#43 Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle

Princess Louise Caroline Alberta was born March 18, 1848, at Buckingham Palace, the fourth daughter and sixth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha shortly after 8 in the morning. She was christened on May 13, 1848, at the Private Chapel in Buckingham Palace.

Princess Louise has a strong preponderancein Pisces in the 11th House. Her ascendant is 24 Taurus.

In 1863, the Queen permitted Louise to enroll at The National Art Training School, to pursue her interests and she became a very skilled painter and sculptress. Later in life, she sculpted a statue of her mother that is still on display. Information on her is here.

Bernie Sanders has Chutzpah

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York City, New York  on September 8th 1941, three months before the advent of World War II to Eli a Jewish immigrant from Poland in the 1920s and Dorothy who was born in the lower East side of Manhattan.  He went to James Madison High School in the Midwood section of the borough as did New York Senator Charles Schumer and Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

sanders j.png

His mother died when he was attending Brooklyn College after which he transferred to the University of Chicago for a bachelors in political science.  He lived in a kibbutz in Israel and in 1964 married Deborah Schilling with whom he bought a summer home in Vermont.  They divorced and Bernie had a liasion with Susan Campbell Mott with whom he had a son, Levi in 1966.  Twenty two years later he married Jane O’Meara Driscoll in Burlington and adopted her three children.

                                       Bernie’s Chart

Bernie is a lipped bowl temperament type.  The purple line on his chart demarcates the bowl and the two planets on the other side of the hemisphere that make up the lip, that Marc Jones says is how he scoops up his past resources using them as proxies to create his experience.  As these planets are the Moon and Mars this gives him great energy, daring and a tendency towards bravura.  It can make the Senator moody and at times irascible, but overall, its influence is one that allows his emotions free rein and makes him say what he thinks.  The Moon tempers the harshness of Mars here so what would have been a militant revolutionary becomes more of a maverick with unusual ideas for the times.

Opposite that duo is Venus his Sun’s ruler and this hints that his earlier relationships were neither kind or easy on either party, leaving deep wounds that are easily stirred.  Conjunct his Mercury (not an unusual aspect as these planets can never be more than 76° apart) it does gives the septugenenerian some charm and affability and rhetorical skill.  But it is Neptune right next door to logical Mercury that truly invigorates and colours his mental view.

Neptune that florid and impressionible planet, fertilizes his imagination and stirs his soul, as the Senator  views all of life through the prism of social obligation reinterpreting it into his socialist philosophy.    Neptune is then sextile Pluto in the eighth house showing that he is very aware of his legacy and he important it is to him to be transformative figure.  It is then sextile against his Uranus, a pioneering imaginative planet, showing how easy it was from him to go from Burlington mayor to Senator with his wild eyed vision of what the future could be.

This also  creates a natural yod in his chart with an apex in the second house of Sagitarrius and its head right at his part of Fortune at 30 Gemini highlighting his romantic traditionalism, viewing a golden agarian age much like Vice President Henry Agard Wallace did 70 years ago when he first ran for President with his Green Party.  For Bernie this hearkens to the farming communal life that he experienced in the kibbutz, as good antidote to the frenzied world of Facebook, Apple & Google where one is always on and in touch.  His strong succedent or fixed emphasis in his chart shows that he is always futured oriented and looking ahead. but also says he has a tendency of hoarding up what he comes upon.

His protege, is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez.  Recently, the Green Mountain Senator,  accounced his candidacy for President in 2020.  We covered that here.

Le Figaro & Jean Baptiste Alphonse Karr

                                                             plus ca change, plus c’est la même chose

Marc Jones, a wide and erudite reader, mentions “Alphonse Karr” in the second chapter of Astrology:  How and Why it Works citing his phrase “the more it changes, the more it’s the same thing,”  as a wonderful thing.  Monsieur Karr has severals books available on Gutenberg.org, all in French, but if you chose “read this book online”, Google will automatically translate them.

In 1832 Karr published a novel, Sous les tilleuls that was quite popular.  A second novel, Une heere trop tard, followed next year, and was succeeded by many other popular works. His Vendredi soir (1835) and Le Chemin le plus court (1836) continued the vein of autobiographical romance with which he had made his first success.

