outfits that her mother made from Patsy’s designs.

She started singing in variety and talent showcases in and around the Winchester, Virginia and Tri-State area, and coupled with increasing appearances on local radio, she soon attracted a large following. In 1954 Jimmy Dean, a young country star, learned of her and she became a regular with Dean on Connie B. Gay’s “Town and Country Jamboree” radio show, airing weekday afternoons live on WARL-AM in Arlington, Virginia.

patsy on wedding day to charlie dick.jpg
Patsy and Charlie Dick on their wedding day.

In September 1953 she married Gerald Cline, a contractor who was considerably older than her and divorced him four years later because he did not want her traipsing around with other men singing. A few months after her divorce, she married Charlie Dick, a linotype operator, with whom she had two children.

In 1955 her manager, Bill Peer, got her a contract at Four Star Records, the label with which he was then affiliated and also gave her the first name of Patsy, from her middle name that was her mother’s maiden name, Patterson and used Cline instead of Dick for obvious reasons.

In the late fall of 1956, she auditioned for “Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts” in New York City, New York and was accepted to sing on the CBS-TV show on January 21, 1957. She was originally supposed to sing “A Poor Man’s Roses (Or a Rich Man’s Gold),” but the show’s producers insisted she sing “Walkin’ After Midnight” instead. Though heralded as a country song, Godfrey’s staff insisted that Cline appear in a cocktail dress rather than in one of her mother’s hand-crafted cowgirl outfits.

Patsy and Charlie and their two children

The audience’s enthusiastic ovations pushed the applause meter to its apex, winning the competition for her. After the Godfrey show, listeners began calling their local radio stations to request the song, and she released it as a single. The song reached Number 2 on the country charts and Number 12 on the pop charts, making her one of the first country singers to have a crossover pop hit.

From 1955 to 1957 she recorded honky-tonk songs like “Fingerprints,” “Pick Me Up on Your Way Down,” “Don’t Ever Leave Me Again,” and “A Stranger in My Arms,” with her co-writing the latter two. In 1958, after the birth of her daughter Julie, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

Known to be generous with her friends, she often bought them groceries and furniture, hiring them as wardrobe assistants, and occasionally paying their rent in order for them to stay in Nashville to pursue their dreams.

In June 1961 she and her brother Sam were involved in a head-on collision in Nashville. The impact threw her into the windshield, nearly killing her. When help arrived, she insisted that the other car’s driver be treated first. She spent a month in the hospital, suffering from a jagged cut across her forehead that required stitches, a broken wrist, and a dislocated hip. When she left the hospital, her forehead was visibly scarred and for the remainder of her career, she wore wigs and makeup to hide the scars, along with headbands to relieve the forehead pressure that caused headaches if left unattended.

Six weeks later, she returned to the road on crutches. Unable to capitalize upon the success of “I Fall to Pieces” because of hospitalizaion, she sought another recording to reestablish herself and found “Crazy”, written by Willie Nelson. She instantly disliked the composition and the inaugural recording session was unsuccessful.

Her ribs still hurting from the car accident, she was unable to reach the high notes and the sound was flat. After several other attempts and different instrumentals she liked the tune better and cut the record in a single take. “Crazy” would ultimately become her signature song. B late 1961, it was another crossover success, reaching the Top 10 on the both charts.

In 1961 she became the first woman in country music to perform at New York’s Carnegie Hall and the following year she headlined the famous Hollywood Bowl with Johnny Cash and became the first woman in country music to headline her own show in Las Vegas at the Mint Casino.

Patsy’s natal rectified chart

Discovery of Sedna

senda discovery.png

discovery of sedna

We are assigning the asteroid Sedna the tentative keyword of Adventure based on its yod point in the Fifth house and its preponderance of Sagittarian planets found there.   Here is a site that has a good chart of the discovery noting all the fixed stars.