The Case for Rachel Maddow as Cancer Rising

Notes on Rachel Anne Maddow: Her parents are Robert Maddow, born May 1943, who is a former U.S. Air Force captain, and retired attorney, and Canadian Elaine Gosse Maddow, a school program administrator. The Maddow name hails from her great-great-grandfather who came here from Poltava, Ukraine/Poland  with his four young sons. Their surname was Medwedof. … Continue reading The Case for Rachel Maddow as Cancer Rising


The week of March 7, 2017 : Vesta goes Direct

At 4:32 EST, Vesta, an asteroid the second largest asteroid after Ceres, see our previous post,  goes direct.(The shot above is from the Dawn Mission in 2011.)  Minor stuff usually but it comes on the heels of Venus, to whom the vestal virgins, and of which the asteroid is named, going retrograde.  Vesta is in … Continue reading The week of March 7, 2017 : Vesta goes Direct

Teriyaki Style: Murderess Sada Abe

Sada Abe was  a prostitute working as a maid in a Tokyo hotel in the Hirohito area, pre-War WWII Japan, 1936.  She strangled her lover, Kichizo Ichida, who was also her employer, during mad passion after he told her that he no longer wanted her sexual advances.  She then cut off his penis with a … Continue reading Teriyaki Style: Murderess Sada Abe

Anderson Cooper – 2 Yods and 3Ts

                                      BIOGRAPH: Anderson is a new correspondent and celebrity host of his own show on CNN.  He is also the son of Gloria Vanderbilt,  the descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt who made a slew of money running ferries … Continue reading Anderson Cooper – 2 Yods and 3Ts

Firecracker Debbie Reynolds

debbie reynolds chart. Debbie Reynolds was unfortunately in the news this past Christmas holiday, when her only daughter, Carrie Frances Fisher, had a heart attack on board a flight from London, the UK to Los Angeles, California. The plane was forced to stopped but the fifteen minutes of getting Ms. Fisher to a hospital was … Continue reading Firecracker Debbie Reynolds

Confirming Rex Tillerson

  Forbes Magazine rates Rex Tillerson as the 24th most important person in business for 2016.President-elect Donald Trump must have agreed, as he tapped Mr. Tillerson over his staunch friend ex-Mayor of New York City,  Rudolph Giuliani, for the Secretary of State post.   Trump later made him Cybersecurity chief. Download the rex-tillerson chart Information on Mr. … Continue reading Confirming Rex Tillerson