 Genevieve (1838) is one of his best stories, and his Voyage autour de mon jardin (1845) was deservedly popular. Others were Feu Bressier (1848), and Fort en theme (1853),  had some influence in stimulating educational reform

Les Guepes…aka The Wasps

In 1839 Alphonse Karr, who was essentially a brilliant journalist, became editor of Le Figaro, to which he had been a constant contributor; and he also started a monthly journal, Les Guepes, of a satirical tone, a publication which brought him the reputation of a somewhat bitter wit.

His popular epigram  plus ca change, plus c’est la même chose,” was the one that Jones quoted.  His other on the death penalty, . and, on the proposal to abolish capital punishment, “je veux bien que messieurs les assassins commencent,”  (let the gentlemen who do the punishing start the process).

He also worked with J. J. Granville on  the Animated Flower, that Granville illustrated and Karr wrote the “floriculture.”  It is similar to Cicely Mary Barker’s Flower Fairies that came 70 years later.

                           Biograph of Alphonse Karr

Karr was a French critic and novelist,  born in Paris, on the 24th of November 1808.  He was educated at the College Bourbon, and became teacher there too

A nonedible Bamboo he named, Bambusa Multiplex.

In 1848 he founded Le Journal. In 1855 he went to live at Nice, where he indulged his predilections for floriculture, and gave his name to more than one new variety notably in dahlias. He practically founded the trade in cut flowers on the Riviera.

He devoted to fishing, in Les Soirees de Sainte-Adresse (1853) and Au bord de la mer (1860) he made use of his experiences. His reminiscences, Livre de bord, were published in 1879-1880. He died at St Raphael, on the 29th of September 1890, Michelmas.

alphonse karr.png

                                                      The Karr Chart

Mr Karr was rectified to 15 Leo and 9:36 PM.  He has a Grand Trine in Earth.  The cut trade is shown by Mars in the second opposite the preponderance in the eighth house of death — cute how that works out.  His business acumen is demonstrated by the seventh house, and his love of work with Venus at 02 Capricorn on the sixth house cusp making it especially strong.  The fifth house is his tarvelling Sun and Neptune for his fishing and poetry, the fourth house shows he win live long — he was 82 when he died — and happily.


 Transpluto right at the midheaven is striking at 05 Taurus, as it gives him inexhaustable patience for success.

John Hawkins, who wrote the book on Transpluto, believes that the hypothetical planet is ruled by Taurus and assigns as its totem the Bee — perfect for flowers.  That works out well, as the Asteroid Dalian, often used for the dahlia is right next to it at Taurus 03. ¹

Right next to the Asteroid Ceres — discovered 1801 — used often as a proxy for commerce, and growing things is conjunct the other dahlia asteroid, Daliya, named for the 18th century Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl — a student of the great Carl Linnaeus — for whom the beautiful Mexican flower was named.²


  1. The asteroid Dalian is actually named for Dalian, China, so using it as a proxy is because it is a near homonym.
  2. The dahlia was named for Anders Dahl in memoriam for his work by the Spanish Abbe of the Real Jardin Botanico (the Royal Gardens).  If you are in the area it’s a real treat and next door the marvellous Prado Museum.

the prado.png
a shot of the garden from Google Earth

#529 Dr. Franziska Lash – Rosicrucian Astrologer

Marc Jones says she is a German born astrologer, but after a lot of searches we found Dr. Lash as a contemporary of Danish-born Max Heindel and his Rosicrucian group.   She continued his work in Medical Astrology after he died in 1919, that we surmise, was from the Spanish flu epidemic,  most who were middle aged adults and Heindel at 54 was a bit on the high side of that mark.  Still if he had underlying health issues, that would have weakened his system, the flu would have had a good threshold to work from.

dr lash.png
from Memoirs About Max Heindel And The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Dr. Lash is a bowl temperament type, that clings to the Western or resourceful side of the chart. Her ascendant is 06 Scorpio, “drawings a prehistoric bird” highlighting her strong desire to extend her horizons into the unknown past that unknowingly open doors into another world and makes empathetic connections to her former perspective.

This is supported by the translation of light between her Moon and Venus, both in Scorpio opposing her Neptune at her midheaven.  The point focus is at her ascendant, and being out the outlier for her visionary gifts.  Dr. Lash has a preponderance of planets in the second house probably making her rather a physically striking lady with perhaps luminous eyes, while Uranus in the second house in wide conjunction to the Sun shows that she unusual ideas about health and medicine and its cure.

The header picture is of her hometown Bornhof Mecklenburg, Germany that is in Northern Germany and like so many nativities we have done, on the Prussian near the  North Sea and south of Denmark. Nothing other than the excerpt above could be found.mechklenburg


#831 Pretty boy Karl Schulze

It’s hard to be a boxer ad not want to get hit in the face. Sooner or later, no matter how good you are, you will run into someone who will punch you in the kisser and you’ll fold like a cheap card table. That is the story of Pretty Boy Karl Schulze, number 831 in the Jones hit parade.

Jones has his birthplace as Bremerhaven; the German boxing site says Wandsbek.  He was born on May 14, 1907 in Wandsbek, Germany at 3:30 AM according to Jones. There is no record of his childhood, or even a photo — we have pieced that together from his boxing record and chart.


Harry Stein;
there is no extant
picture of Karl

Karl Schulze was the 1925 and 1926 German Amateur flyweight champion.  In  1925 he was third in the  European Championships in Stockholm behind Emile Pladner of France and J.W. James from England. In July 1928 he began his professional career in Berlin.  His career started off with a technical knockout (when the referee gives 10 counts for the boxer to get back on his feet; when he doesn’t because he realizes he is licked he shakes his head no and a TKO is scored; this can also happen if the fighters face is gnashed, and he is bleeding) against Urban Grass  in the second round.

Two months later, Schulze lost twice to Harry Stein, both times on points. In January 1929 he won the German flyweight championship over Erich Kohler by a knockout but later that same year he lost his title because of weight problems (Neptune in Cancer) and had to go up a class to bantamweight (the difference in division is about 15 pounds).

The River Elbe is marked in red. Wandsbek is near Hamburg

After some rough times, Schulze was back.  In the autumn of 1929 Karl won the  German championship and retained that until July 1930. There is little information on him, from then to his 1932 bout against the undefeated Richard Stegemann: he lost both matches.

On October 21, 1932, Schulze went south to Stuttgart for a tournament,  Here Hans Schiller knocked him out in the third and his short career was over.  There was nothing more about him until 1935,  where while swimming in the Elbe, Schulze drowned.

Boxing with Schulze

Schulze had talent as a western-based bowl: he has the asteroid Toro next to Jupiter in the fourth house and with Tisiphone (one of the three Ancient Greek goddesses of Furies symbolizing vengeance) coupled with the North Node at 25 Cancer 13, he had a bad temper and a punch to match. But with Venus in his first house next to his Ascendant — a vain boxer is an anathema to the sport no matter how hard that exalted Mars in Capricorn maybe, and his Mercury in a close sextile to Jupiter (which is square a good drinking buddy Neptune) suggests he liked to party in beer halls, hard.

Uranus in Capricorn is an oxymoron, for while Schulze may reach his utmost goals, at the last moment he will get cold feet and run away. This is probably abetted by his South Node there but it is difficult to ignore Uranus in the tenth opposing Neptune in Cancer (and square Jupiter remember) doubles down on alcohol problems. Neptune is conjunct Jupiter could also intimate drowning.

Schulze with the Bremerhaven birth place.


For reasons unbeknownst to us, Bremerhaven and Wandsbek came up as west of GMT in the original post. We caught it when reviewing the essays and noticed the longitude data, though the chart itself was correct.  Wandsbek is near Hamburg, now part of Central European Time Zone, and one hour east of Greenwich. The new charts and reports reflect this change.

Mapping Vivian Maier

Photographer Vivian Maier takes a lot of self-portraits, so much so that it is rather overwhelming while watching the cult movie “Finding Vivian Maier,” by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel.

Maloof realized he found something good in 2007 when he bought the contents of Maier’s derelict storage locker at auction (for $380), and discovered 100,000 negatives, 700 rolls of color film, and 2,000 rolls of black-and-white film, taken during the decades that Maier worked as a nanny for wealthy families in New York and Chicago. he then set out to find her, and couldn’t which is wild as she was still alive, dying in 2009 at the age of 83.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The key to the Maier cult is that she never published a thing during her life — instead, she stored it all away and that she took her Rolleiflex everywhere with her, on her various nanny jobs and eventually around the world.

What we learn is that she was born in Brooklyn New York on February 1, 1926. She had a brother and we learn from the film a family in France and she was tall and took photos of street life. Not much more, but we do see a lot of her photography in the film and learn how Maloof became totally entranced by this celluloid goddess. that’s about it.

Mapping Vivian D. Maier

download the chart for the photographer cum nanny vivian maier

vivian maier

This chart has been rectified for an Ascendant of 18 Sagittarius with her camera, Mars at Sagitarrius 25, right by its side.  She is a Western Bowl Temperament Type that highlights her resourcefulness much like sewing aficionado Nancy Zieman.  Her bowl with a rimmed opposition from the Moon in the Ninth (travelling for education) and Venus in the Third (seeing it through a keen eye) but it the scoop,  seeing the world from the two generational planets of Neptune in the Eighth, capturing bits of forgotten things and Uranus in Pisces, distilling it (via photography) into a unique vision that was truly her gift.


If you cannot catch the movie, look at the pix on the Maloof site here. and be entranced.


Cayce SC Amtrak Derailing

from the New York Times

At a news conference near the crash site, Robert L. Sumwalt, the current N.T.S.B. chairman, ruled out foul play and said investigators initially believed that a switch had been manually thrown and then padlocked. “The key to this investigation is learning why that switch was lined that way because the expectation was, of course, that the Amtrak train would be operating like this,” he said, pointing to a whiteboard showing the passenger train’s southbound direction.

Amtrak has described itself as a “safe and reliable transporter,” but Mark V. Rosenker, a former chairman of the N.T.S.B., said that although Sunday’s accident was another in a “series of anomalies,” it perhaps hinted at a “lack of safety culture” at Amtrak. He suspected that Sunday’s crash involved some discrepancy in the way CSX communicates with Amtrak, which does not own large swaths of the track it uses, and Mr. Hall suggested that the design of the nation’s rail network invited collisions between passenger and freight trains.

Derailments rarely cause more than minor injuries, but the aftermath was tragically different on Sunday not far from Columbia, the state capital. Gov. Henry McMaster said the engine of the Amtrak train, which had been carrying eight crew members and 139 passengers on its route from New York to Miami, was “barely recognizable.”

“It’s a horrible thing to see — to understand the force that this involved,” Mr. McMaster said.

The Lexington County coroner, Margaret Fisher, identified the dead as Amtrak employees: the train’s 54-year-old engineer, Michael Kempf, of Savannah, Ga., and a conductor, Michael Cella, 36, of Orange Park, Fla. Both men were in the first car of the train. Dozens of passengers were taken to a nearby middle school, where the American Red Cross set up a temporary shelter and passengers tried to make sense of what had happened aboard Train 91 at about 2:35 a.m. on Sunday.

sc crash.png

                                                    What happened?

Looking at the chart and the yod drawn on it, I would say that with Pluto in its essential ruler Scorpio in the Eighth and Saturn in the Seventh focal determinators to the opposition of Uranus in the Eleventh and the Moon in the Fourth (Aries and Libra respectively), that one of the engineers was hotdogging the rails i.e. going at too fast a speed to slow down for incoming traffic.  I am not sure if it is CSX or Amtrak that was the culprit and I twist and turn the two around, one time coming up with CSX based on the Ascendant and another time coming up with Amtrak based on Saturn in the Seventh.  If you have an alternative reading, drop us a line. Thanks.

the chart for the amtrak derailing

Here’s the update:  Amtrak was the culprit from the New York Post, my hometown paper.

Press Secretary, Sarah H. Sanders

She’s the daughter of Arkansas governor and Baptist minister, Michael Huckabee, who’s birthday is today.  She is married and a mother of three ( see the munchkins below).


                                   the Map of the Press Secretary

Mrs. Sanders is a a strong Western based rimmed bowl making her very resourceful.  Her ascendant is 19 Libra and partile Saturn in the Twelfth making her seem a bit of heavy for she is a no-nonsense lady.

Her rim is made of two very sensitive planets, the Moon opposite Neptune, so despite her gruff exterior, Mrs. Sanders is very warm and sensitive soul — she takes to heart the things said about her and her family.  With Uranus in the Second house of Sagittarius, her visions and aspirations are what keep her moving, she has a rather grand vision of life and is not very pragmatic.  With three planets in her First house, she tends to be argumentative and defensive — though she seems to have no legal background, it is a career very much suited to her personality particularly with Pluto in Libra right at the First House and her desire to search for the truth in all things with which she personally deals.

Mercury in the Elventh house of the public also makes her a good press secretary, as she likes to work with the public and explain things to people.  She has a gruff but patient demeanour and is generous with her time and resources (Leo on the Eleventh house cusp).  All in all, Mrs. Sanders likes her job and is strongly supportive of the President which makes sense as her Sun is partile his Ascendant.


The Daily in Steamboat – 11-15-2017

                                                                     Passion in the Tenth

I typically do not do the die.  No reason, just don’t.  I did today and got 9th House 26th Degree which really falls right on the Midheaven.  Obviously no matter what is going on right now, careers are being highlighted.  Questions are being asked that despite the 9-5 job that pays our bills, what is that one wants to do and whether or not we are willing to make the sacrifice to do it.

         Sex in the Senate

For the nation at large this highlights all the sex scandals going in with the perv’s in Congress.  First there was Judge Roy Moore who when he was thirty, forty years ago, may have dated some teenagers.  Considering the age of marriage in Alabama is 16, I do not find that at all remarkable but Mitch McConnell who’s never met a Conservative he didn’t like,  does & wants him gone.Leeann_Tweeden_2

In the meantime, up north, the Brooklynite turned Minnesotan, Senator Al Franken is getting hit with SNL charges from LeeAnn Tweeden (her story is here and her picture to the right) who says she was violated and “groped” in 2006.

Franken was 56 and Tweeden  29, when this incident occurred but our boy Mitch is looking the other way and thinks an investigation will settle the matter.  Hold on though, Uranus in Aries (shaking up the status quo) is right  the Third House cusp of Brethern , and Brietbart has just dropped loose that the Senate has been paying off bimbos that their boys accosted, I guess this is just another version of Pay for Play.  Uranus will be in Aries for a while revealing and upsetting things and this may be just what draining the swamp will become — the very Puritan urge to get rid of sexual predators on our streets, in our school, our churches and now our government.  Since who authorized this with our money is secret and hidden, perhaps another Executive Order will be needed to release those along with more of the white washed JFK tapes.

                                   As in the Country, so in person

So that’s going on nationally…but what happens in a country is just a reflection of what is happening in the body politic as well, and corruption, that corrosion of eating one from within is stalking us as a person as well?  Do not just quickly say no, for there maybe now family secrets coming to light that shake your personal world that show that the people within have not always been the people that they purport.  This could be on the Health front (Second House of Genetics and Family Resources) or between Brothers and Sisters (Third House) that as 26 Aries suggests, next to the fixed star Al Pherg, starts with some idle curiosity and blows into a torrent of revelations that just rocks your collective boat.


If so, no worries, as   the map is heavily leaning on the Eastern side of the chart highlighting personal resourcefulness…and while that could be taking a myriad of shapes, like cleaning out that closet, garage or attic, changing our diet and unburdening ourselves from all that collective  junk we bought, found or got.   See Marie Kondo for hints on bringing joy to your life via tidyness, because   we have the ways to move forward but are perhaps missing the will or as Arthur Schopenhauer’ wrote, Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung.

                   The Time is Now   if the Price is Right

If the selling fancy does strike hold, eBay.com and Amazon would like to help and these days they make it very easy with all the fees and shipping coming out of the sale — just remember to Price it Right so it does sell.  Whatever is going on right now, just buckle down and get to it, get rid of it and move on, because yes you can

Cheerio   ala The Sisters of Mercy & This Corrosion

if you


the chart resides here november 15 2017



Media Man: Stephen K. Bannon


You can download chart here: Stephen K Bannon

Bannon is almost mythic.  He was a Navy SEAL, an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, a Hollywood filmmaker, producer of many Seinfeld episodes, which he owns, Breitbart publisher and now a senior advisor for President Donald J. Trump.

The Biosphere 2 layout

After a few years at Goldman Sachs, Bannon, in 1990, launched his boutique investment bank, Bannon, and Company and helped Huffington Post go IPO.   In between Goldman and being bought out by Societe Generale,  he ran Biosphere II after its initial failure because scientists had created a glut of organic material like peat and compost in the soil inside the domes that set off an explosive growth of oxygen-eating bacteria.  Bannon was integral to rekeying focus on how to balance that bacteria, so the Biosphere project could be sustainable and successful.

From there, he became an executive producer of several big hit movies ranging from the Oscar-nominated “Titus,” starring Anthony Hopkins, to the Cold War documentary “In the Face of Evil,” and underwrote many of the early episodes of Seinfeld.

andrew breitbart.jpg
Andrew Breitbart

He met Andrew Breitbart when the latter, also a resident of Southern California, was launching his eponymous news website in the early 2000s. The two joined forces, and the networked Bannon provided office space and investors.

Following Breitbart’s sudden death on March 01 2012 in LA,  from heart failure at age 43, Bannon took over as executive chairman of the website and oversaw its relaunch. Today, Breitbart News draws about 21 million unique visitors per month and has podcasts on itunes.  It was a central web force in generating animosity toward House Speaker John Boehner, driving the Speaker from office.

The Chartbannon chart.png


cross cut sequoia tree
Vintage cross cut sequoia tree

here is no known birth time for Mr. Bannon’s birth date of November 27, 1953, in Norfolk Virginia, so we have rectified it to 10:59 AM that is 02.07 Aquarius  the essential lord of which is Jupiter &  Pluto.¹  It has a poignant symbol of a “Deserter from the Navy”   that Marc Jones writes “symbolises his independence carried to the point of rebellion for the sake of the immediate liberation of the spirit.”  But on a deeper level, the Ascendant falling in the Twelfth House suggests that Bannon undermines his own success — perhaps pushing it too far.

He is a deviated bowl temperament type, a rather rare group that occurs when one planet is greater than 30 degrees away from the next grouping but still falls within the same hemisphere (see the gap between Mars and the Moon).  All of his planets are in the Western portion of the map, making him an experience junkie who captures activities that have started by others and then brings them to consummation.

Another rarity he has, is his Unaspected Saturn in the Ninth House suggesting that he decides on imporant issues in an all or nothing manner, when he senses that his aim isin peril.  Click here to read more about Bannon & Unaspected Planets.

His 03 Aquarius Ascendant suggests he is an extreme individualist, with a disregard of the consequences and constraints of the societal polemic on his actions.  This makes him a demanding personality that “does not flourish into responsible action”¹ until the native gets his “wake up call.”  That call would literally be his separated Moon, ruled by the Archangel Gabriel, and exact to fixed star Regulus at 28 Leo, that called him out of  his selfish stupor.

             Leo 28 is a tree felled and sawed and a symbol of employment of the lesser for the greater good and the individuals ability to rise in a crisis to the center of attention by pressing forward the functions and necessities valuable to overall life.  The Keyword is Immediacy and suggests positivitely man’s enthusiastic emphasis to mobilize those around him, but negatively tells of popular disregard by of other’s  lack of vision.

On the other side of the “gap” is Bannon’s Mars at 16 Libra “a boat landing washed away” that heralds the sudden awakening which from the many accounts online — there is no written biography of him — suggest happened about thirteen years ago when he became a born-again Roman Catholic thanks to the efforts of actor-evangelist James Patrick Caviezel.

                                             A stellium of planets dominates

libra 16
Image of Falling Swirling Autumnal Leaves


Cancer 23

The Uranian literary society is the semi-sextile to his Pluto / Moon conjunction in his seventh house.  This agreement between the three planets is not to Bannon’s advantage; chances are his partners have a hard time living up to his expectations, and he is far too critical and exacting for their peace of mind.  Perhaps this aspect is the reasons for his two acrimonious divorces.Sagittarius 06

That sextile in the partnership house brings us back to the Part of Fortune of the Autumnal Leaf and the square his Sun at  06 Sagittarius for a continuing game of cricket.  Like Sir Donald the great batsman himself, Mr. Bannon learns from his mistakes as squares are strict teachers that force the native to do their work otherwise boxing them into a Sisyphean world of endless sorrow.  Alas not everyone shows sportsmanship in losing or the willingness to learn from them,  but Bannon can.

Comments?  Suggestions?  Let us know.


The Morinus House System, proposed by Morin De Villefranche, a seventeenth-century astrologer, the astrological houses are divided equally onto the equator thus separating the Rising Sign from the Rising Degree.  Australian astrologer David Cope fixed that problem with his Meridian system.  Both systems can be used in any latitude unlike the Porphyry, Placidus, Koch and Regiomontus.  See our article on House systems for more including an example chart of Wendell Willkie here.

Thus the ascendant is not always either on the cusp of the first house or in the first house and two, there are not any intercepted houses.  Author Tracy Porter from a post in 1996, likes intercepted houses and writes about their value here; we disagree and have dropped them mostly.